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Life-limiting illness

Pamela - Bile Duct Cancer, thread 4, London has given me a chance!

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WilsonMilson · 08/07/2023 13:35

New thread as I see the old one is about the run out.

OP posts:
idontknowwhattosay23 · 08/07/2023 13:37

What fabulous updates you've had today ❤️❤️ sending all the love and luck in the world Pamela, long may things improve in leaps and bounds xx

Allwelcone · 08/07/2023 13:40

Absolutely great to hear about the wonderful care you're receiving. You are being cherished and loved and you deserve it xx

Littlemissprosecco · 08/07/2023 13:40

So pleased to hear your news.
Make sure you rest, you have a challenge ahead.
But we’re here with you 💕🙏💐

sonicmum2002 · 08/07/2023 13:40

So so happy to read this. Been praying for you, and anyone going this trauma.

FlatArthur · 08/07/2023 13:41

Hi Pamela,

You’re amazing! Wishing you and your gorgeous family all the best. And Happy Belated Birthday! ❤️

Floralnomad · 08/07/2023 13:42

So pleased it’s been good news 💐

Pansypotter123 · 08/07/2023 13:42

Blatantly placemarking 💕😂 xxx

Wayoutwestie · 08/07/2023 13:43

Reading your latest update bought tears to my eyes, so happy for you that things are starting to improve. And you look fab too!
Hang on in there. x

Lionoso · 08/07/2023 13:44

Hi I have followed all your threads from the beginning. Haven't posted before but just wanted to send you my best wishes and love.

ThisIsMyHappyFacee · 08/07/2023 13:47

So pleased to hear the positive update Pamela! Keep smiling lovely 💐 xx

JanS17 · 08/07/2023 13:48

Following 💐

adriftabroad · 08/07/2023 13:49

SO happy! You look so happy too!

Lovely Pamela, at last good news and doctors who care and are competent.
Hip hip hooray!

trickortrickier · 08/07/2023 13:49

Fab-u-lous news. Now can I have the cream slice please or do I have to share it with the rest of Mumsnet?😍

Star0Fire · 08/07/2023 13:50

Been quietly following all your threads and rooting for you from Yorkshire, thinking of you and sending healing wishes your way. You are so strong and brave and I'm so happy you are finally getting that treatment you deserve. You got this 💪

Ohmylovejune · 08/07/2023 13:50

Good news.


Cornishclio · 08/07/2023 13:52

What a wonderfully positive update and how lovely you look. Let us just hope those numbers keep going down and eventually you start to feel a bit better.

Littlemissprosecco · 08/07/2023 13:52

The best birthday present
Happy Birthday 🎂

QueenOfThorns · 08/07/2023 13:53

Pamela, I’ve followed all your threads, but haven’t posted before. I’m so glad you decided to go to London and that things are starting to look up. Much love and strength to you and your lovely family ❤

Worriedmum107 · 08/07/2023 13:55

This is AMAZING! I'm doing a little dance around the living room!! The sun is out in NI for you today Pamela, even the weather is celebrating!

misspollyplummer · 08/07/2023 13:55

That's great news Pamela, really glad your operation has gone well - you look amazing too 💐

Dwrcegin · 08/07/2023 13:56

Wonderful update and happy birthday.

mauvish · 08/07/2023 13:56

Great news! And the more the bilirubin level goes down, the better you should feel!


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JaxinOz · 08/07/2023 13:57

Absolutely delighted to see your update Pamela, we are willing those bilirubin numbers down! 💪

sunshineandsausages · 08/07/2023 13:58

Hi Pamela,
I've been following your threads. I've not posted before, but just want to send love and strength to you and your family. Thinking of you all every day xx

loobylou10 · 08/07/2023 13:58

Oh my love what a fantastic update. Happy happy birthday xx

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