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Looking for a blind date in October.....?

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Jazmyn · 06/08/2010 13:46

I have a wonderful (male) friend who has recently had his heart broken by an evil woman and I've been trying to find him a wonderful English girl but it seems everyone I know is already attached!!

Me and my friend, DH, and our newborn son will be visiting my parents in Buckinghamshire in the first week of October so if you think you might be interested in a fun night out (somewhere safe and public ofc!) with a wonderful, good looking, 32 year old, half dutch, half italian (but speaks perfect english) man who adores kids and dreams of settling down for a family then let me know!!!


OP posts:
BelleDameSansMerci · 06/08/2010 19:24

Bump... In the spirit of romance Grin

megsophandemma · 06/08/2010 19:27

Bumping for you :) what a lovely friend you are.

I would if I lived closer. Getting seriously bored of online dating.

Jazmyn · 06/08/2010 21:40

heh thanks for the bump guys, I cant believe there's no takers.... the guy in question has just been over and made us an amazing Italian meal! Come on girls!! :D

OP posts:
ninah · 06/08/2010 21:47

i am too old BUT worth looking at mysinglefriend, a dating site where you go on and recommend single friends

aseriouslyblondemoment · 06/08/2010 21:48

jazmyn maybe if you were to give us more details than you might get some interest
hair/eye colour
interests etc
am rooting for your lovely single friend here!Grin

gillybean2 · 06/08/2010 22:20

more importantly does he smoke? Have facial hair? And what kind of person is he looking for...?

MiniMousse · 07/08/2010 00:35

Oooh yeah I'd like to go on a blind date! Nothing ventured, etc... One caveat tho I am quite tall...

hobbgoblin · 07/08/2010 00:38

I would just for the hell of it (and due to boredom) but I already bring an army of kids to the equation. Wink

Am in Herts though......................Grin

Jazmyn · 07/08/2010 10:31

Woooo lots of response this morning... ok, here's some more details:

he's 6'3" (dutch are a tall nation!!!!),
average to well built (not fat but bulky),
brown eyes and brown hair,
interests: golf, basketball, cooking, eating out, films (sci fi and action), going on holiday to the UK and Italy, geeky computer games!
non smoker
nominally clean shaven but with often with a bit of stubble!

he's looking for someone between 28 to 35, female (!!), honest and loyal who's not going to mess him around. a sense of humour and a good streak of "crazy" would help I'm sure!!! If things work out he wants to settle down and be a proper family with kids etc (doesnt mind if there's already some when he gets there but wants at least one of his own as well!).

photo here of him holding our DS (if we're not allowed to post photo links please let me know and I'll remove it!)

any more questions?

Ninah - oooh thanks for the tip, I'll definately check the site out!! I've already put him up on a few normal dating sites but no luck yet!

Minimouse - he's quite tall so hopefully might be a good match! :) still sounds good after this info then message me!

Hobbgoblin - how many is an "army"? Herts isnt too far away if it's on the border with Bucks.... he will have a car when he comes.

OP posts:
ipodtherforipoor · 07/08/2010 10:36

OMG - Bring him to Devon!!!!! please....

Jazmyn · 07/08/2010 10:41

ipod - hahah sorry, Devon's a bit far.... needs to be Bucks as we're moving back there next year and I want him to have a reason to move with us!!! tee hee.... see, I'm actually very selfisly motivated!

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 07/08/2010 11:15

:( i'm in bournemouth

Flamesparrow · 07/08/2010 11:17

I do fancy the idea of a blind date though, so anyone with any lovely mates in Bournemouth?

ipodtherforipoor · 07/08/2010 11:22

ahh, you meany!!!
He realy is very pleasing to look at though! And I'm sure he's a lovely person too...Grrr to living in rubbish Devon!

instructionstothedouble · 07/08/2010 11:26

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

hobbgoblin · 07/08/2010 11:33

Too many...I have 4! Plus I am little and he is massive. But, really if he wants a date for a date's sake then I'd still be up for it regardless of long term compatibility, just for fun.

I am average/slim, cropped platinum dyed hair at the mo which is usually very dark brunette. I think about the same attractiveness scale as him probably. I am near Harpenden so the right side of Herts I guess.

Will we have to bid if there's a lot of interest? Grin

FairyLightsForever · 07/08/2010 11:36

Ooh he's lovely, but I'm the other end of the country HmmEnvy

swallowedAfly · 07/08/2010 11:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

berries · 07/08/2010 11:43

he's yummy, sadly am wrong end of the country and far too old but if he fancies a visit oop North I'll show him round Grin

Jazmyn · 07/08/2010 13:43

Flamesparrow - my sister lives in Bournemouth... I'll ask her if she knows any single boys ;-)

Hobbgolblin - I'll run the idea past him and see what he says, I dont think he's bothered about height though, how tall are you?

If we get a lot of interest I will probably select based on compatibility along with the man himself :) However, an ebay style auction might be fun!! haha

SwallowedaFly - he knows I'm hunting for him, I mentioned I posted on a few forums and some dating sites, he's pretty easy going about it all and up for a bit of adventure and fun so it's not a problem.

Seems most people on here are from "oop north"!! dammit!

OP posts:
blackflyinyourchardonnay · 07/08/2010 14:01

Mmm he's lovely.
I'm also too far away, but he looks and sounds the perfect man! Grin

hobbgoblin · 07/08/2010 14:52

I'm a mere 5'2". Never dated anyone over 6'

I am quite excited at the prospect. I have decided not to do internet dating as I need some breathing space and figure that my next relationship should fall into my lap as opposed to something I search for iyswim. Have not had particularly great experiences in recent years myself.

So, on that basis I'm very into the idea of an opportunist kind of date.

What was his ex like? What did she apparently do to him? And how long ago did they split?

Will check back to see who he gets to bag as his date. Grin

MiniMousse · 07/08/2010 15:56

Oooh how exciting! Looks like we havea bit of a queue forming here!
Glad to hear height isn't a problem. I'm 5 11 and though height really doesn't bother me, it seems to be a problem for some men, in that they don't like to date tall women!
I'm in Berkshire, so not far from Bucks at all. How are you going to pick who goes on this blind date - is it going to be like x-factor where we each have to perform a party trick or a feat of physical dexterity? Better brush up on my card tricks then!

MiniMousse · 07/08/2010 15:59

oooh, now I'm even more interested - I just typed that reply without looking at the link to your photo. Now I have. mmmmm he looks lovely! And love the way he is gazing at the baby.

TotorosOcarina · 07/08/2010 16:01

OOh hes gorgeous!!


Seriously though, yum!

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