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What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?

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Shocksandboooos · 23/10/2018 10:40

I have £4 worth of Argos vouchers that run out on Friday.
Dh tried to throw them in the bin this morning, saying that I wouldn’t be able to get anything worth having with them without adding a lot on.
I need to win this bet as I lost the last one and haven’t lived it down.

I thought I’d cracked it when I found a pair of slippers but you have to pay online for TU clothes and the vouchers can’t be used online.
We have a 2 year old so stocking filers are a possibility. Please hit me with your best suggestions so that I can wipe the smug look off dh’s face. Grin

OP posts:
MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours · 08/11/2018 18:36

@soupforbrains ....your mischief scenario happened to dh with a real live crow.

ds1 was very tiny and had woken early and we had gone downstairs, I noticed the plant from the sitting room window was on the floor and cursed the cat
Kettle on and ds1 and I settle in the dining room, he feeds, I drink coffee, dh comes down and says he will open all the curtains in the sitting room.
Suddenly there is man-shrieking and swearing, the cat appears to be joining in and it turns out one of the cats must have fetched in a giant crow and promptly forgotten about it once it had hidden itself behind the curtain to mind its own business until dh rudely threw open the curtains and caused (what is now known as) Crowmageddon.

:o :o

Mine is now on the shelf next to the gin.

I fear he is going to have a very quiet life compared to Shocksandboooos

Thismummyruns · 08/11/2018 19:09

I have literally just read this entire post in one go whilst at the hairdressers.
It totally gripped me like a bestselling book- I'm absolutely howling!


rainbowquack · 09/11/2018 22:54

At my parents visiting for the weekend. Mum had collected the Raven for me. What a majestic beady eyed beauty she is!

I nestled her inbetween their mountain of pillows. Dad is fast asleep and hasn't noticed a thing... Hahaha

Shocksandboooos · 10/11/2018 20:03

Dh still hasn’t noticed that she is peeking over his shoulder in the car. Grin
He has been to work and back twice. I can understand that as it has been quite dark but we went out today in broad daylight and he still didn’t notice.
Do I move her or leave her until he spots her?

OP posts:
DuggeeHugs · 11/11/2018 19:58

Leave her. Although, do you have a battery operated LED to provide low backlighting to her? Enough for awareness but not enough to spot from outside the car.

shallichangemyname · 12/11/2018 10:18

Can you change her position slightly so he spots her in the rear view mirror?

PaddingtonBearHardStare · 14/11/2018 13:18

Anyone else had an email from Argos asking them to review their purchase?!

Shocksandboooos · 14/11/2018 21:15

He only drives to work park n a Thurs to Saturday.
I have repositioned her on the parcel shelf and purposely moved the rear view mirror so that he has to spot her. I can’t believe that he didn’t notice last weekend.

It’s his birthday on Tuesday. I wonder if you can buy raven birthday cards...

OP posts:
shallichangemyname · 15/11/2018 01:30


nevermorelenore · 28/11/2018 18:34

I’ve found the perfect Christmas companion for your raven. Weird reindeer/poodle thing from Asda.

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
Biddie191 · 29/11/2018 10:04

That truly is a thing of wonder

AlpacaLypse · 29/11/2018 10:54

How did I miss this first time out??

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername · 29/11/2018 11:46

My local Argos has them in stock for €0.49...

Biddie191 · 29/11/2018 14:29

I need the link - perfect present for those who have everything and who you feel obliged to buy something for, even though they will treat it with disdain

nevermorelenore · 29/11/2018 14:33

Here’s the link to crazy ass poodle-deer:,default,pd.htm

Not going to lie, I’m tempted. But DH will think I’ve truly lost the plot of raven suddenly had a friend.

nevermorelenore · 29/11/2018 16:34

Oops, link doesn’t seem to be working. Or they’ve collapsed under the demand. Just search for poodle and you’ll find it.

Biddie191 · 30/11/2018 09:49

Just to clarify.....

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
AbsolCatly · 01/12/2018 10:59

Merry C-raven-mas Grin

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
rainbowquack · 01/12/2018 20:19

I have finally finished my ravens tutu and my daughter has made 'Bridgette' a matching tiara.

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
rainbowquack · 01/12/2018 20:20

I can't stop laughing!

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
WinkyisbackontheButterBeer · 05/12/2018 21:27

Minerva and her elf hat. Loving the Christmas ravens.

BeBesideTheSea · 31/12/2018 00:16

Edgar feeling festive

What can I buy from Argos for £4ish to win a bet?
Weenurse · 31/12/2018 00:47

Reading this has been a lot of fun!

ChristmasFan2018 · 01/01/2019 08:18


EggysMom · 01/01/2019 14:14

I feel sad that I missed all this fun! The 'hide and find' games between the OP and her DH remind me of the games we play with Elf as Christmas approaches. Elf is meant to be for our son, but he's autistic and doesn't get the joke understand.

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