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IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?

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TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:08

Anyone starting or on a cycle?

Currently on my 2ww but my Dec/Jan thread has dried up. Need some buddies!

OP posts:

TinySalmon · 05/02/2017 08:10

Kmmr don't get me started about money spent on IVF! We are at the Lister too and have spent close probably £16k-ish by now. Just thinking about it makes me upset and bitter.

Welcome blackcherries!

Rough start to my morning: So in April of last year I got an invite to the wedding of a close friend of mine happening in November in Australia. I was about 6 weeks pregnant at the time and was would be 8 months pregnant by the time of the wedding so had to decline (but we all know how that pregnancy ended..)

Anyway I get a message from friend this morning announcing her pregnancy so she must have conceived first month of trying around the time of their wedding. And here I am 3 years later, 2 IVF cycles and 1 FET, one pre-term baby loss, and still no baby or positive pregnancy test! Sad

OP posts:

Goodthingscome2those · 05/02/2017 08:44

Oh tiny, sorry to hear about your rough morning already. I know how hard it is as you want to be happy for friends but it's heartbreaking at the same time. Hopefully you can share good news with her too soon Wink xx


findingmyfeet12 · 05/02/2017 09:45

TinySalmon, I know how you feel.

It's hard to share other people's baby happiness sometimes even though you don't resent it.

Good luck for your ET though.

I'm 7 days post transfer today of 2 embryos (3day). The only time I've been pregnant (mc at 11 weeks) I had sharp pulling pain in my belly button about 5 times in quick succession during implementation. I keep waiting for the same symptom this time round but I haven't had anything yet.

Hope you all have a good Sunday x


DippyDeeeee · 05/02/2017 13:20


Long time lurker decided to say hi

Currently waiting for period to start to start the pill before really getting started Smile

Feeling slightly terrified at the moment

Tiny-sorry for your loss, can't imagine how hard that is


LemonDrizzler · 05/02/2017 14:18

Hello can I join? I am having a FET tomorrow so same as you goodthings. Fingers crossed!

I had a polyp removed in December which meant we couldn't do a transfer and froze three embryos so this will be my first transfer. Not feeling very optimistic which no one seems to understand. I just don't expect it to work as ttc hasn't worked for us up to now (we are unexplained). We are new to the IVF process though so that doesn't make sense really. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong!

tinysalmon I'm so sorry about your loss. And pregnancy announcements just make you feel even worse don't they? I'm such a horrid friend at the moment as I'm pretty sure my congratulations are not all that convincing.


Goodthingscome2those · 05/02/2017 14:28

Hi dippy, I hope all goes well with your cycle.

Hi lemon, what time is your ET? Are you having one or two put back? I've only got one frostie so hoping it thaws ok and can be transferred! My appointment is for 9:30 tomorrow but reception seem to think it's at 8:30 and told us to be there for then so I could be waiting around a while with full bladder Hmm xx


star1980 · 05/02/2017 17:39

Hey, can I join in too?
Tiny, so so sorry to hear about your son - that is heartbreaking. Wishing you lots of luck for this cycle, not long till you can test now. When is your test date?
Good luck Goodthings and Lemon with your embryo transfers tomorrow - hope it all goes well.
I'm on day 10 of stims after downregging. At my day 7 scan last week I had 19 follicles and they dropped my dose of gonal f down to 100. Next scan is tomorrow morning and hoping to have egg collection on wednesday. This is my first ivf and I'm quite relaxed at the moment - I know that will disappear as soon as I hit the tww if not before!


findingmyfeet12 · 05/02/2017 19:23

Hi star, good luck with your scan tomorrow. 19 follicles is a great result.

I managed 11 at my last egg collection but only had 3 in my first cycle.

I'm still symptom free and starting to feel a bit down about it now.


kmmr · 05/02/2017 22:01

Morning all (you will adjust to me being in the future!)

Just had a scan and blood test. Lining is still only creeping up to 7mm. She said she had 2 reading at 7.04 and then 2 at 6.8mm.

I've still got a week to transfer, but the lining has not budged since last Wednesday. Looks like the last 2 transfers were done at around 7mm as well - perhaps that was the problem. Everything I read says 7mm is the bare minimum.

Tonight when I'm home I'll try to track down my notes from the successful cycle and see what the lining was then.

Hopefully it will keep growing. I can cancel the cycle right up to the last day as they just thaw the embryos in the morning on the transfer day. I'm disappointed, but at least it feels like a reason. I'm taking baby aspirin to try and boost it, and I assume they will up the progynova today and see if it helps.


LemonDrizzler · 05/02/2017 22:18

star 19 is loads! Glad you are relaxed - that is a good way to approach things. I am not a relaxed person unfortunately! Blush

goodthings I don't actually know as they were supposed to call me today to tell me and didn't. So hopefully it is in the afternoon! I will call them in the morning to find out and hope they haven't forgotten about us.

kmmr fingers crossed for your lining. Liking the message from the future! Where are you?

finding hopefully the lack of symptoms doesn't mean anything. When do you test?


kmmr · 06/02/2017 04:28

I'm in Sydney. Very hot here! Barely dropped below 30 degrees last night. Hoping for a big change today. Been the hottest summer in many years, with the hottest night on record too.

Anyway, clinic called back. They said the bloods look 'ok', and to come for another scan on Wednesday. Still only progynova, no need to start the progesterone yet. Which I think means Monday is still on - but we will see what they say. I asked about the thin lining, and she wasn't helpful - said the doctor was happy with progress.

I'm hoping they will stretch it a bit longer, and push the transfer back a few days to get a better lining. I'm not going ahead if I'm not happy. I'm not 'wasting' another of my precious embryos if I'm not as sure as I can be that I'm giving it the best chance.


TinySalmon · 06/02/2017 07:12

Welcome newcomers!

kmmr have you heard of a neupogen wash? A friend of mine who has chronic thin lining problems, like literally the lining wouldn't budge beyond 5mm, had two neuopogen treatments and she's now pregnant with twins. On the boards around here I've noticed oestrogen patches and viagra are also commonly used. Maybe ask your clinic to look in to some of those?

Best of luck today Lemon and Goodthings! Very exciting!

Hope the scan goes well star.

OP posts:

Goodthingscome2those · 06/02/2017 07:21

Thanks Tiny, so nervous in case it doesn't thaw ok.

How are you doing? Have poas yet?

Good luck lemon and star xx


LemonDrizzler · 06/02/2017 08:33

So I called to check the time of the FET and they didn't have me booked in - predictable! No idea how that happened but they just called back to say they have booked me in for 2pm. Nothing like adding to the stress!!

kmmr 30 degrees at night sounds horrendous - hope you have a fan!

goodthings good luck and hope you're not hanging around with your legs crossed now desperate for the loo!!


Goodthingscome2those · 06/02/2017 09:59

Oh blimey lemon! Glad you're booked in now! Sounds like my clinic! I hope all goes well.

So my frostie thawed well and cells survived, so transfer complete 🙏🏼! Xxx


findingmyfeet12 · 06/02/2017 10:52

Well done Goodthings. Keeping everything crossed for you.

Let us know how you get on Lemon.

I'm 7 days post transfer today. I had a few very slight twinges in my belly button yesterday but I had those during my failed cycle. The only time I've been pregnant the belly button pain was much sharper.

I'm dreading starting from the beginning again if this cycle doesn't work.


moggle · 06/02/2017 11:07

Just thought I'd say hi. I had a 5 day frozen blast put back in on Thursday. It's our 3rd attempt at a FET, our fresh cycle was about 3 years ago and we got lucky with success first time, DD was born in Nov 2014. Feel like we used up all our luck on that one!

Don't know if I'm feeling optimistic or not this time. The first FET in August worked, but a week after BFP I started bleeding and lost it. The second in Nov/Dec was a chemical - the faintest line known to man and not strong enough to get my hopes up which was kind of a blessing. We had lots of frozen embryos from our first cycle (10!) which is amazing but have gone through 5 on these three cycles and not sure whether we should go do another fresh cycle if this one doesn't work. This cycle used our last grade 4 embryos and the others are grade 1 and 3. Have been only have one put back each time as the thought of twins gives me nightmares. Feel like the fresh cycle worked better for us but I am nearly 36 now so I doubt it would be such an all-round success as it was for us last time.

Managing not to symptom spot so far. I had the full run of symptoms the last two times and I came to the conclusion the second FET that most were due to the progesterone, not implantation / pregnancy. I haven't had any period pains or twinges this time which I don't think is a great sign as I did have those on the other three cycles which all seemed to have implantation. What I do have are the most offensive farts known to man. It's the best way to get DH up off the sofa and doing the washing up... but when the cat jumps off my lap too to get away from it you know it's bad!!

Goodthings good news on the transfer and hope you are resting up for the rest of today. Felt a bit cheated that thursday's transfer was at 3pm!! So I only got a tiny bit of putting my feet up before DD came home from nursery! Good luck for later Lemon xxx


LemonDrizzler · 06/02/2017 17:28

I've got one on board! My first time PUPO! Feels a bit weird, I don't know how to act really.

Hope you've had a relaxing afternoon goodthings.

Finding the belly twinges sound promising. Fingers crossed for you.

moggle hope the 2ww isn't driving you too crazy.


TinySalmon · 06/02/2017 18:39

Congratulations on being PUPO goodthings and lemon !!!

Oh moggle what a ride you've been on. I had a chemical FET failure last October. It was so shit and it was our only thawed blast so lots of pressure on it working. I was certain it would be successful because I was successful in my first cycle - when I saw the faintest of faintest lines I allowed myself to get excited. In hindsight that was bloody stupid. When OTD rolled around it was such a squinter of a line no one could see it... except me (probably just my mind playing a sick joke on me). Fingers crossed for you this time around. Don't lose hope just yet!

OP posts:

TinySalmon · 06/02/2017 18:42

AFM... Of course I cracked and poas Blush. Taken today at 6dp 5dt looks like I have a little growing magic bean!

IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?
OP posts:

Goodthingscome2those · 06/02/2017 18:52

Thanks for all your kind words, chilled this afternoon and working from home tomorrow 😃.
Congratulations on being PUPO lemon!

Tiny, massive massive congratulations, how exciting! Have you told clinic or do you still have to wait till OTD? Xx


LemonDrizzler · 06/02/2017 18:58

Congratulations tiny that's amazing!


findingmyfeet12 · 06/02/2017 19:13

Tiny that's epic! Keep us posted as to what happens now.

Good luck Lemon - fingers crossed.

I'm 7 days post transfer (3 day) and I'm desperate to poas. When is the earliest I should risk it?


moggle · 06/02/2017 20:07

Eek Tiny!!! Stick stick stick little bean.

I was amazed that I got a visible line on my chemical - even if it was ridiculously faint - i had a blood test the same day which was only a level of 6, so how it managed to show anything on a 20mcg test I don't know!

Congrats Lemon! Let the madness commence!


star1980 · 06/02/2017 23:03

Congratulations on being pupo goodthings and lemon!! All the very best for a not too crazy calm tww Smile

Oh wow Tiny, congratulations!!! That is an amazing bfp!

Moggle and Finding, hope you're both bearing up on your tww. Finding, I'd leave it two more days so it's the equivalent of 12dpo. But what do I know, I've never even taken a test in over two years ttc! Periods like clockwork.

So a day after joining your lovely thread it looks like I'll be leaving. Had my day 11 scan this morning. I had 30 follicles Shock and my oestrogen levels were over 16,000 so my cycle is cancelled without even getting to egg collection. Apparently the risk of severe ohss is too high. Gutted doesn't even cover it - the first real chance of a bfp in over two years dead before even the first hurdle. Just hoping this doesn't count as my one nhs round Sad

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