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Looking for a blind date in October.....?

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Jazmyn · 06/08/2010 13:46

I have a wonderful (male) friend who has recently had his heart broken by an evil woman and I've been trying to find him a wonderful English girl but it seems everyone I know is already attached!!

Me and my friend, DH, and our newborn son will be visiting my parents in Buckinghamshire in the first week of October so if you think you might be interested in a fun night out (somewhere safe and public ofc!) with a wonderful, good looking, 32 year old, half dutch, half italian (but speaks perfect english) man who adores kids and dreams of settling down for a family then let me know!!!


OP posts:
gillybean2 · 07/08/2010 17:31

Seems I'm a little too old, and a bit too far away being in Essex. Oh well, story of my life!

citronella · 07/08/2010 17:36

Shame for me that he's not 15 yrs older Sad

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 07/08/2010 17:38

I would, I'm in Derbyshire though if you want a day at the bottom of the peaks, he looks lovely. Women are mad sometimes. I'm 33, ds is 11.

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 07/08/2010 17:50

Sod it, I can get down to Bedford on the train unless you want to meet half way. I've been learning Italian if this gives me brownie points.

Mummalish · 07/08/2010 18:43

I'm keen. He looks so lovely, I can tell.

Has he been taken yet? If not, one of him please:).

hobbgoblin · 07/08/2010 18:56

Bloody hell! We're going to be positively fighting over the man! Rofl!

knickers0nmyhead · 07/08/2010 19:06

too young and too far away. Meh.

knickers0nmyhead · 07/08/2010 19:06

too young and too far away. Meh.

swallowedAfly · 07/08/2010 19:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 07/08/2010 19:41

He's cute Shock

gingerkirsty · 07/08/2010 19:44

He looks lovely, VERY sneaky of you to use a photo of him cradling your newborn - devious! I am married so not a taker but I do have a single sister who will be in Bedfordshire this weekend - will mail her the link on the offchance! :)

gingerkirsty · 07/08/2010 19:46

Oh bugger no not the right weekend, duh... will send link just in case anyway. Where does he actually live? Have you already said? Will check through thread again!

belledechocolatefluffybunny · 07/08/2010 19:46

See, lucky bloke, so many offers Grin

goingbacktowork · 07/08/2010 19:56

I am not single but came across this thread. He looks gorgeous in that photo.

Why don't you up the stakes to a very small drinks party or a group meal and then a few ladies could meet him and get to meet each other too - or is that a silly idea?

SilverSparkle · 07/08/2010 20:25

Ooohh he is lovely!! I'd be up for it but again am only 5'2". Am 33 with 2dc. Am Indian and slim.

hobbgoblin · 07/08/2010 20:27

I am going to report the thread for um, over popularity. mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

Monty100 · 07/08/2010 20:32

He looks lovely and sounds lovely.

I hope he meets someone lovely. Smile

nasdaq · 07/08/2010 20:55

he is good looking .. good luck to him and whoever gets to go on the date!

Jazmyn · 07/08/2010 21:21

Blimey, I cant keep up with this thread!! Here's a bit more info people have requested...

The deal with the "ex" is that he was head over heels in love with a girl but it was unrequited... they were best friends for years and she took advantage of him and strung him along for most of that time. They did officially date for a few months last year but it ended up in heart break and now he's finally come to terms that it wont go anywhere and is looking to move on.

My plan at the moment is to write up a little questionaire for interested people to fill out asking a few relevant details (like what I posted about him earlier) and then he can pick one he likes the sound of. I'll be speaking with him tomorrow so will post again then.

Bellied - Bedford is quite close to where we'll be so is a possibliity and I'm sure the Italian will give you brownie points!! lol

Mummalish - nope, not taken yet.... there's still hope!! lol

SwallowedaFly - he is indeed a good sport although there's not much to loose really, worst that can happen is he ends up having a rubbish night out with someone he doesnt get on with.... best that can happen is he might meet the woman of his dreams.... seems a pretty good risk to take! :)

Gingerkirsty - we've already discovered I'm a devious cow!!! ;-) He lives in Holland just down the road from us at the moment but we're moving back to the UK next year so he will be over to visit a lot and we're trying to give him a reason to move over with us!.... more deviousness!!!

Goingbacktowork - the group party sounds like a crazy fun idea.... kinda like speed dating but with one guy!!! hahaha might cause some problems on the night though, I'll talk to him about it and see how he feels but I suspect we'll do one or two one on one dates.

OP posts:
Monty100 · 07/08/2010 21:50

OMG - are you serious? You're thinking of having a queue for him?? Confused

Jazmyn · 07/08/2010 21:59

Monty - no, I dont really think so.. like I said, I will probably get him to choose one or two and just do a regular one-on-one blind date! I dont reckon he'll go for having a room full of women to entertain, it's not really his style lol.

OP posts:
kdk · 07/08/2010 22:00

Ooh, he looks lovely - sadly think I'm almost old enough to be his mother .... but am willing to play cougar if that's what rocks his boat! Think the one-man speed date might be a little overwhelming - hasn't he got some (equally lovely) mates he could bring over as well ...

Flamesparrow · 07/08/2010 22:01

:o Yay for sister!

Monty100 · 07/08/2010 22:01

Jaz - he is gorgeous. It would put me off (not that I'm even in the running cos I'm too old lol) if he was up for that.

That's all. Smile

Monty100 · 07/08/2010 22:02

Kdk - the voice of reason as always. ROFL. Grin

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