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IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?

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TinySalmon · 04/02/2017 10:08

Anyone starting or on a cycle?

Currently on my 2ww but my Dec/Jan thread has dried up. Need some buddies!

OP posts:

TinySalmon · 06/02/2017 23:23

Thanks ladies :)

Woah star 16,000? That's very high. Are you feeling ok? My oestrogen was creeping past 10,000 and I was an emotional wreck/crazy woman.

You must be absolutely gutted to get this far only to be set back. I'm really sorry :( Did the clinic say when you can try again?

Findingmyfeet test tomorrow with first morning wee but don't get upset if BFN as still a little on the early side.

OP posts:

star1980 · 06/02/2017 23:33

It's weird Tiny, I feel absolutely fine with the oestrogen- I was totally shocked when they said it was so high. Will find out in Wednesday what happens next. Hopefully I can get going straight away.

So happy for your bfp though, enjoy it!


Goodthingscome2those · 07/02/2017 06:33

Star, really sorry to hear that, but glad you're ok. Hopefully they don't count that as your one nhs go as you didn't make it to EC.

Finding, did poas? Xx


findingmyfeet12 · 07/02/2017 07:55


I didn't have any tests in the house today so I might pick one up later to use tomorrow morning.

Hope you're all feeling ok this morning x


LemonDrizzler · 07/02/2017 08:46

Star I'm really sorry - that's so disappointing.


moggle · 07/02/2017 09:07

Ah star what a bugger. Onwards and upwards. That is a crazy high level, hopefully with what they've learned this time next time will be more straightforward. I'm sure they won't count it as your one go... it's the egg collection and incubation that is the biggest part of the cost so it would make sense that you get another go. I would expect that they'll want you to have a normal period and then hopefully you'll be good to go again. They'll probably want to see your ovaries go back down to normal again so might be more scans in the next few weeks.

finding good luck. Don't be tempted to use ovulation sticks if you happen to have any lying around. I had a bad disappointment the cycle after our early miscarriage testing with those...!


findingmyfeet12 · 07/02/2017 14:25

Sending dh out for a test today.

I've been having severe pain in my right breast today and all last night. It's a sharp pain that makes me wince and almost brings tears to my eyes. I think it could be a side effect of the progesterone pessaries. I don't know what to do to relieve it.


Goodthingscome2those · 07/02/2017 14:39

Fingers crossed finding it's a good sign 😃 xx


blackcherries · 07/02/2017 19:22

Hi all. Congrats tiny, everything crossed that it sticks!
Star that's really disappointing but hope all works out for the best next time?
This is the first cycle in a year of not dtd in order to conceive, as starting drugs soon... Feels weird and takes the pressure off a bit!


LemonDrizzler · 07/02/2017 21:00

Finding good luck for testing tomorrow. That pain sounds unpleasant - maybe call the clinic?

Welcome cherries.


findingmyfeet12 · 08/02/2017 06:46

I just tested this morning and it's a bfn.

I just hope I've got something left over to freeze, I'll find out in a couple of days.


Goodthingscome2those · 08/02/2017 07:23

Sorry to hear that finding, when it your OTD? Xx


findingmyfeet12 · 08/02/2017 07:56

I've got my blood test on Saturday and the second on Monday.


Goodthingscome2those · 08/02/2017 08:05

Really hoping today was too early to test for you and get a nice surprise on Saturday xx


Goodthingscome2those · 08/02/2017 08:11

Lemon how you feeling? I'm driving myself mad already and only 2dp5dt (something I promised myself I wouldn't do this time)!

How's everyone Else getting on?

Tiny, how you feeling? Any symptoms? Xx


LemonDrizzler · 08/02/2017 08:22

I'm sorry finding. Hopefully it is too early like you say.

Goodthings I drove myself mad from yesterday! I think the pressure not to stress is driving me completely crazy. I am going into work today instead of working from home so at least I have to keep a lid on the crazy in the office!

Hope everyone else is getting on ok.


kmmr · 08/02/2017 08:33

Finding - I'm so sorry. It's just so bloody depressing watching that single line come up.

And sorry Star that thinks are being delayed. I wouldn't think that was your NHS cycle, as the big costs are once the ET is done etc.

Goodthings and Lemon, the TWW is just hell! I've decided if I get to it I will ignore every symptom. I've had awful pregnancy symptoms on the progyova, even including nearly vomiting and hyper smell sensitivity. Fatigue, moodiness. So i know everything can just be the drugs.

Things are not great with me. The lining isn't getting any thicker, but they want to go ahead anyway. Plan is to do ET on Monday. I'm not convinced... I've asked my consultant to give me a call and discuss options. They can add 'embryo glue', and I want to do something different, as it feels crazy to repeat the same thing and expect a different outcome.

I should take it seriously though, as I need to arrange with work. I suppose I can't really go back in after a general anaesthetic in the morning!


Goodthingscome2those · 08/02/2017 08:54

Kmmr, sorry to hear lining isn't getting any thicker, do you know how thick it is?
Hopefully doctor will call you soon so you can discuss your concerns. Can I ask if you're having general anaesthetic for ET? Sorry I'm being naive as they did make a mistake at my clinic and had it written down in my notes to have GA for ET but I didn't have it with previous two and hadn't really heard of it! Xx


TinySalmon · 08/02/2017 09:03

Oh shit finding I'm really sorry. I've been there! I know the feeling. Keep us updated what happens on Saturday though. Do you think you will do a home pg test again before Saturday?

I had general anaesthetic for my ET too Goodthings and kmmr. I thought it was the 'dome thing'? I heard it was very very painful doing egg collection with local anaesthetic or sedation. I'd pick GE any day! I love the feeling of the drugs going up my arms and falling asleep while telling the anaesthesiologist a story Grin

Sorry to hear about lining issues kmmr. A friend of mine used embryo glue in an FET and it worked for her so fingers crossed!

AFM... there is a very strong second line on the tests by now (I'll try post a pic after this) and I am still one day away from OTD tomorrow. I'm going to see my GP today though for a blood test for reassurance of hcg levels.

OP posts:

TinySalmon · 08/02/2017 09:07

Here is 8dp5dt (pic)

Symptoms: gigantic boobs and already back in to my maternity bras from last time. Went from 32DD to 34E over night.

I'm really bloaty and crampy, feels like AF. I'm also starting to get waves of nausea which is odd because I didn't have ANY pregnancy symptoms till about week 7 or 8 last time, even when on the progesterone.

I'll be checking back here to see how everyone else is getting on! xx

IVF cycle buddies Feb/March?
OP posts:

moggle · 08/02/2017 09:07

Oh finding I'm sorry. xxx


Goodthingscome2those · 08/02/2017 09:09

That's great Tiny that the line is getting stronger! Did you have one or two put back? Xx


moggle · 08/02/2017 09:11

That's looking great Tiny! Our first FET that I got a proper BFP on i couldn't believe how fast the first symptoms kicked in. Didn't really remember from the fresh cycle as I was still a bit battered from mild OHSS and so had lots of sick uncomfy feelings anyway.
I had GA for our egg collection, good job as they got 19 and I was in real pain afterwards, had to have 4 days off work. Can't imagine if they'd had to do that only under sedation or local.


TinySalmon · 08/02/2017 09:29

We were only allowed to put one back in because of what happened in my first pregnancy :( Gutted as I love the idea of twins. But right now just one happy health baby carried to full term is all I want!

OP posts:

Goodthingscome2those · 08/02/2017 09:30

Sorry yes I remember now. Fingers crossed all continues to go well for you. Be sure to keep us posted! Xx

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