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IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?

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TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:08

Anyone starting or on a cycle?

Currently on my 2ww but my Dec/Jan thread has dried up. Need some buddies!

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Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 10:14

Hi Tiny, I'm having non medicated FET hopefully Monday, got my scan at lunch time today to make sure lining etc is good then all being well and my one lonely Frostie thaws ok I'll join you on the 2ww!
How far into your 2ww are you? Is this your first cycle?
Unfortunately I've had two fresh cycles and only one good enough to freeze from first cycle which will be the one going back on Monday. Xx

TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:21

Hi Goodthings!

This is my 2nd fresh cycle of IVF and my OTD is next Thursday the 9th.

First cycle IVF successful: 15 eggs collected and we had 3 that made it to blast. 1 was put back and I became pregnant with my beautiful son. I went in to labour due to undiagnosed short cervix at 20 weeks - he was born alive but his lungs gave up after 3 minutes. The doctors and midwives were amazed he survived that long. I miss him everyday and it was by far the darkest moment in DP and my life.

With our two frosties only one survived the thaw so had a non medicated FET in October but that sadly failed.

So here we are doing another fresh cycle! This time 21 eggs collected, and 16 making it to blast!!!!! 1 currently onboard and 4 in the freezer. The rest were too shit quality to freeze apparently.

OP posts:
TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:22

Good luck for today xx

OP posts:
kmmr · 04/02/2017 10:26

I'm a week or so into a FET cycle. Still just taking meds and hoping for the lining to thicken up. Current estimate is to do ET Monday week - the 13th.

TinySalmon, so sorry about your lost baby. xx

I have IC as well, although I was lucky enough to know in advance. I have 2 abdominal cerclages in place, after the first one didn't quite do it's job (although we got to 33 weeks and had a healthy boy).

findingmyfeet12 · 04/02/2017 10:27

I'm 5 days post transfer today.

We had 2 transferred.

It's my second attempt after the first failed last year.

I'm trying not to but I'm already symptom spotting.

findingmyfeet12 · 04/02/2017 10:29

TinySalmon, so sorry about your little boy Flowers

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 10:31

Tiny, I'm so sorry to hear about your horrendous story of your baby, I can't even begin to imagine the pain for you and your partner Sad.

Wow sounds like you dobe amazing this cycle with the amount of eggs and blasts, fingers crossed for BFP next week.

Kmmr, hi, congratulations on your son, looks like I'm bang in the middle of both of your cycles, keeping everything crossed for three BFP in upcoming weeks for us! Xx

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 10:32

Sorry finding I didn't see your post , good luck too, let's make it four BFP! Xx

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 10:34

Do you ladies know what grades your embryos were?
The one I'll hopefully have back on Monday is only a 3bb Confused xx

findingmyfeet12 · 04/02/2017 10:36

Im having my ivf in France. I don't speak French very well and didn't think to ask about grade.

The doctor just said they were good quality.

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 10:40

Finding, sorry for all the questions! Can I ask why you chose to go to France? Only asking as if this one fails we may look to go abroad but was thinking Spain as only really heard about Spanish clinics! Xx

TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:43

Thank you for all your kind words. Just feel like I've been dealt a double blow with infertility AND baby loss. But there's nothing I can do but move forward. Like you @kmmr I'll have a (cervical) cerclage if this cycle is positive.

My son was a 4BB but my failed FET was also a 4BB and the one I have on board now is also a 4BB! So it really can go either way this time. My frosties are 4 and 5BBs I think. But you hear stories about women getting pregnant from day 2 2DD embies and also a lot of failure stories from top grade blasts. Try not to look it to it too much :)

OP posts:
findingmyfeet12 · 04/02/2017 11:01

I live in France Goodthings.

The funding for IVF is amazing here. We've been offered four cycles as well as three cycles of IUI which I've already had.

The language barrier isn't so bad as between my terrible French and their better English we get by.

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 11:09

Sorry finding! I just didn't think! Wow that funding is amazing! I got two fresh cycles and this frozen which I am very grateful for. Xx

findingmyfeet12 · 04/02/2017 11:12

That's pretty good Goodthings.

My sister is going through the same thing in the UK but having to fund privately.

TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 20:03

I am sooooooo tempted to poas but I'm only 4dp 5dt. Arghhhhh!!

How was your scan Goodthings?

OP posts:
Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 20:07

Tiny, step away from the dreaded sticks! Grin
It will be too early and make you feel depressed if negative! What does OH think? Do you have any symptoms?

Scan went well and I'm going in first thing Monday morning for transfer Smile, thanks for asking! Xx

TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 20:23

I don't tell him, I just bulk-buy pg tests from Boots without him knowing. We each have our own bathroom (unnecessary large house) so I stash them in my bathroom cupboards and he is one the wiser Grin

Hooray for ET on Monday!!! How exciting!

OP posts:
Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 20:27

Ha ha that just made me chuckle! The things we do!

I know exciting times really hoping this will be the one otherwise onto a self funded fresh cycle.

When is your OTD? Xx

TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 20:44

We had to self-fund everything** because DP has a son from previous relationship so we were not eligible for treatment on the NHS :(

I should move to France like @findingmyfeet12 sounds amazing the treatment you receive there!!

OTD is next Thursday. Too long to wait 😩

OP posts:
kmmr · 04/02/2017 20:51

I should say I'm in Australia. I had my son on an NHS cycle, after paying for 2 very expensive cycles at the Lister in London.
These FET's are from those Lister cycles, and have been flown to Sydney at great expense. So while I've had one funded cycle, I think the FET's have cost well over 20k (pounds - but no pound symbol on my laptop!) But spread over 4 years.
You get some rebate for every cycle here, but not much and FET's seem very expensive. I also need ET's done under a general, so I have to pay extra hospital charges each time.

kmmr · 04/02/2017 20:52

Goodthings - I think they embryo that worked for me was pretty low grade. I only had 1 left to put back at 5 days, and it worked. Whereas I think the first FET was a high grade embryo that didn't take. So... you really never know

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 20:54

I completely agree about the funding in France after what funding said!

Could you hold out till Tuesday, I know it's easier said than done? I've never made it to OTD as AF always shows up bang on time like clockwork! Xx

blackcherries · 04/02/2017 20:58

I'm in! I just got very confused because I started a Feb/March cycle buddies thread yesterday or so but no-one replied and then I thought this was the same thread!
Anyway, I think I'm behind you lot:
Hello, I'm due to start down-regging mid Feb for IVF. Anyone want to join me? I feel very unprepared but at the same time can't wait to get on with it!

This is to ttc #2, been trying for nearly a year but DH apparently has low sperm count so very low chances of conceiving again naturally. On one hand I'm trying not to put all my hopes on this yet on the other I want to be able to welcome a new baby and forget about ttc once and for all!

It's private not NHS so very limited in how many cycles we can afford.

Goodthingscome2those · 04/02/2017 21:02

Thanks for positivity on grading kmmr, suppose you never know. Wow flying embryos over sounds astronomical costs!

Hi blackcherries, sorry you find yourself here, but wishing you all the best to get a sibling for your DC. Xx

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