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Wolfemum · 10/02/2023 08:58

Hello, I am currently experiencing my 3rd consecutive miscarriage and my 2nd MMC. I have been told I will now be referred to the RMC unit but due to my age (42) i think I need to go privately and I was wondering what your opinions are on Dr Shehata? I've heard he has a brilliant reputation but is quite focused on NK cells and less on other things. Can anyone share their thoughts, opinions experiences?
My first pregnancy was healthy and resulted in my 6 year old boy but the last 2 MMC we saw a heartbeat at 6 weeks but then no growth or heartbeat at 7/8 weeks.
Many thanks for reading

OP posts:
Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow · 27/11/2023 22:21

Hi all hope you don’t mind me joining. I had 2 babies with CRP and am back to try for no 3. For the first 2 I was on the standard protocol with pred and it worked really well for me.

I’ve just had my bloods redone and got the results and it looks like my NK cells are basically fine this time but TNF alpha is raised (37.3) and I will be prescribed adalimubab/humira this time.

I haven’t had my appointment yet but I wondered if anyone else is on this and what the differences are with pred? I was totally expecting to do the same thing again and am slightly worried it’s a bad idea to depart from the tried and tested plan, but will obviously need to talk it through.

Also does anyone know whether this suggests I have some other illness/condition I’m not aware of?

Hope646 · 28/11/2023 16:47

@Rose1411 hey hun.. I am glad it is making you feel better. I know these positive stories on forums were giving me so much hope and confident and I am glad I went for it.
It hasn't been an easy experience.. even during the treatment I was having doubts and overthinking everything. Now overthinking over whether the baby is ok.
Have you booked your appointment yet? Wish you all the luck and I have got everything crossed for you. The testing and especially when they go through the results can be very overwhelming but trust the process.

@JandL2020 thank you sooo much. haha I am sure it is just not us.
Yes, bump is out but now I am stressing over why I haven't felt any baby movement yet and today I just started week 22. It is worrying me. I know I am being silly but I question everything about myself.. have I been overworking? Have I been neglecting looking after myself and getting over confident and forgetting how long it took us to get here? Was i getting more excited and confident than I should have been.
I really hope I start feeling some movements soon. I read for some people they feel movement from week 16.

I did have a scan privately between week 16-20. From the package that I took after I faced the emergency during week 8/9, there was one round left so I used it in week 18 i think. I am not sure if you live around london but there is a private scan place called Numi Scan based in north finchley. They are amazing and their prices are very reasonable.

@Longdarkevenings I followed the advice from some lovely women here and delayed taking progesterone by 2 or 3 days on my third try under this treatment and it worked for me. Prednisolone, I took it next day as instructed by crp.

Hope646 · 28/11/2023 16:53

@Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow sorry to hear about this new condition they have discovered. I haven't been on humira but i know some ladies in here have been on this protocol. Hopefully, they will advice.
But it is great to hear you had succesful outcomes with crp. Gives us all alot of hope.

I didn't realize they would do all the tests again when trying for the next baby. I asked Dr. Edge that question, when the time comes trying for second baby, would I need to do all the tests? Her response was they won't take the big batch of expensive tests, it would be only the basic health check ones and it would be same treatment next time. I am not sure if this was the case when you started the treatment for you second baby?

Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow · 28/11/2023 16:58

@Hope646 Ive had the full suite of all the tests done 3 times now!

The second time my results were the same and treatment the same but this time they’re different and looks like I’ll have a different plan so I guess shows it was worth checking (plus in my experience they never miss an opportunity to charge you for something!)

I had the tests done in 2017 (baby born 2018 on cycle 1 of treatment), 2019 (baby born 2020 on cycle 3) and now back again.

Rose1411 · 28/11/2023 18:00

@Hope646 thanks for your reply. Glad things are going well for you <3 I can't imagine how you must be feeling xx. I feel like I wouldnt relax at all throughout another pregnancy and not sure how i'd handle it. Feels like a long way away even though im sure ill be successful again and have to keep the faith. I went back to professor quenby in coventry as I had previously seen her after 3 miscarriages and was given the OK. She's said now ive had another 2 I need to try taking progesterone from a week after ovulation rather than after a positive test. Feels impossible to progress with shehata until i understand whether it's a simple case of taking progesterone at the right time. Hard knowing i'd be potentially facing another MC without a proper diagnosis/root cause though. Also annoyed as the nurses at Tommy's told me to just carry on and there was nothing else Quenby could do for me, and as it turns out there was, so feel like one of my MCs was potentially avoidable now. All feels so messed up having to play detective with your own health and finding the strength to hold people to account while going through all this xxx

Cocoichiban · 29/11/2023 18:29

Thanks for all the updates! Good to see some great progression for a lot of folk on here

@Rose1411 it’s all so stressful and sometimes feels like a very inexact science. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

my positive test quickly ended as a chemical pregnancy so onto miscarriage number 3 for the year - DR Shehata has now prescribed hydroxychloroquine which I’m fairly worried about the side effects for this. If anyone has any experience with it then would love to hear it!

JandL2020 · 29/11/2023 19:18

@Hope646 hey annoyingly wrote a really long message last night then it got deleted 🤦‍♀️ don’t beat yourself up everyone feels different movements at different times but I would speak to your midwife for reassurance. I’m pretty sure I have had flutters from 16 weeks but not consistent and cannot be sure it’s the baby just feels different. Had a scare yesterday consultant couldn’t find the heartbeat with Doppler but thank god on scan there he was doing cartwheels. My c section hasn’t been booked already!! Was very overwhelming yesterday went to bed early and had a lie in this morning.
@Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow ive been on those injections. It did bring my levels down and I had this as well prednisone. If you’ve had success with that before I would assume he would have you on both to increase your chances. Best of luck 🤞

JandL2020 · 29/11/2023 20:06

@Hope646 i meant to say has been. So tired xx

Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow · 29/11/2023 20:21

Thanks @JandL2020 yes, had my appointment today and discussed my results. Weird that my NK cells are now normal but TNF alpha is high - the two previous times I had the tests done it was the other way round.

Hoping that the first round of injections is enough and I don’t need to delay things more.

JandL2020 · 29/11/2023 20:45

@Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow that is strange. Mine was similar actually. I was borderline nk but TNF high which can cause early miscarriage/implantation issues. Made a lot of sense to me which my losses being early with grade A embryos. X

Lily1990 · 30/11/2023 17:08

Hello all, hope you're all doing well!
Wonderful all these babies are doing well ❤
No news from me, had a BFN on the first cycle trying on the hydroxy. Will have 2 more cycles trying naturally and then will do IVF in Feb. @Cocoichiban I'm really sorry you had a chemical and it's your 3rd MC this year - the same thing happened to me in August and I also started on hydroxy. Thankfully haven't had any side effects and have been on it now for nearly 3 months. I know how tough it is to go through this, sending you strength! Xx

Cocoichiban · 01/12/2023 10:12

Thanks for letting me know @Lily1990 - I’m super nervous about taking it as have a very high pressure job so could do without being ill / feeling rough from it. Hoping you get your BFP soon so you don’t have the expense of IVF on top of this treatment

also, does anyone have a good recommendation of where to buy Co-enzyme q10 which is cheaper than direct from CRP clinic? With Christmas coming up, every penny counts!! 😁

Lily1990 · 01/12/2023 11:02

I felt exactly the same @Cocoichiban as also have a very high pressure job. I felt a bit tired and run down for the first 2 weeks but was able to work through it (just felt sorry for myself). Then after that I've felt absolutely fine, no hair loss or anything. The optician also told me that eye damage is only an issue if you take it for more than 5 years, so hopefully that shouldn't apply to us! Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I was pretty upset going through the chemical and being prescribed the hydroxy so I understand how you feel.
For Coq-10 I buy it from here: seemed to be the cheapest option.

CO Q-10 Q-SORB™ 200mg - 120 Softgels

Shop CO Q-10 Q-SORB™ 200mg - 120 Softgels online at Puritan's Pride UK.

Fisky123 · 01/12/2023 14:46

Hi @Cocoichiban,

I’ve been on hydroxy since August and side effects are that it impacted my stomach sometimes on and off and gas but if you take it after a full meal and persevere you’ll be fine. I’m ok now on it as I persevered. I know others that have had no symptoms at all. Hair loss hasn’t vent an issue either. It wasn’t half as bad as I thought and it was only on the odd day not every day. I hope that helps. So sorry for another loss xxxx

jchars7 · 01/12/2023 20:49

Hi everyone, I’ve just started cycle 3 on prednisolone and had my blood work done at the GP this morning. I then received a call from my GP this evening saying my white blood cells are very very high. Did anyone else have the same after their well-being bloods. Of course I’m now panicking that it’s something more sinister so rather than fester in my own worry i thought id check in here with you guys. ❤️ 🙏🏽

clhsgirl · 02/12/2023 09:11

I've been on hydroxychloroquine since the end of September. Side effects haven't been bad but the tablets themselves taste hideous so make sure you have something sweet to take them with. I usually have a big spoonful of yogurt, pop the tablet in and swallow the lot. I have had three separate colds which have left me needing to take time off work but I am a primary school teacher so can't help being exposed to things. I've also had some hairloss but only enough for me to really notice.

Rapunzel35 · 08/12/2023 17:46

Hi everyone,

Just a general question!
I went to Shehata after 3mc and after following the protocol and meds had my DD one year ago. So it definitely works ladies!
However, I have just found out I am pregnant (not planned). He did mention if you do after having done his protocol the chances of mc are even higher. So I am feeling very gloomy about it and can see how it is going to end. I am just wondering if anyone here has been in this position? Second time but no meds and what was the outcome? Thank you x

Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow · 08/12/2023 18:55

@Rapunzel35 hello and congrats! Im
sorru to say that the same thing happened to me - 3mcs, successful pregnancy on the plan, then accidentally conceived again. I started taking the pred from a positive test, which was probably a few days after my period was late, but sadly that was too late for me and it ended in mc at c7 weeks, the same time as my other losses. For me I clearly need the meds from ovulation. I went on to have DC2 and now back for DC3!

But it really depends on the person as I know others who it all worked out ok for. Best of luck and wishing you all the best.

Rapunzel35 · 08/12/2023 19:14

@Ifyouknowyouknowyouknow ah congrats to you! That's lovely 🥰 thanks for sharing your experience. I am not even going to bother going to the clinic as I too think the ovulation period is crucial however will be making an appointment soon if this doesn't work out as I am so gutted to be in this position 😫

Zara8790 · 09/12/2023 21:47

I hope someone can help - I had three miscarriages in my first trimester and had a successful pregnancy via the CRP clinic and Dr Shehata (only saw him initially - Dr Edge is was a superstar for us) in 2022. I was on the complex plan - high NK cells / steroids / aspirin and progestrone
me and DP are thinking of baby #2 but the CRP clinic is 5 hours away. With a toddler now it will be difficult to travel across the country and Dr S was not a fan of Zoom. Any other clinics recommended in the north of England? Or stick to Dr S and travel solo 😓
Or just ttc without seeing Dr S😬

Cocoichiban · 10/12/2023 12:25

@Zara8790 we’ve actually been doing quite a lot of zoom appointments with Dr S even though we live near the clinic because it’s difficult to make in person appointments with work so might be worth asking re. doing Zoom this time round

thanks all for your insights on Hydroxy, started last week and seems ok so far. Hopefully it’ll help this time round when ttc

MeganBistram · 13/12/2023 10:26

@Zara8790 Nova fertility will prescribe all of those to you, you just have to go to a place for intralipids, there is one in sutton coldfield, not sure of the price though :) xx

Sprinkleofbabydust · 13/12/2023 19:38

Hi all, hope you’re doing well.
We had our 5th miscarriage recently and are seeing Dr Shehata next Monday for first time to see if we can get any more insight as to why we keep miscarrying.

we are also due to have our first round of ICSI IVF in Jan. I have low AMH and I’ve heard DHEA can support with egg quality so wondered if anyone had been prescribed this and anything I should be aware of as my IVF clinic has agreed to prescribe this?

thank you in advance x

whatsgoingon22 · 18/12/2023 18:07

Hope you got on well today @Sprinkleofbabydust ❤️❤️ @JandL2020@Hope646@MeganBistram hey guys hope you’re all doing good at the moment.
Can I ask a question when did you stop taking 5mg folic acid or did Dr Shehata/Dr Edge mention it? Thanks all xxx

JandL2020 · 18/12/2023 20:14

@whatsgoingon22 he said I didn’t need to keep taking infolic which contains folic. I
sometimes take the tablets but sometimes forget and sometimes they don’t sit well on my stomach so don’t take it on purpose. I think it’s only really important in the first 12 weeks. I was discharged last Thursday but still going back for growth scans but the nurses said email them anytime with questions. Definitely email them and ask. Hope you’re doing well also xx

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