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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

OP posts:
Lianne32 · 22/02/2024 18:46

JandL2020 · 22/02/2024 18:22

@Lianne32 was it FET or frozen? I’ve only tested positive 9 days past. My clinic say not to test until 11 days. 6 days is very early still. My lines at 9 days were faint with first response tests so at 6 days definitely wouldn’t show. When is your otd? X

Hey lovely it was a 5aa day 5 frozen embryo

I know some people get late positives I’m trying to have hope but this is like my 8th transfer.

I’ve been using easy@home cheapies can’t get first response for love nor money, I will give it a couple more day - thank you for your response x

JandL2020 · 22/02/2024 20:13

@Lianne32 got my fingers crossed for you. Definitely not over yet xx

Lily1990 · 22/02/2024 21:16

@MeganBistram aww this has made my day, so many congratulations to you and your family! 💗 Absolutely delighted for you and appreciate your honesty too that it was an anxious pregnancy. Enjoy this very special time with miracle Max ☺️

@JandL2020 thanks for the maternity clothes recos, that’s super helpful! Totally get why you waited till 20 weeks to tell many people. I think I’ll do the same. Have told a few friends this week who I’m seeing tomorrow (as will be obvious as I won’t be drinking) but tbh it felt a bit premature. When is your baby due?

@Lianne32 I’m keeping everything crossed for a positive for you to develop later. I’m not too sure about IVF implantation failures but I have heard from some ladies that pred might be harmful if you have low uterine NK cells (but high blood NK cells as Dr S tests). It may be worth getting a second opinion / testing for that with Dr Gorgy possibly? I know it’s expensive so not a decision to be taken lightly. And hopefully it won’t come to that and you need a few more days for the test to darken xx

wishinghard2 · 24/02/2024 22:21

Hi, just found this thread.

is this a chemical? Any advice really appreciated.

I had IVF treatment and on Wednesday got multiple positive urine tests. Friday we had a positive finger prick blood test as per the IvF clinic protocol. We have a scan booked mid March and I am taking progesterone pessaries twice daily

today I had sexual stimulation (external) and straight after found I was bleeding heavy - very period like with light coloured blood.

would this be a chemical?

fleur89 · 26/02/2024 18:03

@Lily1990 had my 12 week scan today and like you all went well 🥰 Baby measuring ahead of dates at 12+3 so I can wean off prednisone early. Feeling lucky to have gotten this far, things are feeling much more real now I'm passing through the first trimester gate.

@MeganBistram thank you so much for sharing, it's so great to read about success stories when on this journey. Gives us so much hope. Many congratulations to you and your family, you must be delighted.

@Lianne32 hoping your lines turn soon, I TTC naturally and got my first vvvvfl at 8dpo. Not sure what is the equivalent for transfers.

@wishinghard2 sorry to hear about your bleeding. It could be a chemical or it could be some other kind of bleeding such as a SCH. My local EPU accepts walk ins for anyone experiencing bleeding in the first trimester. Is this an option for you? In my experience in doing this they do urine tests, blood tests 48h apart and scan you. That would provide all the info you need. Really hope things turn out well for you

Lianne32 · 26/02/2024 18:08

Hey it’s still a negative so I’m pretty sure it’s out, I only have one tested embryo left. Very worrying when not even Shehata plan is working. Something is off could be the aspirin I read conflicting things.

do you think it’s worth trialling metformin? I’ve done everything including Adalimumab - though I wasn’t on hydroxychloroquine for long just under 4 weeks maybe it was a timing issue, I was on estrogen longer than previous cycle - implantation wasn’t really my issue it was keeping the pregnancy very confusing.

thanks for the encouragement ladies I’m dealing with this the best I can x

JandL2020 · 26/02/2024 19:30

@Lianne32 I’m so sorry 😞
I can’t comment on hydroxychloroquine but I was also on short FET protocol, no down reg.
I assume your lining was thick enough prior to transfer?
what progesterone have you been on also and did you have these levels tested before transfer? I found out before transfer my levels were not optimal so increased to 3 pessaries plus I was on 2 injections
I was on 75mg aspirin + clexane so I don’t think this impacts implantation although I know there is conflicting evidence for this
I was also on metformin prior to transfer and weaned off as was told it wasn’t necessary. Again if you have pcos/inflammation there is evidence to say it helps with implantation.
my issues have always been I could get pregnant through ivf but they wouldn’t stick…early losses, and my inflammatory markers were high.
I don’t know if it made a difference but I went gluten free and took Omeprazole which I believe settled things down prior to transfer and had to take this anyway alongside the prednisone.
I know you must be feeling shit right now x

Lianne32 · 26/02/2024 20:15

hey @JandL2020 yep I was on omeprazole the whole lot, 25mg prednisolone Intralipids etc etc - on the cycles I implanted I had fewer days estrogen before progesterone and my levels have been tested before and weren’t a issue - I started off with uterogestan and then I add in cyclogest - my lining was over 11mm my lining has always been thick, I’ve miscarried 4 times and I thought the immune protocol would help but now it’s back to square one, maybe just bad luck and I’ve not long recovered from shingles maybe I just wasn’t ready for a pregnancy who knows, I’m running out of options money and medications to try. X

Lily1990 · 26/02/2024 22:04

@fleur89 so many congratulations on your 12 week scan!!! It’s such an incredible milestone to have passed. Great the baby was measuring ahead too! Hope you are celebrating 🥳💗.

Do you know when your next scan will be? I booked one for this weekend, will be nearly 2 weeks since my last and I’m struggling already! I’m used to having weekly ones.

@Lianne32 I’m so sorry 😞 so confusing and such a huge blow. I’m on metformin but personally don’t think it helped me much as I still had 3 chemicals while taking it. Also it didn’t shorten my cycles which is mainly why I was prescribed it (pcos). I know it used to be recommended to take hydroxy for 6 weeks to allow enough time to get into your system, but recently Dr S has shortened it to 4 weeks, so presumably 4 weeks must be fine? If you can afford it, you could think about seeking a second opinion/ further testing from Dr Gorgy. For now I’m sending you strength and a virtual hug x

fleur89 · 26/02/2024 22:12

Thank you so much @Lily1990 - so relieved! Treated myself to a nice lunch afterwards and will reveal on Friday to close family so looking forward to that.

I have a scan booked at CRP in exactly 4 weeks' time at 16+3 but still (!) waiting on my 12 week NHS scan appointment so hoping that falls closer to 14 weeks to bridge the gap. I don't think I can wait 4 weeks after being scanned so regularly up until now! They did the NT scan for me today at CRP so technically I don't "need" the NHS one but I'd like it anyway to get more reassurance.

Ruby030 · 01/03/2024 14:10

Hi everyone, I found this forum just after myself and my other half had our second MC. We’d just had a scan done and there was no sign of anything being wrong then we found it was a MMC. We knew that we didn’t want to try again to just have the same thing happen. If there was something wrong and a reason this happened at 7 weeks in both pregnancies we wanted to know so we could do something about it. I started doing some research into miscarriage clinics that had good reviews and found CRP and Professor Shehata. I also found this forum which I have been keeping an eye on to see what it’s like to go and see him. It was really helpful to get an idea on what everyone found him to be like and whether he has been helpful or not.

Myself and my husband have been under his care for just over a month now and we’re only a couple of weeks off the end of phase 1. I have a history of different medical problems which are to do with my immune system so I wasn’t really surprised that my NK cells were quite high.

Total NK Cell absolute count: 421.6 (>200 High)

Total NK: 12.6% (>12% High)

Activation Marker NK CD69: 1.42 (1-1.8 High)

I don’t know how that compares to other people here but 421.6 seemed like a lot?

The adimulab jab that I’ve used in phase 1 has given me a very sore leg and a nice bruise both times I’ve done it! I just did my second shot yesterday.

Ilovebees · 02/03/2024 17:37

Hi everyone ! I know this is an old post , but would like to ask you all about dr sheata , if I go private , do I have to have all the blood tests done if I don’t take any of my old results in ? And do I have to have ivf in his clinic for him to give me medicine if he finds high NK cells , because I’d like to try naturally ? So would he give me 1 months worth of steroids and then I have to collect more every month ? Thank you !

Ruby030 · 03/03/2024 07:25

@Ilovebees hi :) You can send your old results so some things don’t need to be retested if you’ve had them done before but they have to be from the past three months, have your name and date of birth on the results themselves and be sent over to the clinic in a pdf format. They also ideally should be sent over two weeks before an appointment with him so he has time to look at them. I know because we submitted a bunch of past results and went through all this ourselves. On the email they send before your first appointment they advise you not to bring paper copies of your results into an initial consultation because he won’t have time to go through them all with you there and then.

You can also go through the list of things they’re checking for in your bloods, they did ask me if I was happy to get it all done and they’re very good at answering any questions (in my experience) especially if there’s any tests you’re not sure about.

He helps ladies that are trying naturally and using IVF treatments. Myself and my husband are trying naturally as are quite a few others on this thread.

You tend to need reasonably regular appointments with him from what I can tell. We had our initial consultation, two weeks later a follow up appointment for blood test results and to be put onto a treatment plan if they find a problem, then a month after being put onto his plan we have a zoom call. He was kind enough to offer that as we live nearly two hours away from the clinic.

I think when you’re in the clinic you can ask them to give you more than a months worth of a medication at a time but it would be worth asking them directly as I’m not sure about that one. Someone else here might be able to give you more information on whether they’ve done that before or if you need to get meds on a monthly basis. You can also get medication prescribed from them over the phone but there is an extra admin charge for that I believe.

Ilovebees · 03/03/2024 09:35

@Ruby030 ohh ruby thank you so much , you’re a star and I appreaciate your long message so much , thanks for taking your time to explain x all sound very clear to me from what you said ! 😍 but yes I live 5 hours away from the clinic and this is by train 😄 so ideally would love to get more medications instead of every month go back xx

Sprinkleofbabydust · 03/03/2024 11:11

@Ilovebees one thing to add is that you will probably end up going into the clinic at least once a month anyway as on the treatment plans you most likely will require intralipids as well as steroids and you have to go into the clinic to have those administered. Once pregnant you’re required to go to the clinic every 2 weeks so it is a commitment in terms of being able to attend the clinic from what I can see now being in phase 2 of our plan. Hope that helps, all the best x

@Ruby030 if it helps my NK count is 349.2 and total NK % 16.1

Ruby030 · 03/03/2024 22:33

@Ilovebees That’s no problem I’m happy to help :) That’s quite a trip to get to the clinic but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. Sprinkleofbabydust is right though if you do undergo treatment at the clinic and they find high NK cells you’ll be going at least once a month especially once you start trying so that’s worth taking into consideration. I’d say it has been good for me and my OH to go to get the tests done so at least we knew what was going on. Once we had some results we could decide what we wanted to do from there you know?

@Sprinkleofbabydust thankyou for letting me know honestly I’m not sure if how high the overall NK count is means that this will be any harder or if I shouldn’t worry about it. It’s just a number after all!

Sprinkleofbabydust · 04/03/2024 04:40

@Ruby030 i wouldn’t worry about the numbers tbh as the focus will be on the right combination of meds to bring them to the required level so they are not harmful. That’s my thought process anyway :)

Ruby030 · 04/03/2024 07:09

@Sprinkleofbabydust yes that’s kind of how I’m looking at it as well or trying to! There isn’t much point comparing numbers as we’re all different anyway 😊

Ilovebees · 04/03/2024 07:32

@Sprinkleofbabydust @Ruby030 hey both thank you so much ! I had a big think about it for few days and I decided that right now I will not go to dr sheata in London as it’s becoming way too expensive for me right now . Train tickets every month would be one massive cost , specially if I go with my partner , let alone everything else I would have to pay for , medicine and the treatment plan . But I was thinking of going to Coventry to get the nk cells biopsy first , and if nothing is found there then London is my plan B , my last solution x

Hhdxx · 14/03/2024 15:26

I've not been on here for a while as I've been having a real downer on everything. I wondered if anyone could help me. I've had two adalimumab injections. Just had my results back and the levels are higher when they're supposed to be lower after the injection. Has anyone else had this?
Thank you x

Fran2411 · 14/03/2024 19:57

Hi I had the same. I had two injections, then had to do them again. Really frustrating but I wanted to get it right. Hope you are ok!

Just started in the last few weeks on a medicated cycle. Annoyingly I went in on day 13. Should have asked to go in on day 11 and my dominant follicle was 24mm already! She said she would trigger but it might not be a good egg. Ahh. Anyways given it a go. Who knows?!? Has anyone else had a large follicle that became a baby?

Hhdxx · 14/03/2024 23:58

@Fran2411 thank you for getting back to me. Ah ok. I wonder why they get higher? Did you have to have another blood test? It's so expensive and I'm so depressed about it all. I'm surrounded by pregnant people and babies. I have no friends left that aren't pregnant or don't have children. My daughter would've been 4 this year and it hurts so much x

Fran2411 · 15/03/2024 07:06

so sorry. I feel your pain. This journey is so cruel. A couple of things I have tried.

a reiki session. I was very dubious but felt it really calmed me. The lady also said she could see it would work. Who knows. She also said I felt tense and gave me some coping strategies.

speak to your friends. I shut mine out for a while and I’ve found by being raw’er with them I feel more supported

write down your feelings. I haven’t stuck to it but after this week I’m starting again

sending lots of love

Hhdxx · 15/03/2024 08:26

@Fran2411 I have heard about reiki. I have tried acupuncture too. It's relaxing.

Did you need to have another blood test after the second lot of injections? I live 5 hours away from the clinic so it's really far for me to drive for a blood test.

I find it really difficult speaking to some friends as they're pregnant and just don't get it. My sister has a baby however, she is my best mate and being around her daughter has heart so much.


Fran2411 · 16/03/2024 07:24

sorry for the delay. It is so isolating. How lovely to have your niece. I love mine so much. I’m sure you will get there.

I didn’t have another blood test. They said we will give you two more injections but because I can’t have more there’s no point in testing. I just tried to think positive.

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