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IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?

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TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:08

Anyone starting or on a cycle?

Currently on my 2ww but my Dec/Jan thread has dried up. Need some buddies!

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kmmr · 08/02/2017 09:39

I think a general is fairly common for EC, but not for ET. ET is just popping it back in through your cervix, similar to a smear test.

But my cervix is damaged from lots of surgery, so it's difficult to do the ET. I did 2 normally, and the last one under GA. It's a really light one, and i love good GA too! The consultant prefers under general so he can focus on doing it right without worrying about pain levels.


moggle · 08/02/2017 09:49

oh yes I completely misread that!! Sorry Good. No GA for ET here.


TinySalmon · 08/02/2017 09:53

Haha me too! I meant GA for EC not ET!

OP posts:

kmmr · 08/02/2017 10:33

Tiny - what is the pregnancy management plan do you know? Will you get a cerclage done soon?


kmmr · 08/02/2017 10:47

Sorry - perhaps that's a bit soon... lots to think about when you are ready! But I know a lot about this subject if I can help. :)


TinySalmon · 08/02/2017 11:07

Oh yes kmmr I already know my plan :) Well the rough outline anyway. It was discussed at my follow up meetings in the last pregnancy. Once I have my viability scan at the ivf clinic around 6+3 I'll then email the midwife who works exclusively with the consultant (she also happens to be the bereavement midwife) and will have my booking-in appointment with her. Stitch will be put in between 12-14 weeks and I will have monitoring every two weeks but if there's any time I feel nervous I will go back to hospital whenever I want and demand a scan. I can't afford to take ANY chances this time. There's no way I could live through the loss of two dead babies.

I'll have the same consultant and same midwife throughout the pregnancy.

We were originally thinking of going private (I mean we've spent close to £20k on IVF, what's another £8k on private hospital?) rather than NHS when they fucked up beyond belief in my pregnancy but my consultant is the best in his field (midterm loss) and I'll have continuity of care throughout so I feel rather 'safe'.

OP posts:

blackcherries · 08/02/2017 14:42

Hi all. Just had DH's second SA results and they're now recommending ICSI when originally they recommended IVF, but the count is actually higher this time around! I'm a bit confused and bit worried about the conflicting advice. I imagine there was more tested this time in terms of survival rates or something?
Anyone had experience of ICSI rather than IVF?


TinySalmon · 08/02/2017 20:52

Sorry blackberries have no experience with ICSI but I do know its recommended when the underlining fertility problem is male factor and they don't think they will get a good fertilisation rate when sperm and eggs are left to their own devices. They'll have more success of choosing a single 'motile morphologically normal sperm' by looking under a microscope and injecting it directly in to the egg. I guess if they are recommending it, you should seriously consider it.

What do you mean they got more this time around in your OHs sperm analysis? You mean just the volume? There might be a lot of it but there might be a big percentage that aren't motile or swim the wrong way or something :)

OP posts:

THirdEeye · 09/02/2017 16:06

I've had ICSI and tiny is right in what she has told you.

Anyone on puregon at the mo? I'm three days in and I'm feeling tired, a tad premenstral and have the odd headache.

Has anyone been taking baby aspirin?


blackcherries · 09/02/2017 17:38

thanks both. Feeling fine with it, just the email just didn't elaborate!


TinySalmon · 10/02/2017 09:35

Hi ladies!

How is everyone doing? Anyone have an OTD coming up?

OP posts:

Greenclevercats · 10/02/2017 09:39

Hi I had my fet on Tuesday. Have a little boy who is 2 from a fresh cycle nhs and privately funded. X


Goodthingscome2those · 10/02/2017 09:50

Hi Tiny, how are getting on? Has it sunk in yet Smile?

My OTD is end of next week but AF is due Wednesday and I feel like it's coming, I was feeling so positive up until yesterday and today I've got 'that feeling' I get a few days before. As it was a non medicated FET I can't even blame it on the drugs Sad.

How's everyone else getting on? Xx


moggle · 10/02/2017 09:54

Hi green!
Tiny my OTD is Monday. Can't decide whether to test early. Oscillating between sure it's worked and sure it hasn't. Tomorrow we've got a lovely day out planned with my parents and bro /SIL and niece for my dads birthday, so feel like if I tested tomorrow and it was negative the day out would cheer me up. Whereas on Sunday we're meeting some of DH friends which I don't really want to do anyway, so if I find out it's negative that morning I'll probably just be a grumpy sod all day plus it'll spoil it for DH (as in the negative will spoil it for him, not me being grumpy!).
Last time I was so sure it had worked, due to having the same symptoms as the first FEt which did work (for a week anyway!). I couldn't believe it when there was no line on the test.


LemonDrizzler · 10/02/2017 14:43

goodthings I am blaming any period-type feelings on the progesterone.

moggle the second guessing of when to test is annoying isn't it? I'm having a blood test next Friday but going to test at home in the morning. Have taken the day off work which I think is a good thing as I don't want to get the call at work but I might go crazy with no distractions...


Goodthingscome2those · 10/02/2017 14:53

Hi lemon, unfortunately I can't blame drugs as had natural FET. How are you feeling though overall? Had you had any signs/symptoms? Xxx


LemonDrizzler · 10/02/2017 15:44

Oh are you not even taking progesterone pessaries? That is all I have had as also natural. But I am still blaming my crazy on those. I haven't really had any clear symptoms just a bit achy and been really tired. Which to be honest isn't that unusual for me! What about you? I am already tempted to test. Which is completely ridiculous!


Goodthingscome2those · 10/02/2017 15:52

No I'm doing completely natural cycle Confused.
I've just had cramps literally since ET so am putting it down to transfer and now AF, but I'm really tempted to test on Sunday although AF due on Wednesday and I'm like clockwork so could just wait ..... xx


LemonDrizzler · 10/02/2017 20:46

It's tempting isn't it? I'm going to try to hold out as long as possible. Which probably won't last! Interesting you're having completely natural. Where are you having it? (If you don't mind me asking).


Goodthingscome2those · 11/02/2017 06:08

Hi Lemon. I've had all my treatments at Guys in London so far but if this one isn't successful will probably try somewhere else. What about you? Xx


TinySalmon · 11/02/2017 08:48

Well done moggle I definitely didn't hold out as long as you!

All good over my end. When for a blood test on Wednesday and again yesterday to see if my hcg levels had doubled. I was really nervous about yesterday's results as my Wednesday level came back 'quite low' according to my doctor but after much googling I later found out I was average... my Doctor thought I was further along than I actually was!! Talk about making me anxious for no reason! So all of Friday I was freaking out waiting for these blood test results to see if the level has doubled and my doctor emailed me at 6pm saying the practice was closing and he called the lab and the lab would still be another couple of hours with the results and that he was out with his wife tonight so would let me know results tomorrow morning when they open at 10am.

WELL that just wasn't good enough for me as I was an anxious wreck and kept emailing him every half hour asking for an update (he's been my private GP for years so know him well and he and his wife also did IVF so he knows how anxious I am) so bless him, he emails back around 8pm and my levels had doubled like they should have. Hooray hooray! So looks like things are on track Grin

OP posts:

LemonDrizzler · 11/02/2017 09:06

Yay great news tiny! So happy for you! Well done for persevering - having to wait overnight when you were expecting an answer is mean!

goodthings I'm at Create. They seem pretty good and do mild IVF which I prefer the idea of.

Hope everyone has nice weekend plans! Smile


kmmr · 11/02/2017 09:38

Great news tiny!

Not so good here, and I've cancelled the ET on Monday. Lining was still 6-7mm, more like 5.5 from what I was seeing on the scan and I just don't want to go ahead. It doesn't feel right, so I had a chat and an extra scan today and I said I wasn't happy to risk it. Doctor wanted to go ahead I think!

I found my old notes and lining was 9-10mm, so it can be better. Next time he said he is going to do a mini IVF cycle, with some menopur and see if it helps. He said we could try that next time, and go ahead anyway, but I don't want to gamble with only 2 left.

I'm actually going to continue the meds until Monday, just in case the embrologist doesn't get the message and defrosts! Then stop, and restart next cycle.

I'm fine with it actually. I've just not been committed to this cycle, it's never felt right. It's be so upset if I went ahead and it just failed again, knowing my lining was so thin.


Goodthingscome2those · 11/02/2017 09:52

Sorry to hear that kmmr but as you say better to cancel now rather than transfer and kick yourself if it failed, especially when you know king can be better.
Hoping for a nice juicy lining next cycle xx


moggle · 11/02/2017 20:30

kmmr ah that's a shame but like you say, if it's not right then that's definitely the right decision. At our clinic they look for the lining to be 8mm at least.
Had a nice day out in London with the family, knackered now. Monday can't come quick enough.

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