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I feel a bit sick and over emotional, can somebody tell me what to do now while i calm down.

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fairyfly · 23/08/2005 18:03

My boys were picked up by their dad on Friday. Not a very reliable man and this was probably a very stupid idea. I have not been able to get through to him on his mobile. The landline has been ignored. I have constantly been rining as i promised my children i would check they were ok daily and get them if they felt unhappy or anything.
My x's girlfriend has just answered the phone and said they are not with her, they are in Scotland, they are with their Grandad who they hardly know. I didn't even tell them thats where they were going and im not allowed to ring them.
I feel sick.

OP posts:
Loobie · 23/08/2005 18:27

omg im so sorry you are going through this,will his gf not give you an address or phone no. for the grandfather? i would call her again and ask telling her that uif she dont you are calling the police immediatley,then if she does you can call them there make sure all is ok,if not i would definately call the police.
If GF wont tell you anything she will have to give details to the police,once you get the kids back do not give him them again unless he is having supervised access,you would be well within your rights to demand this after this stunt.

Pixiefish · 23/08/2005 18:27

thank god they're ok xxx. stiff gin now ff and have a think about what to do to make sure this doesn't happen again

Blu · 23/08/2005 18:28

x posted.
oh what a relief, ff,
so pleased you spoke to the boys.
gdad sounds rather a nice man.
is ex there with them?

Blu · 23/08/2005 18:28

Do you think gf called after you rang her? Sounds like it! Well done ff.

Aimsmum · 23/08/2005 18:28

Message withdrawn

katierocket · 23/08/2005 18:30

Oh FF, just seen this, thank god the GD rang you. X is a total and utter arse. Are you going to speak to your solicitor? He needs a strongly worded letter to the effect that if he ever does anything like that again...

Blu · 23/08/2005 18:31

ff, all's well that ends well. The boys are fine, and ex's stupidity and selfishness has been exposed for all to see.
Now you can REALLY calm down and know that at least the boys are happy.

You know what? If you hadn't kept them so loved and secure through all this, they wouldn't be able to be so happy and confident like this. Well done ff - you really should be proud. Sit down, and don't stew. the 'discussion' with ex can happen in due course, when he is away from the boys.


lilibet · 23/08/2005 18:32

I'm very impressed with the grandad - the son must take after the mother!

You can relax now, knowing that they are with someone who is sensible, marture and they are going to have a lovely time gettign to know their grandad.

Your ex is just an arsewipe.

katierocket · 23/08/2005 18:32

Blu is right, you've obviously brought up some happy, well adjusted kids there.

aloha · 23/08/2005 18:35

While I'm really glad things are fine I still think a serious talk is in order with the vile girlfriend and your vile ex. Maybe you could enlist the support of his dad here?

Papillon · 23/08/2005 18:36

Those were my thoughts FF - that this situation ´ stinks of abduction´. He cannot have done this without prior fore-thought that it would be upsetting to you. Or is he completely clueless!!

So relieved for you that your kids are safe and happy, that the grandfather is a reasonable man in this instance - I hope he gives his son a piece of his mind!

Blu · 23/08/2005 18:39

Indeed - re serious discussion.
That's why I think it needs to be a serious discussion - not a big rwo over the phone. Find out your rights and his responsibility in this case - do you still have a solicitor?

I suspect that the less you say, and the more the dad says, the more he will realise that he has truluy f**d up this time.

fairyfly · 23/08/2005 18:44

Just the culmination of trying to be strong and forget about them for four days, Knowing i couldn't get phone answers and it ending in this as made me really upset. I just try so hard for my kids to feel secure. I really try to be polite to his girlfriend but she is revolting to me, he has not rang yet.
I feel guilty for letting them go with him. Oh i just feel like shit and i'm dribbling on the computer.
They are happy though ( you would be able to tell wouldn't you?)
I really would like this war to end, i feel weak with it.
Thanks for helping me with my panic and for all your advice.
God knows what to do now, more threeats, more solicitors, more f*ing pain.

OP posts:
Aimsmum · 23/08/2005 18:49

Message withdrawn

Blu · 23/08/2005 18:50

I know.
Try not to dribble, and try not to feel guilty. you didn't do a wrong thing. You have been heroic. She-roic.
Yes, they are happy, and from now on, G'dad will let them call.
He's made an v uncomfortable bed for himself. Don't know what to suggest bout gf. how dare she put the phone down on you? I would rip her to shreds from her pants to her nostril.

Papillon · 23/08/2005 18:54

Threats directly hurled at them probably go in one ear and out the other. The third party solicitor will help keep the emotional rage and trama you feel out of the situation.

Take care x

marthamoo · 23/08/2005 18:56

FF, I'm so glad you've heard from them now and that they are OK. I would have been a gibbering wreck too. As for your ex and his bloody girlfriend - words fail me. He is just not fit to call himself a father.

fairyfly · 23/08/2005 19:02

Devious little shit. Did he think i was just not going to ring or ask about them. Until Monday!
Girlfriend said they were none of her business, fine by me, she wont be having them as her business. He can visit them here. I cant let them go to his house again, they would be fine but i have no trust now, i would not enjoy it. I would be paranoid with what he is capable of.

OP posts:
katierocket · 23/08/2005 19:04

I just am amazed at how some people behave, you're obviously a strong woman FF, don't like them grind you down.

fairyfly · 23/08/2005 19:10

I have black mascara running down my face and half my hair falling out of its bobble, all im missing is the gin. I'm glad these moments of hysterics only last an hour.

OP posts:
cod · 23/08/2005 19:11

Message withdrawn

fairyfly · 23/08/2005 19:14

The bitter single middle aged mother hasn't stopped crying for a few years and has empty bottles hidden in plantpots and hates men look. Its very attractive.

OP posts:
vickitiredmum · 23/08/2005 19:15

ring the police FF. its not right. or fair.

fairyfly · 23/08/2005 19:20

btw i did send him a text saying you have half an hour to give my my childrens whereabouts, address and number or im ringing the police. Gd rang within five minutes.

OP posts:
cod · 23/08/2005 19:21

Message withdrawn

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