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This is such a nosy question but if you are a sahp, how much does your partner earn to make it viable?

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WideWebWitch · 08/09/2005 20:53

I fully expect people to change names for this but I have long wondered: if you're a sahm/d, how much does your partner earn? In other words, how high does one salary have to be in order for 2 people and child/ren to survive? And what does your partner do to earn this? I'm not asking out of anything other than total nosiness so do tell me to bog off if you like! Name changers extremely welcome!

OP posts:
soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:04

HMC - you need an income of way more than £2m a year for that.

A decent yacht costs around £20m, a lear jet around £35m and then there is maintentance and crew salaries to pay etc

Think you need more like £50m a year for that kind of lifestyle or a shedload of capital

cantbelieveimtellingyouthis · 08/09/2005 23:05

manner = many

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:05

So who is anotherhighearner?

Milge · 08/09/2005 23:05

I guess it depends on your definition of viable!

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:06

very few venture capitalists have earnt much since about 1999. I could probably name all those who have. It's been pretty tough on them recently (he he he).

£2m would just about buy you a decent yacht(smallish, built cheaply in eastern europe) - but it certainly wouldn't allow you to fill it with petrol and go anywhere...

soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:07

CBITYT- these are the shareholders that I am talking about- not the fund managers!

I have seen at leat 4 sets of accounts this year so far where the divi taken out is £5m+!

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:08

snap soapbox.
for example an 80ft cat built in poland to good but not fabulous specs is about 3.2meuros...
an idiot I know is looking at getting one. he has NO idea of running/maintenance/crew costs...

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:08

soapbox - really. Yachts cost that much? I suppose I'd better scrub it off the Christmas list then!

But honestly £2M pa seems like a huge amount of money to me. I live a very comfortable lifestyle, want for nothing and don't ever worry about money, but we are no way in that ball park....

zippitippitoes · 08/09/2005 23:09

can't believe you just posted that pph

I was just thinking time to start a thread on where can i get staff for my yacht

SherlockLGJ · 08/09/2005 23:11

By princesspeahead on Thursday, 8 September, 2005 11:06:28 PM

very few venture capitalists have earnt much since about 1999

Surely you meant Vulture Capitalists

soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:12

We are going to be in so much trouble when WWW sees our thread hijack

Maybe we should start another thread 'any bids over £2m'

PPH - Michael Winner (ha ha) wrote a fab article recently saying that £100m capital is no where near enough to fund a truely lavish lifestyle - he admitted to economising himself by staying at Sandy Lane rather than coughing up £15m on a house in Barbados and paying for a household of staff when he only used it for 4 weeks a year!

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:14

Yes, www won't be impressed.

Michael Winner - bless him.....

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:16

yes, I hate 'em.
spent the best part of a year wandering around london and the west coast talking to vcs about funding my software business. met about 40 of them, I reckon 2 were impressive, none of them funded us (well we had a couple of offers along the lines of "give us your company for nothing much in return") and I was DELIGHTED when we flogged the company to an american megacorp for real hard cash shortly afterwards. got a few obsequious phone calls along the lines of "I knew you had a great business but my committee felt it was risky".
Hmmm. Where is the venture in that?
Any they have made bugger all recently, ha hahaha

rant over, I promise

ScummyMummy · 08/09/2005 23:16

This Japanese yacht is quite cheap.

soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:17

PPH - Ha Ha - revenge eaten cold and all that

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:17

michael winner is hilarious.
he has a point though! just think how many chefs he'd sack in a season. the severence payments alone would cripple him...

Janh · 08/09/2005 23:18

scummy, where've you been?

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:19

ooooh, and room for a friend too scummy.
but what about crew?!

mustremembertochangeback · 08/09/2005 23:20

With bonus DH earns between £150-220k. Mortgage £300k etc etc. Have found we now have to be a bit careful as I'm not working. You get used to having a certain amount of disposable income (I'm rather too good at disposing of it!) and when that changes you have to adjust accordingly. I don't know what we could get by on with our current mortgage but we could definately get by on less than DH earns.

SherlockLGJ · 08/09/2005 23:23


Was your company based in Marlow ??

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:23

no, it was based in Sweden. Brrrr. I have never, to my knowledge, been to Marlow. Sorry!

ScummyMummy · 08/09/2005 23:24

On holiday in in-law land, janh. How are you doing?

SherlockLGJ · 08/09/2005 23:25

No I am glad, means I don't know who you are, they must all be the same.

Your story sounded so familiar.

ScummyMummy · 08/09/2005 23:26

Crew is for wimps.

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:26

I should think my story is the same for about 80% of software companies. we all look for vc money, and in the end we all either go bust or get bought by the yanks

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