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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

OP posts:
Carlotta27 · 14/11/2023 14:54

@Lianne32 im so sorry for your loss and this horrible rollercoaster of a journey. I’ve not begun IVF yet but my Dr has discussed PGT-A testing of embryos to make sure a major chromosome abnormality isn’t causing a MC too. I was wondering if that was part of your plan or something you would consider? I’m aware it’s a personal choice and I’m hopefully the next time you meet with Drs there will be a next step x

Lianne32 · 14/11/2023 15:00

Carlotta27 · 14/11/2023 14:54

@Lianne32 im so sorry for your loss and this horrible rollercoaster of a journey. I’ve not begun IVF yet but my Dr has discussed PGT-A testing of embryos to make sure a major chromosome abnormality isn’t causing a MC too. I was wondering if that was part of your plan or something you would consider? I’m aware it’s a personal choice and I’m hopefully the next time you meet with Drs there will be a next step x

Hiya all xx

thank You,

yes I have two PGT tested in the freezer and 1 untested - I had a double transfer of two untested this time.

I lost a PGT embryo in the summer at 7 weeks but I wasn’t on any additional meds at the time.

it’s just bloody awful.

whatsgoingon22 · 14/11/2023 17:39

I’m so sorry @Lianne32 thats so upsetting after all you did and went through to get to this point😔 sending you lots of love, take care of yourself now and put yourself first now ❤️❤️❤️wish we could say/do something to make it easier xxx don’t give up ❤️❤️❤️

Cocoichiban · 14/11/2023 18:14

@Privatemedical246 thanks for coming back to me and glad to hear it’s a positive update - fingers crossed everything continues to go well for you

I’ve booked in for Intralipids on Friday and been advised to test every morning to check progress (and if need to cancel / postpone) so will see how it goes and hope for the best 😬

Carlotta27 · 14/11/2023 21:50

@Lianne32 Ah I’m so sorry, it must feel
like you’re doing every test and everything. I suppose it’s a small consolation that you have a few tested embryos left, but I get that it’s hard to remain hopeful after a history of things not (yet) working out. This journey is so unfair! X

Cocoichiban · 15/11/2023 07:28

@Lianne32 gutted for you - the whole process is just heart breaking xx

Privatemedical246 · 15/11/2023 19:37

Hi everyone, can anyone advise me what they did regarding having what I think is the NIPT test and a longer 12 week scan with crp. I have been offered screening on the NHS which I have accepted so I am just weighing up if its worth the extra funds for the additional scan and blood test. Thank you

Lianne32 · 16/11/2023 12:34

Thank you ladies xx

Has Dr Shehata ever mentioned IVIG or LAD/LIT to anyone on here?

I’m worried about having to do another course of Adalimumab, I didn’t have any side effects of the injections but it’s not something I want to continually do - My TNF was only at 33, I didn’t do a repeat blood test as the DR didn’t think it was necessary but now I’m thinking it could’ve made the situation worse and I didn’t realise? I had two lots of Intralipids and I was taking omega 3’s but only pregnacare brand - does anyone have any advice In regards to omega 3 and what brand and dose is good for blocking TNF?

Thank you all xx

JandL2020 · 16/11/2023 17:30

@Privatemedical246 i did the 12 week scan with crp. Was very detailed I was very impressed. Then I went to nhs and well it was like there’s a baby there and that’s it!!

JandL2020 · 16/11/2023 17:34

@Lianne32 ive not heard of those. Are they different type of intralipid? I went on a gluten free diet and was on metformin.not sure if that made a difference. I’m taking those vitamins I don’t think they would make a difference but diet and metformin could I think. It could also be bad luck with the embryo too…what grade was it? I also had a double transfer and I think it increased my chances. Would you consider transferring your 2 tested ones next time? Xx

Sprinkleofbabydust · 16/11/2023 21:25

Hi @Lianne32 so sorry, hope you’re ok.
we saw a nutritionist as part of our treatment and she recommended omega 3 try Nature’s Best Pure Fish Oil 1100 mg as a well-priced but still reasonably high potency product. Not sure if that helps…

Lianne32 · 16/11/2023 21:41

IVIG is more expensive than Intralipids like in the thousands and is alternative.

thank you for your thoughts, my embryos have all been AA’s or B’s which just makes it even worse because the quality has never been an issue but it’s more my body taking over.

I had 3 lots of double transfers, I’ve gone through like 10 embryos now - they won’t let me put my two PGS tested in which is annoying.

Thank you for your omega 3 fish oil recommendation @Sprinkleofbabydust try a higher dose. X

Sprinkleofbabydust · 16/11/2023 21:46

@Lianne32 you’re welcome. I can message you other high quality supplements I was recommended and have been taking if that helps also.

I’ve heard of IVIG yes and it’s more expensive isn’t it.

really praying you have a breakthrough and something works for you x

JandL2020 · 16/11/2023 21:59

@Lianne32 thats bad of your clinic. Surely it’s your choice. Is transferring your embryos to another clinic an option?
have you had a hysterscopy done?
I was going to have one but took a chance with 3d saline scan before my last FET which showed mild endo but no other major issues.

Lianne32 · 16/11/2023 22:04

Yeah I had several scans and a hysterocopy a couple years ago nothing flagged up apart from pcos.

I do think the NK cells and the TNF alpha ratio isn’t helping - I also think I took a risk not putting in the tested embryo I just thought I might be alright but clearly not x

Lianne32 · 16/11/2023 22:04

Thank you that would be great.

JandL2020 · 16/11/2023 22:45

@Lianne32 just don’t beat yourself up I know it’s hard not to though. I also have PCO. Got everything crossed for you next round xx

Carlotta27 · 17/11/2023 03:24

@Lianne32 and @JandL2020 inyeresting that you both have PCO or PCOS.

I was recently diagnosed with PCO based on an AFC of about 45 but the Dr unsure if it’s full PCOS as not all other markers are there and he doesn’t seem concerned in further diagnosis as apparently it won’t change treatment plans.

I’ve read that some studies that suggest PCOS may be linked with higher miscarriage rates and that metformin can help mitigate risks. I was wondering if any Drs has linked PCO(S) to miscarriages for you or found ways to test it? I’m currently not on metformin as I am a low BMI and ovulate normally, but do of course want to be doing and taking anything I can to help!
lots of luck to you both x

JandL2020 · 17/11/2023 07:15

@Carlotta27 i am similar ovulate or so I thought. I am over weight though. Dr shehata is convinced I have pcos even though he didn’t test for it. If you read some studies it’s linked to lowering inflammation and helping with implantation. I came off it at 6 weeks after viability scan x

Carlotta27 · 17/11/2023 07:20

@JandL2020 that’s interesting that they’ve stopped you on metformin as it suggests it’s not needed after 6 weeks! Since I’ve had MMC blighted ovum after 6 weeks it makes me wonder if that it would have helped at all …

And I find it odd too that PCOS seems like a major diagnosis that really should be tested for properly - I see US forums where women do many tests of different androgens, glucose and insulin intolerance etc.

Hope you are doing well and thank for sharing! 🤞

JandL2020 · 17/11/2023 07:24

@Carlotta27 I’ve had a blighted ovum and it’s usually linked to the embryo not developing so more to do with chromosomes. I’m not sure why I was told to stop it but have to have faith in these doctors. Best of luck to you x

Hope646 · 22/11/2023 14:05

@whatsgoingon22 good to hear from you. I have been thinking to drop a message here but was so mentally occupied with looking fwd to my week 20 scan. I had it at the hospital last week and it is a girl. We thought it was a boy based on week 12 scan at crp (but we were told to wait until later scans).
The scan was very detailed. The little one was doing well. So grateful for how far we have come. Never thought we would get to this stage.
I chose not to go for week 20 intralipid as my initial treatment plan was until week 16. I haven't gone for cervical lenght measure yet. Not sure if i will go as I am considered as low risk for early labour.

How are you doing? What week are you in? Any new signs?

All my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. But I already do get really bad low back and heel pain. my right hand mainly feels very numb, stiff and in pain. i feel pin and needles in hand. This is strange one. Not sure anyone else got this sign?

Still very anxious at times. Besides my family and hubby's family, we still haven't announced it to anyone. I have this fear something will go wrong.

@Lianne32 I am so sorry for your loss. This is very upsetting for all you have tried so far. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Sending you lots of love xxx

@JandL2020 how are you doing lovely? How is the pregnancy treating you?

I hope all the lovely ladies here are doing well. Anyone in the trying process, don't give up. I was questioning a lot during the initial stages and I am so grateful the stage i have reached so far through this treatment.

Rose1411 · 22/11/2023 16:53

@Hope646 I just read your note and it's given me so much hope! Im going to book on friday to see Dr Shehata, apparently it's only a two week wait on appointments and they can do the tests the same day. I have really high thyroid antibodies and im sure this is having an impact. Im excited to get some answers and not feel like im going mad anymore!

JandL2020 · 22/11/2023 17:55

@Hope646 fabulous news and huge milestone. Congrats on a girl. I found out we are having a boy at our 14 week scan (which turned out I didn’t need I made a mistake) but it was lovely to see dr edge and her to tell us that news. Had 16 week scan last week and everything is good still, confirmed a boy. I can understand you still be cautious especially after what you’ve been through. We still haven’t told other half family yet which dr shehata found very bizarre. I still can’t get excited to be honest. Just taking every day as it comes. I have midwife app next week hopefully they will check heartbeat otherwise I’ll have to get a private scan before 20 weeks. Did you have a scan between 16-20? Im
habing scan at 20 weeks with crp then dc app with dr shehata…didn’t realise needed to pay for dc app as well arghh! Also put down intralipids but I said at reception not to book that. I’ve had morning sickness since coming off the steroids etc. hopefully it will pass. Xmas sandwiches are helping me through. Do you have a bump yet and can you feel movements? I swear I’ve felt a few flutters but it’s not consistent. Sorry about your back pain…have you tried one of those pregnancy pillows. I’m a physio but don’t work in women’s health so I’m sorry I can’t advise more xx

Longdarkevenings · 26/11/2023 21:36

Hi all 😊. I have seen posts about delaying progesterone until few days after ovulation. Would anyone have insights as to how this can help with implantation and if it's just progesterone or prednisolone as well? I've read so many comments from ladies unable to get pregnant on the plan and makes me very anxious for next month when I start my plan.

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