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Is it normal to feel really horrible when you find out your ex is with someone else?

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Pinkchampagne · 24/06/2007 00:22

I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but it feels awful.

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Blu · 25/06/2007 17:43


You are / were WAY to good for him! He was lucky, very lucky indeed for 11 years, and it ran out. You were too good for him in so many ways. Now it's your turn to be good to yourself and find someone (when the time is right) who is as good as you. And that [person will be very lucky, too

Blu · 25/06/2007 17:44

Hello Lilykins
New to Mn or new to this sort of situation?

paulaplumpbottom · 25/06/2007 17:45

It always makes you feel like you've been punched in the stomach doesn't it?

lilykins · 25/06/2007 17:48

just wanted a bit of advice my daughters dad doesnt acknowledge her as his, he has now got a new gf who has 2kids and he is playing happy families with them. i feel so hurt for my wee 1 and feel so angry 2wards him

lilykins · 25/06/2007 17:48

hi blu

new to mn

Pinkchampagne · 25/06/2007 18:09

Thanks Blu, you are lovely.

Welcome to MN, lilykins! Have you started a thread?

OP posts:
lilykins · 25/06/2007 18:11

havent started a theard wot is it and how do i do it

Pinkchampagne · 25/06/2007 18:11

Sorry you are having such a bad time with your ex, lilykins.
I don't have any great advice, but there will always be a MNer around who does have

OP posts:
lilykins · 25/06/2007 18:13

gotta go guys will talk to you later

lilykins · 25/06/2007 18:16

thmx pinkchampagne

maybe get a chat with you all later

Pinkchampagne · 25/06/2007 18:20

A thread is what you are on right now, LK!
If you want to start one of your own, go to topic list & select which section you wish to start your thread under, and then click on the link to start your own thread.
You have to provide a title for your thread, then you post your message in the box.
When you're finished you can either press "Preview message" (something I really should get into the habit of doing!!), or go straight to "Post message"

Look forward to chatting to you on here.

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 25/06/2007 18:21

Sorry, should have said "Type your message in the box"

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 25/06/2007 22:01

He has the forms to exchange on his house now.

It winds me up a little that he does whatever smutty stuff with this woman until 3.30am, and is welcomed into my parents home (not that they know about the woman, but still...) & I deserved to be hit for being quite innocently walked home in the early hours last year! That makes me a little bit mad!

OP posts:
Dinosaur · 25/06/2007 22:37

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

Blu · 25/06/2007 22:43

yes, PC - that little juxtapoaition of events ran through my mind too. And all butter-wouldn't melt with your Mum. And just over a year ago he was stalking you at night. Outrageous.

Pinkchampagne · 26/06/2007 08:11

Sorry, I went back downstairs last night after posting my little rant! My laptop is no more due to DS2 spilling a drink over it last week, so I can no longer MN & watch TV at the same time!

I am feeling a little better than I was thanks. I am not in a bad tearful state today, but I am really feeling the sleep deprivation now & I have a feeling my IBS is setting back in.

Glad you are feeling a bit better, dino. I have been thinking of you a lot.

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 26/06/2007 08:12

I was going to say just tell your parents what he is doing, dont protect him but then thought uh huh these are pc's parents we are talking about they will probably only say something to make things worse.

SO you have loads of friends and a good sister. He doesnt and didnt deserve you pc and is showing his true colours these days. Hope you have a good day.

Pinkchampagne · 26/06/2007 16:14

I have decided not to mention anything, GF, as it will probably just result in them either saying something like "Well it was your decision to leave & of course he will do these things - he's a man!" or they may suddenly act a bit concerned, but it will only be because they will panic that there is no chance of us being a couple again.
They haven't supported me greatly over the last year, so it would almost annoy me if they started flapping over this.

I know he got home at 3.30am on Friday night, when he was obviously doing whatever with his bitt of stuff, and then when he had finished, he rolls into my parents house to have all his clothes washed, ironed & ready for him when he wakes up!

When I got in in the early hours last year & was walked home very innocently, my dad told me that mother's do not stay out that late & that I was lucky H didn't hit me because he would have done!!
It is obviously fine for ex H to roll in whenever he pleases though.

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 26/06/2007 16:38

I know who she is too. She is a barmaid at the club he goes to, around 10 years older than me, and worst of all she has children in the school I work!!

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 26/06/2007 18:52

He will be here any minute now. It is really hard being around him atm, but it's better that I don't mention anything isn't it?

OP posts:
pinkbubble · 26/06/2007 18:56

Try not to let it stress you out. Just keep on plodding on like you have been doing over the last 6 wks.

And remember you are better then them!

oranges · 26/06/2007 18:57

Oh pc, just wanted to give you a hug. met you at the xmas do and you are lovely.

sugar34plum · 26/06/2007 19:22

Hi pc sorry your going through this. Have to say what is it with barmaids? mine has done same. Apologies to all non slapper barmaids out there. Hope you feel better soon x

Pinkchampagne · 26/06/2007 20:09

Not sure, sugar34plum. The girl he saw before me was also a barmaid strangly enough!

bubble - I see you've changed your name back!
I handed in your sick note today btw & all is fine.

Hi oranges, nice to see your name again.

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 26/06/2007 20:13

He came to see boys & has gone again. Managed to restrain myself from mentioning anything, but I do wish he would stop messing around with parents of the pupils in my school...this is the second one now!!

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