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This is such a nosy question but if you are a sahp, how much does your partner earn to make it viable?

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WideWebWitch · 08/09/2005 20:53

I fully expect people to change names for this but I have long wondered: if you're a sahm/d, how much does your partner earn? In other words, how high does one salary have to be in order for 2 people and child/ren to survive? And what does your partner do to earn this? I'm not asking out of anything other than total nosiness so do tell me to bog off if you like! Name changers extremely welcome!

OP posts:
NotWhoIReallyAm · 08/09/2005 22:46

I'm the worker and I earn about £70k gross. Living London. Out of that I pay childcare, mortgage, bills and everything except DP's spending money. We live pretty comfortably on one income and still manage to go out for plenty of meals. Lucky us.

zippitippitoes · 08/09/2005 22:46

So if you're earning 2,000,000 and you are on here at least say what you do before i go to bed...

soapbox · 08/09/2005 22:47

No - I'm following the PPH's very wise line - somewhere between 9500 and 2m. However I am not a SAHM, so I don't need to disclose!

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 22:50

It's you - I knew it!!!

I have a very sick elderly aunt. She hasn't had much of a life. Any chance you could lend us a bob or two to make her last few days more bearable?

interstella · 08/09/2005 22:50

dh earns 31k,he works odd hours,no regular pattern so its hard for me to have a regular job -night or day,anyway i am self employed as a massage therapist and do a little work here and there.We live in london and it is a struggle,but it would be worse if i went bacjk to work due to childcare.It does get me down,i realise we are lucky compared to some but do feel stuck sometimes.

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 22:50
princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 22:51

anyone earning £2m a year, assuming they aren't some sort of celeb we would have heard about, is almost certainly in the City. trading options, currencies, or high up in investment banking/capital markets. there are quite a lot of them around.... but that is what they do. Lawyers don't make quite that much (although a fair number are on £1m). Entrepreneurs/business owners rarely take that much out per annum and if they do you have heard of them....

soapbox · 08/09/2005 22:51

HMC - you are quite mad - if I was going to post something that personal I would definately have changed my name

soapbox · 08/09/2005 22:52

Yes - PPH I was alluding to the fact that a few MNetters have City husbands and allude to a lifestyle that suggests they are not married to the tea boy

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 22:53

So no chance of a few bob then

soapbox · 08/09/2005 22:54

In fact I was reviewing some accounts today of a hedge fund run by a not terribly clever man and his 'dividend' for the year was £11m

And he is by no means exceptional!!

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 22:54

sadly both dh and I left the city a few years back

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 22:56

oooh yes the hedge fund boys.
I know one hedge manager who also gets into all sorts of things pa, and he must be taking out at least that. he just bought a £2m house next to his because he didn't want to have to worry aboutthe neighbours. he isn't going to do anything with it...

cantbelieveimtellingyouthis · 08/09/2005 22:57

why does earning £2m make you less likely to use mn?

Hattie05 · 08/09/2005 22:57

Hope these highearners have paid their subs before HQ read this thread

cantbelieveimtellingyouthis · 08/09/2005 22:58

£11m bonuses are exceptional.

RichButNotABitch · 08/09/2005 22:58

I'm planning to be a SAHM when our baby arrives.
DH earns about 150k (self-employed so can vary) and I earn about £60-£65k (also self-employed).
So our income will drop significantly, but will still be what I consider to be high. We're not in London, and our mortgage is £250k.

Classified · 08/09/2005 22:59

£200K We choose to fund private education for both our children and a £500K mortgage so it kind of all goes.

soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:01

Sorry - I meant he was not exceptional (as in bright/gifted) not that the bonus wasn't.

Having said that he is far from the only one taking that kind of money out!

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:01

Cantbelieve - well I suppose I am working on stereotypes that with £2M a year, one would be on a yacht moored nr Antigua or something....

zippitippitoes · 08/09/2005 23:02

Starting to wish i worked at mumsnet towers and could match the dosh to the posters...

lilsmum · 08/09/2005 23:02

i just cant even imagine what it would be like to have some of the high incomes on here

cantbelieveimtellingyouthis · 08/09/2005 23:03

ah. there's a lot of myths about the city and a lot of people believe it all. There truly aren't that manner who get that sort of bonus.

onlineid · 08/09/2005 23:03

Message withdrawn

cantbelieveimtellingyouthis · 08/09/2005 23:04

far more likely to be sipping g and t in Holland Park. these dhs do have to go to work you know. And if you were on the yacht you'd have remote access broadband and a nice little lap top.

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