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This is such a nosy question but if you are a sahp, how much does your partner earn to make it viable?

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WideWebWitch · 08/09/2005 20:53

I fully expect people to change names for this but I have long wondered: if you're a sahm/d, how much does your partner earn? In other words, how high does one salary have to be in order for 2 people and child/ren to survive? And what does your partner do to earn this? I'm not asking out of anything other than total nosiness so do tell me to bog off if you like! Name changers extremely welcome!

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 08/09/2005 23:28

Funny that............

Yanks they were

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:29

good old yanks, always there when you need them. sigh.

CountessDracula · 08/09/2005 23:29

Unless you live in New Orleans in which case they leave you to die of course

gingerbear · 08/09/2005 23:30

We have a hedge, but no funds.
I want to be a SAHM, but we would have to downsize significantly to do so.

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:30

oh drac! what a downer!

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:31

downsize your hedge? very simple, just give it a good prune

CountessDracula · 08/09/2005 23:31

Yes mine is going down the vc route at the mo to expand (hahaha) and I fully expect a septic invasion at any moment. Am armed with irony and wit and normal sized meals to confuse them and send them packing

soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:31

PPH you may have had a lucky escape. A very dear and bright friend of mine sold out to a VC. At the last minute they said they wanted to keep the management on board but insisted that they reinvest a good percentage of the proceeds which they did. The VCs ended up booting them out and would not pay them a penny for their shareholding.

They spend a fortune on legal fees/barristers and did eventually get a bit of money out- but no where near the money they had tied up!

Bunch of shiesters!!!

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:33

Getting back to www's question - I have a SAHM friend who lives in Hampshire (fairly costly housing) and I think her dh earns about £30K. They have to watch the money a fair bit - but they manage okay. I've noticed that her economies are things like - taking picnics if they go out for the day rather than buying snacks /meals out.....she doesn't pamper herself much...but they seem to get by just fine..

gingerbear · 08/09/2005 23:33

PPH, please tell me what is a hedge fund? I have daft visions of money growing on shrubbery...

CountessDracula · 08/09/2005 23:34


ScummyMummy · 08/09/2005 23:35

There's some guy who works at Sotheby's who downsized to a ditch so I guess you could downsize to a hedge...

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:35

they are terrible. you wouldn't believe the valuations they came up with. attempted theft.

CD if you want to get rid of them fast give them Coke WITH NO ICE. They can't stand it.

(Or if you want to piss off Pepsi, as I did once when they were on the other side, I invited them to my office for a meeting and then served them Coke. And looked wide eyed and innocent when they told me "they had never been so insulted in their lives" and stormed out. God I haven't laughed so much EVER)

CountessDracula · 08/09/2005 23:37

PMSL I can just imagine you all innocent looking... god what fun!

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:37

Well, I know they would like a bigger house....and she can't afford stuff like gym membership and so forth..but how vital is that at the end of the day?

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:38

oh god ginger it is boring. it is a fund which protects investments by investing in the opposite thing. sort of.
eg if are sitting on a pile of dollars which you intend to invest in your factory in france, you may well buy the equivalent number of euros (or an option over them) so that if the value of dollars goes down the euros will go up the same amount and you'll be protected from the currency risk.
it just goes up in complication from there...

lockets · 08/09/2005 23:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:38

We have other friends on a similar combined income (he is a postie and his wife works part time for my dh), and in the same part of the country...and they are forever remortgaging..and awaiting the demise of his mother (who is quite well off)

CountessDracula · 08/09/2005 23:39

I guess if one of you isn't working then your costs are a lot lower come to think of it ie no childcare, cleaner etc

handlemecarefully · 08/09/2005 23:40

Absolutely lockets - I would say that my friend does too. She's just careful.

gingerbear · 08/09/2005 23:41

Ah, a way to protect an investment. Wish I hadn't asked, but I have learned something. So a hedge fund manager doesn't prune privet then.

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:42

and you don't spend a tenner+ a day on tube fares, crappy sandwiches, 2 lattes, an evening standard you don't want but it gives you something to do on the tube etc etc etc

Janh · 08/09/2005 23:43

I don't believe you can live in London in general, let alone Hampstead, on 30K unless there has been a large windfall in your lives in the recent past which has taken the sting out of your housing costs.

soapbox · 08/09/2005 23:44

Ginger some bed time reading for you

princesspeahead · 08/09/2005 23:44

agree - anyone can live on 30k if they aren't paying a mortgage

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