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This is such a nosy question but if you are a sahp, how much does your partner earn to make it viable?

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WideWebWitch · 08/09/2005 20:53

I fully expect people to change names for this but I have long wondered: if you're a sahm/d, how much does your partner earn? In other words, how high does one salary have to be in order for 2 people and child/ren to survive? And what does your partner do to earn this? I'm not asking out of anything other than total nosiness so do tell me to bog off if you like! Name changers extremely welcome!

OP posts:
Hattie05 · 08/09/2005 22:05

We can't afford for me to be a sahm, i luckily work from home parttime with flexible hours e.g i can do a lot of the paperwork in evenings and weekends.

Jointly we earn £38 and that we would more than 'just' survive on that if it weren't for debts!

Hattie05 · 08/09/2005 22:07

obviously that was 38k not just 38 pounds

QueenOfQuotes · 08/09/2005 22:07

lilsmum - we went to our bank oh and of course we had Tax Credits on top - which they counted in.

over the phone they'd only give us up to £100k, but when he went in with all his financial papers - they agree to 110k for us.

stayathomemum · 08/09/2005 22:09

our mortgage at the moment is £325,000. DH earns £85k soon to earn £100k. I began life as a SAHM with a mortgage of £115k & his salary then was £30k, That was tough though.

inncogneetow · 08/09/2005 22:09

Dh is a minister of religion and gets housing provided, council tax paid, and various tax breaks too. He gets good pension, incl high employers' contributions, but obviously when he retires we will have a serious housing problem. Salary c.£15k

That's great, (esp oop north where everything's cheap!) But it's not enough to pay school fees for secondary education: The state sector is pretty grim here atm. So I'm now back at work and we are basically saving my salary against future school and university fees.

The alternative will be to home-ed the kids when they reach 11.

starlover · 08/09/2005 22:10

lol hattie! i would love to be able to live on £38 a year!

ANonnyMouse · 08/09/2005 22:10


Carla · 08/09/2005 22:11

Fantastic question, and do you know what ... I've absolutely no blinkin' idea.

How can I find out

Hattie05 · 08/09/2005 22:12

Are you saying thats what you need to survive on Anonnymouse?

Thomcat · 08/09/2005 22:13

Do you think the part of the world you live in effects this as well. If one salary was coming in and that salary was under 20k, could you still have one of you at home if you lived in London do you think?

hatstand · 08/09/2005 22:14

www - in my case it's academic. my salary is wiped out by childcare so it makes no odds if I work or not. apart from to my sanity

Hattie05 · 08/09/2005 22:15

No way, i'm in London and as i say 38k without debts would make us comfortable. By that i mean, modest house, a holiday a year and regular days out.

Unfortunately with debts that is not the case .

But no way could we live on 20k or less in London.

Carla · 08/09/2005 22:15
stayathomemum · 08/09/2005 22:16

Another london girl here & no £20k would just not do it.

lockets · 08/09/2005 22:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lockets · 08/09/2005 22:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lilsmum · 08/09/2005 22:18

QoQ...thats mad

dp is on about 20k plus various bonus's plus overtime avail whenever he likes...and the highest mortgage we could get was 90k

Tommy · 08/09/2005 22:18

I'm with Carla on this one!
We only have one car and bought the house on his salary (when I was still working but we knew I wanted to give up work when the babies came), no fancy holidays or clothes but we do better than several of my friends where both partners work (woman normally PT).
We are very lucky (or incredibly overdrawn with massive debts that I just don't know about )

cantbelieveimtellingyouthis · 08/09/2005 22:18

last year dh earned £500,000

emily05 · 08/09/2005 22:18

www, dh earns about £30,000 a year for us to live on. Most of our money goes on mortgage (as we live in the south east and brought last year!) and debt (unfortunatly)

After everything is paid (including car, food, bills) we are left with between £100 - 150 a month.

I find it tight - it is the unforeseen circumstances that get us - like if we need a car part or the washing machine packs up. Hopefully dh is getting promoted next year.

When I feel we are hard up I think back to when I was a student living on pot noodles and smash packet mash and I feel better! lol

If we didnt have debt we would have a couple of hundred pounds a month more and would it would be less stressful!

ANonnyMouse · 08/09/2005 22:21

no that's how much DP earns pa

of course you can do it on less but your lifestyle becomes more expensive the higher your family income is

spending increases in proportion to salary no matter how much you earn

Thomcat · 08/09/2005 22:23

That's what I thought re the London thing!
Carla, hello you and no hon', no news on the man who can't cum but leaves!

Justfortonight · 08/09/2005 22:25

DH earns 75K plus bonus of at least 75K
I was on 30K plus bonus of 4K ish before having DS
Our home is already paid for so no mortgage or rent to pay
We have noticed the drop in income and we spend pretty much all our money each month
I don't consider we have a lavish lifestyle or flash holidays, don't have a car, don't go out much now etc yet I'm appalled at how much money we get through

womanwithnoname · 08/09/2005 22:28

cantbelieve - what does he do just out of interest ?

Hattie05 · 08/09/2005 22:28

But the question asked was what makes it viable, how high does one salary need to be in order for a family to survive?

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