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IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?

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TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:08

Anyone starting or on a cycle?

Currently on my 2ww but my Dec/Jan thread has dried up. Need some buddies!

OP posts:

LemonDrizzler · 11/02/2017 21:38

I'm sorry kmmr that's disappointing. But sounds like a sensible decision. I hope you're feeling ok about it.


TinySalmon · 11/02/2017 21:52

I think you've made the right decision kmmr. You don't want to 'waste' perfectly healthy and good quality embryos on luck and a thin lining. Like you've said they managed to get the lining up before so your body can do it! Still doesn't mean that it isn't frustrating or shit that it didn't happen this cycle.

OP posts:

kmmr · 12/02/2017 00:37

It's all good in my brain, but I'm still a bit disappointed. I'm also, stupidly, sticking with a job i HATE just for mat leave, so I'm more annoyed to keep waiting. I fully plan to go off work from 20 weeks due to my dodgy cervix (i did last time) and you should think about that too Tiny.

Won't be a big delay. Once I have a bleed we will start again immediately. Back to injections again. (Bugger, I'm going to Hong Kong, will need to get a note to bring the stuff)


kmmr · 12/02/2017 00:39

^^first world problem there!


moggle · 12/02/2017 09:01

Oh god kmmr I completely stalled fucked up my career waiting to get pg. I mean DD was completely worth it... but I worry I might look back and really regret the decisions I made. Well I already do I suppose. Just another reason infertility is such a total fucker. I try not to think about my career or lack of it too much or it's too depressing.


LemonDrizzler · 12/02/2017 21:24

Are you testing tomorrow moggle? Good luck!

goodthings did you decide to test early? I am so tempted. But I don't think it will end well.

Another one here that has put their career on hold. I am sick to the back teeth of my job but decided to stay for the mat leave...3.5 years ago. Grr.


TinySalmon · 12/02/2017 22:24

Another one that has put their career on hold indefinitely

I stopped working when we decided to TTC and start our family in 2014... little did we know it would take 2 years and IVF . Plus another lost year of being pregnant and losing that baby. (After a year of TTC I did retrain as a Pilates instructor as a hobby and set up my own company but stopped teaching when I was 18 weeks pregnant).

I feel very lucky that I don't have to work but very scared that when I want to go back in to the workforce no one will hire me after many years out.

I'm also BORED but don't want to start a job and then two weeks later say I have to take time off for appointments for IVF or early mat leave because I need bedrest and constant monitoring in subsequent pregnancies.

I have no life. My life the last 3 years has revolved around TTC, fertility tests, fertility treatment, being pregnant, grieving, and more fertility treatment.

OP posts:

kmmr · 13/02/2017 03:44

The thing is I don't really care about my "career". I've done well, if you look from the outside, but I don't care anymore about the career ladder, or whatever.

I'd love to set up a business, or spend more days with my son, or work with my Dad on his properties. I've always wanted to work more with my hands. Just no more of this pointless corporate stuff that I do. But, here I am every day just waiting to get around to leaving once I'm done TTC or on mat leave.

I am 40 now, and started TTC at 33! 4 years to have the first, a few years off for Mat Leave, emigrating, then back to TTC. In a way I wish the option would disappear, and then I could make some proper decisions for my happiness. It's this life in limbo stuff that gets you down.

Even losing weight is hard, as I don't want to be dieting while TTC or pregnant, as I tend to only be able to lose weight on extreme diets, which aren't suitable.

Stopped the meds today. Glad I called the embryo lab as I'm not sure they knew not to thaw. But I spoke when they opened at 7am and they noted it next to my name. Now the meds are wearing off I'm starting to feel very weepy and tired.


Goodthingscome2those · 13/02/2017 05:37

Lemon yes I tested yesterday 6dp5dt and got bfn I know people will say it's too early but I know it hasn't worked as this is my third cycle and know my body. So back to the drawing board for me! Think we are going to take few months off, decide on a new clinic, have a nice holiday then start again Sad, I hope your cycle ends different to mine.

Anyone else testing soon? Hoping for more BFP! Xxx


moggle · 13/02/2017 07:27

BFN here too on OTD. Barely slept last night and when I did I dreamt about getting a bfp :-( thanks, brain :-( was feeling queasy yesterday so did have my hopes up a little.
Don't know what to do now. Try the last few frozens knowing they aren't as good as the ones thatve already failed for us, or do a fresh cycle that we can't afford.
Green it is too early but I know that feeling. Xxx


LemonDrizzler · 13/02/2017 08:41

I'm really sorry goodthings and moggle. Flowers

Are you doing anything nice today to take your minds off it?


Goodthingscome2those · 13/02/2017 09:03

Sorry to hear that boggle look after yourself.

Lemon, have you not caved yet? You're doing so well!

I'm back at work today trying to hold myself together and keep my mind busy Sad x


TinySalmon · 13/02/2017 09:05

Shit moggle and Goodthings. It's just so shit and unfair! I'm really sad to hear this.

Be kind to yourselves, try not to blame your bodies. I know what it's like to lose faith in your own body and it's heartbreaking. Eat cake and drink champagne. Tomorrow is a new day xx

Moggle I'd say go for it with the frozen embryos, you have nothing to lose and will always wonder "what if"?

Goodthings, do you have a plan for what's next?

OP posts:

Goodthingscome2those · 13/02/2017 09:12

Thanks Tiny. Just going to take a few months off, have a nice holiday and then do another fresh cycle. I'm going to change clinics as lost faith in guys this cycle.

I'll probably try one or two more fresh cycles not sure if both in UK, may try Spain as heard they are much more advanced and then know I've given it my all.

Also thinking if trying some more supplements as I just turned 40 last week so I know my eggs aren't great! Any suggestions? Xx


moggle · 13/02/2017 09:23

Really sorry good , I don't know where "green" came from, I did mean you!

I just don't want to leave it much later to do another fresh. Three frozen cycles to
Use up the last embryos would cost almost the same as a fresh. And I don't want to have two implanted at once. Seems silly but I didn't cope as well as I thought I would with some parts of DD's babyhood and so a bit scared of having two. Plus feel it would be a bit unfair on DD to suddenly have mummy and daddy's attention split in three. And the stats say anyway that having two put back doesn't really change the chances of a live birth very much.

Oh I just want a crystal ball, like we all do :'-(


findingmyfeet12 · 13/02/2017 12:44

Sorry to hear about the BFNs.

I've been trying not to think about ttc since I got my BFN.

We've had our letter today to confirm that we have 4 frozen embryos and can have one transferred whenever we're ready. I want to try asap so I'll be contacting the hospital tomorrow.


Wanda354 · 13/02/2017 16:44

Hi everyone. Dipping my toe tentatively into this thread as we are about to start our first cycle of IVF. My partner and I are doing reciprocal IVF, using her egg with me carrying (hopefully!). I am due to have an injection to start down regging on Tuesday. Not sure what the side effects might be and am feeling nervous.


LemonDrizzler · 13/02/2017 22:46

Welcome Wanda! Hope your cycle goes well. Good luck with down regging.


Wanda354 · 14/02/2017 11:43

Thanks LemonDrizzler. Am quite apprehensive but also excited. I'm not close enough IRL to anyone I know has had IVF that I want to share the fact that we are trying, so will be lurking here for support.


moggle · 14/02/2017 12:05

Hi Wanda! It's really nice having people who know what you're talking about. It's nice even to just not have to explain all the terms you're using :-)

Trying to find some positives about our BFN; we can now book a sunny family holiday abroad in September as we know I won't be 8m pregnant; and as the gap between DD and future DC widens it means our childcare costs will be cheaper for longer (she will get 15 free hours next January, maybe 30 by then). We've got a review appointment with our consultant on March 1st so we won't start another cycle this coming month, so I have a bit of a chance to lose a few pounds and try and get an exercise regime in place before the next try. I stopped running last summer as was tired from the FET drugs and haven't bothered starting again since with back to back cycles. I suspect we'll either go straight to another fresh; or have one more frozen cycle to try the best of the remaining frozen embryos and then do fresh if that fails. I have to keep telling myself that the first two attempts did implant to some degree. Maybe I'll ask about the endo scratch for next time.

And of course we do have DD already so any pain from this is a bit, I dunno, dulled? compared to the struggles we went through having her. Hard to explain. But I remember thinking before we had DD seeing people on forums struggling to have a sibling and thinking, why are you complaining? you've got everything I want, why aren't you happy?! So love to all of you especially those trying to get to be a parent in the first place xxx


PetiteChouette · 14/02/2017 14:48

Hi everyone, can I join...I've just had a 5 day transfer yesterday, with 2 average blastocytes and one early blastocyte. This is my second IVF cycle...I've no DC, have been TTC for too many years to remember and I'm unfortunately 43. So praying for a miracle.

Good luck to you all...

PC x


blackcherries · 14/02/2017 17:38

Welcome PC! Best of luck. When was your first IVF cycle?


findingmyfeet12 · 14/02/2017 22:25

Hi Petite, good luck, fingers crossed. Is it usual to have three transferred?

I'm hoping to have a FET next month and I'd like two transferred. I worried my hospital won't agree to it though.


LemonDrizzler · 15/02/2017 22:37

How's everyone doing? Welcome PC.

My OTD is Friday but I feel like AF is imminent so I don't think I will make it that far. Sad


TinySalmon · 16/02/2017 07:29

Oh no Lemon Sad are you sure? Maybe test this morning if you're anxious?

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