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I feel a bit sick and over emotional, can somebody tell me what to do now while i calm down.

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fairyfly · 23/08/2005 18:03

My boys were picked up by their dad on Friday. Not a very reliable man and this was probably a very stupid idea. I have not been able to get through to him on his mobile. The landline has been ignored. I have constantly been rining as i promised my children i would check they were ok daily and get them if they felt unhappy or anything.
My x's girlfriend has just answered the phone and said they are not with her, they are in Scotland, they are with their Grandad who they hardly know. I didn't even tell them thats where they were going and im not allowed to ring them.
I feel sick.

OP posts:
Twiglett · 24/08/2005 11:36

OMG at situation

Grandad sounds fab .. can you invite him to come and see you? .. he sounds like a great ally and great for the kids too

OMG OMG OMG at the verse "sweep us into the hearth" (like dust?) and then it rhymes with earth PMSL

katierocket · 24/08/2005 11:38

Perhaps we're all just not sensitive enough to appreciate the subtle nuances of the poem?

katierocket · 24/08/2005 11:39

ahem sorry.. 'poem'.

fairyfly · 24/08/2005 11:43

God i am so happy now after all this ripping to pieces. How dare he make me feel like a lesser person than he. I've nearly wet myself with the poetic criticism.

OP posts:
oliveoil · 24/08/2005 11:45

How can you feel a lesser person than him? He takes his boys and then leaves then with his dad without telling you? I don't even know him and would gladly give him what for.

I can feel another poem welling up.

katierocket · 24/08/2005 11:48

Hmmm...let's compare

FF - brings up two happy, well adjusted boys on her own with no help from useless waste of space X

X - spends time with adolescent girlfriend, ignores kids and occasionally pens incomprehensible shite.

No, no competition FF.

Does anyone remember that part in hitch hikers guide to the galaxy (the original) where those creatures would read their awful poetry to people and it was so bad they would die listening to it?.....

sobernow · 24/08/2005 11:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fairyfly · 24/08/2005 11:50

Oh he just does, it is wearing a bit thin now and im getting better at ignoring it.

I display my penis
proud and alert
Fuck of it's heinous
and your not going to spurt

OP posts:
oliveoil · 24/08/2005 11:51

It's just like a sprout
Or a kettle spout
Nothing to shout

Little Man

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 11:52

never mind my knob
I am one

knobby small knob

oliveoil · 24/08/2005 11:53

Fiddler on the Rug

If I was a big man
na na na na na na na na na
My girlfriend, would not
Wriggle on my what not
Like it was a little worm

(with apologies)

katierocket · 24/08/2005 11:54


Fio2 · 24/08/2005 11:58

Mercurial moments of trust
and all about my thrust
it is surely a joke
as I have no poke

MasterYoda · 24/08/2005 12:11

My parenting makes you all cry
My poetry makes you all die
I want to control Fairyfly
A tool of the dark side am I

anorak · 24/08/2005 12:11

Did you notice the first three lines start with
'my' 'my' and 'I've'

Then the word my appears twice more in what is a very short 'poem'. See a theme developing?

His girlfriend must be so proud.

I have read your own writing ff remember and they are marvellous. Articulate, funny, poignant and fantastically sarcastic. Your writing is a hundred times better than his. Never let him belittle you again. He's a jumped up little talentless twat.

anorak · 24/08/2005 12:12

writings I meant. Doh!

Fio2 · 24/08/2005 12:14

anorak, post of the thread, well done

soupy, genius

katierocket · 24/08/2005 12:18

Quality, Yoda.
Agree anorak, ff, you have a way with words, most definitely.

fairyfly · 24/08/2005 12:22

Excellent Yoda, i think i will leave that as feedback on his poetry forum

Thanks Anorak, i hope your ok today x

OP posts:
katierocket · 24/08/2005 12:23

he has a forum?! a forum for these inane ramblings? Is there much feedback on it?

fairyfly · 24/08/2005 12:25

He doesn't nope, but you can leave comments where his work is.

OP posts:
sobernow · 24/08/2005 12:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil · 24/08/2005 12:28


katierocket · 24/08/2005 12:33

LOL I think his site would crash!

fairyfly · 24/08/2005 12:35

If i ever find out he uses an anon poetry forum i will do.
This is too much.

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