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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

OP posts:
Sprinkleofbabydust · 20/01/2024 04:57

@Hhdxx yes you can go back for the blood tests we saw Dr Shehata before Christmas and I didn’t have the tests done the same day as we wanted to go away and absorb everything. So I went back start of Jan to have them and we have our follow up with Dr Shehata this coming week. You just need to make sure you have them done 2 weeks before your next appt you arrange. Hope that helps x

Hhdxx · 20/01/2024 06:54

@Sprinkleofbabydust thank you so much for getting back to me. This makes me feel better. Phew.
I was worried I wouldn't be seen if I hadn't started my period. I was also worried that he'll tell me off for trying to get pregnant one last time, just in case miraculously this pregnancy is the one that ends in a living baby, before seeing him and saving thousands of pounds.
I'm so nervous for the appointment. Does he just talk about your history and what tests he thinks you should have? I have an appointment in Epsom.

I hope your follow up goes ok xxxx

Sprinkleofbabydust · 20/01/2024 08:22

@Hhdxx yeah please don’t worry it maybe he recommends you wait a few weeks to have the blood tests but it’s fine to start discussing with him so he can advise on next steps. Yes he will have read all your history and confirm and clarify anything and then tell you what supplements you should both be taking. We found it quite overwhelming as you’re also wearing a mask and he’s very direct and to the point. It’s only 30 mins so you feel under pressure. I’d write down any questions you may have. And remember you can go away and think about anything and are under no obligation to have the tests done on the day. Thank you we are quite apprehensive about it as he will have results of tests. And then it’s figuring out what next x

Privatemedical246 · 20/01/2024 08:35

I think he recommends that you wait until you've had a "normal" period after any miscarriages before doing any tests. Agree with pp he is very direct and it is alot to take in. Are you going with your partner too it helps to have both of you there. However I had questions after my apt and the team will always respond to you quickly via email and answer any questions no matter how silly!

Carlotta27 · 23/01/2024 11:12


Hope everyone is doing okay, it's been reassuring to read up on people's progress on here!

I am going through IVF and have experienced early miscarriages too. If my cycle fails, i plan to privately see Dr Shehata for testing (specifically on the immunology side) - i have a theory I have elevated killer cells as i'm pretty much never ill, but it could of course be other factors!

I’ve has lots of tests (day 3, AMH, progesterone, etc) done ahead of treatment which i can share with the Dr. 

Since i’m juggling IVF cycles and potential further egg collections, i’m keen to slot in the appt and tests with Dr Shehata at a convenient point. I was wondering how long it took for you to have an appt and to get the tests booked in, then have a review? Many thanks and lots of luck to you all x

jchars7 · 23/01/2024 14:20

Hi @Carlotta27 - you could always just call or email the clinic to check the next apt but I got an appointment for 4 weeks time. I was then able to do all the bloodwork straight after the apt that day in the clinic and I think the follow up was about 2-4 weeks after once all the tests were back - I can't quite remember. Just be prepared there is a lot of blood to take and the cost implications of what that is.

Carlotta27 · 23/01/2024 14:45

@jchars7 thank you very much for sharing those details with me, certainly sets my expectations on how long to wait in average, with weeks rather than months being better than I’ve experienced for other waiting times! Thank you and best of luck x

Sprinkleofbabydust · 23/01/2024 15:39

Hi @Carlotta27 ive just recently seen Professor Shehata and there’s a few weeks wait for first appt and depends if he’s on holiday and he prefers them to be F2F. You can have tests done on the day and the results are back in 2 weeks so you can book follow up for 2 weeks after. As @jchars7 mentions keep in mind the costs, you’re looking at up to 3k for blood tests which gives you an indication x

Wednesdaysotherchild · 23/01/2024 18:53

@Hhdxx sorry, it’s tough. Just to say that I’ve had 15 early losses naturally and Prof Shehata seems confident that he can help me - his most numerous was a poor lady who had 32 losses and she had a baby. I think more losses is even more indicative of an immune issue because statistically it can’t just be about chromosomal issues with such numbers. I’m planning an IVF transfer so we’ll see if it changes anything.

Carlotta27 · 23/01/2024 21:37

@Sprinkleofbabydust thank you for the heads up on costs. I was aware it wasn’t cheap and I’ll certainly have to get my partner comfortable with that!

Gosh, hearing from those who’ve been through so many (15!) losses is really moving, you’re all incredibly brave to be pushing on and seeking answers x

Sprinkleofbabydust · 23/01/2024 21:50

@Carlotta27 yes one mistake I made was not to warn my other half of nature of clinic and costs so he found it really overwhelming as some of tests it’s like you can get these done by GP. Although he’s fine with it now like today casually paid almost £300 for a urine test 😆 obviously the immune ones are specialist ones so don’t mind paying for them x

Fran2411 · 24/01/2024 07:20

Hi all, what am amazing thread! So much information. I’m wondering if I can get some advice. I started with Dr Shehata back in Nov.

My fertility history:
Mc 2017- 8wks
live birth 2018
2 x chemical mc 2021
failed IVF 2023
mc 2023 - 9 wks

I had high TNF Alpha, High IFN Gamma. NK cells at 23 among other issues. He suggested a 2 staged plan. I took 2 adinamalub injections as phase 1. I went back after bloods and needed 2 more although it was borderline. TNF Alpha was normal, IFN slightly off normal.

i was advised that I can only try if the last injection is 2 weeks prior to ovulation.

I am now on day 35 of my cycle. My next injection should be in 7 days. I have PCOS too.

i am now thinking as I ovulate on day 19-20. I will have 14 days if I start my period this weekend.

does anyone else have any experience of this?

Thanks in advance x

Cocoichiban · 24/01/2024 08:51

@Carlotta27 as others have said, there’s usually a 4 week waiting time (my first was 6 weeks because he was off on hols over the summer). Initial tests are 2-3k - annoyingly, even if you’ve had other tests done like thyroids etc it doesn’t really save you any money. Depending on your plan, ongoing costs are between £500 - £1000 a month (intralipids, cyclogest, prednisolone, consultations etc, then scans if you have a positive test). So be prepared for a big old bill!!!

@Fran2411 afraid no experience here. Sorry to hear about your losses, super tough x

I'm in a bit of a pickle this month - I changed from using clear blue opk tests to easyathome to save a bit of money (see above to where all my disposable income is going 😂). I usually get a positive test CD12 and ovulate on CD 13 - this month I started testing on CD 9 and got a nearly positive OPK that day which then went back down and has been low since…. Now at CD14 and still super low… I was thinking it would surge properly around now but it hasn’t so I’m worried I ovulated CD 10 but missed the Lh surge and haven’t started my meds thinking it hadn’t happened. Or if I start them now and I haven’t ovulated then the progesterone will stop ovulation. Don’t know what to do - going to email the clinic for advise but embarrassed that I sound absolutely bonkers

Lianne32 · 24/01/2024 11:22

Hiya ladies

i had my appointment with dr shehata today and he’s now putting me on hydroxychloroquine - has anyone got any Experiance with this?

thank you

Cocoichiban · 24/01/2024 11:32

@Lianne32 yes, been on it since early december

It’s ok - I felt a bit rough stomach wise the first week and then been on and off ill with colds since about a week before Christmas which is a bummer but found it manageable

Hhdxx · 28/01/2024 21:50

@Wednesdaysotherchild I'm so sorry for your losses. It's awful isn't it.

I've started hydroxychoroquine and I feel so sick on them. I'm also on a low dose of aspirin too.

Got my results next week xxx

Hhdxx · 29/01/2024 18:39

I'm really panicking for some reason that I'll never have a living child. I don't know what to do if this doesn't work.

Lara8 · 29/01/2024 21:45

@Hhdxx sending you love. The drugs are horrible to go through. The steroids really impacted me. You’re not alone. Hopefully your sickness will settle soon once your into your program. Don’t give up hope. Xxxxx

jchars7 · 29/01/2024 21:45

@Hhdxx didnt want to not reply to you but don’t really have many words of wisdom. I know how hard it is but there are a bunch of positive stories in this thread and all we can do is hope. Look after yourself and do the things that bring you joy. Sending you lots of love. Sorry I can’t tell you anything else xx

Cocoichiban · 30/01/2024 08:33

@Hhdxx it’s so hard - and it feels kind of useless to say stay positive because it’s a painful and long journey to go on. The one thing that makes me feel a bit better is that I know I’m doing everything I can to have a positive outcome; I’m not sure it’ll help but at least know you are doing everything within your power that you can x

looloo2020 · 31/01/2024 09:26

Hi, I can highly recommend him. I had 6 miscarriages - including one at 19 weeks. I honestly don't think i would have had my own children if it wasn’t for him. The NHS consultant i saw put me off seeing him after miscarriage number 4, basically calling him a charlatan and praying on vulnerable women. Then another year passed and i had another 2 losses that the NHS couldn’t help with - and I thought I have nothing to lose. I had some minor immune issues after testing, but I managed to fall pregnant on the 2nd month of clomid with my first son and first go on my 2nd son. He's a lovely, kind, genuine man who just wants to help women like us who can't seem to conceive and go full term on our own. It was far less expensive that the other fertility clinic that made us pay for £10k worth of tests before they would give us IUI (that failed 3 times). For anyone out there who has had more than 3 miscarriages I would say, go see him asap! x

jchars7 · 31/01/2024 15:29

@looloo2020 I do love to hear these stories and I'm so happy you had success! Such wonderful news!

I was on Prednisolone, Intralipids but still had a chemical miscarriage. Now on Hydroxy and could have tried this month but in all honesty didn't have the headspace for it. I have an over active immune system and I seem to be willing myself to get sick just so I know the drugs are working but doesn't seem to be happening. All I see are pregnancy announcements and its such a killer....xx

Hope to hear more positive stories on this thread soon xx

Lily1990 · 06/02/2024 17:49

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well! I haven't posted on here for ages, since autumn when I was feeling fed up after my chemical on Dr S's plan.

I had a BFP in December and after being on hydroxy + pred I've managed to get the furthest I ever have, to 10.5 weeks (previous furthest was 8.5 weeks, discovered at 12 wk scan). I thought I would feel ecstatic to be at this point but today's NHS scan showed that the baby's heart rate was only 120bpm. I know this is on the absolute lowest end of "normal" for 10 weeks and last week at 9 weeks it was 183, so it's massively dropped. The nurse/midwife told me not to worry, but ofc I'm terrified as it's dropped so much! Especially as for my 8.5 week loss, the heart rate was 125bpm shortly before it died, although the growth was on track, which is the same this time.

I've booked another scan for Friday so it's not long to wait, but I'm going crazy with anxiety (which was already sky-high!).

Does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?

Really hope everyone is doing well, solidarity to you all, this is one tough journey xxx

JandL2020 · 06/02/2024 21:19

Hi @Lily1990 firstly congrats. I had a look back at my 10 week+ 5 scan and the HR was 174bpm. I think I remember one sonographer saying that it peaks at 8/9 weeks then starts to drop again, so this is probably the case for you. Who scanned you also? Good luck for your re-scan, I’m sure all will be fine. I would definitely recommend being scanned at CRP if you can, also may be worth seeking reassurance from them.
I had my last growth scan with them yesterday but looks like I will need to go back as NHS consultant won’t do anymore growth scans for me as I am not “high risk”. And this is coming from my ivf consultant who knows my history and anxiety. He’s just so casual about everything.
how are you @Hope646 @whatsgoingon22 @MeganBistram you must be due any day now? Please keep us updated with news 💙🥰 lots of love to you all xx

Lily1990 · 07/02/2024 14:02

Hi @JandL2020 thanks for your reply! They also told me it peaks around 9 weeks and then drops again, but it's just been such a big drop and is much lower than the average at 10 weeks, so is disconcerting. I'll keep you updated with the re-scan. Both are with NHS EPU's this week but I have a CRP one next week. I prefer the CRP ones so much more, Dr Edge has a wonderful bedside manner, the technology is so much better and it's way faster. In my NHS one yesterday she was scanning me for 45 minutes (!!!) because she was so slow doing the measurements. And she said the computer wasn't working properly for the heart rate so she counted herself, so I'm praying it wasn't as accurate due to that. She told me to book my 12 week scan asap but I'm holding off to see what the scan on Friday shows.

How many weeks are you now? It must be so scary not having as regular scans after 12 weeks. It seems mad that given your history of recurrent miscarriages you wouldn't be classed as high risk and given additional appointments. But so many congratulations on getting to this point - do you think it's sunk in yet and you're able to feel excited and happy?

Hope you are doing well @Hope646 @MeganBistram @whatsgoingon22 @KatyTTC and everyone else xxxx

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