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Wolf Hall discussion continuation thread

751 replies

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 11/02/2015 13:10

Continuing the thread from Telly Addicts, just in time for episode 4

OP posts:
AKnickerfulOfMenace · 12/02/2015 17:07

Lols are ok. Just don't lol your head off Grin

OP posts:
magimedi · 12/02/2015 17:34

I think it was our very own historian - JeanneDeMontbaston who was asking for this thread to be here. So if we are OK for her, we aren't too banal!

squoosh · 12/02/2015 17:38

Eeek, I hadn't even noticed the link had brought me to the History Club. I feel like some country scruff at a fancy ball.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 12/02/2015 17:51

Cmon, have you seen the rest of the history club threads? It's all 1680 sex manuals and which king was the biggest bastard. (Henry, obviously)

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 12/02/2015 18:41

Quiiick squoosh put this on, you'll be reet

I'm off to explore the murky recesses of History Club. This is prob the only topic I've never been in, apart from maybe forces' sweethearts

UptoapointLordCopper · 12/02/2015 18:44

Well, Henry seems to be shaping up to be a serious contender for Biggest Bastard in English History in this episode. Pretty sinister, isn't he?

It seems a dangerous business working for the king (and probably queen) in those days. Why do people do it? Is it the only way to get rich? Or to satisfy your ambition? (Can't just run a bank and get lots of money like some people do these days?)

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 12/02/2015 18:46

Ooh it's quite quiet, isn't it

I was just about to [fangirl] all over a Hollow Crown thread, then noticed it was from 2013 just in time

It is really, REALLY good, tho

Go and buy it if you haven't already

it has Hot Young Men in

mammuzzamia · 12/02/2015 18:48

Eeek, I hadn't even noticed the link had brought me to the History Club. I feel like some country scruff at a fancy ball.


SorrelForbes · 12/02/2015 18:50

They're making another series of The Hollow Crown. Won't have my my favourite from the last lot though, young Mr Armstrong, on account if him being killed by Tom Hiddlestone.

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 12/02/2015 18:50

Upto yy to that

I had previously been ruminating along the lines of Who's The Goody/Baddy out of More and Cromwell

I think here the 'just following orders' line holds at least some weight, and both of them were doing just that

Henry is, of course, the baddy. I reckon DL nails him, he's terrifying

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 12/02/2015 18:52

I. Can't. Wait Forbes

KatieScarlettreregged · 12/02/2015 18:53

I loved The Tudors for the pretty people having lots of sex. I still do. However you really need to treat it as the fiction it clearly is (still not over Princess MARGARET marrying the king of PORTUGAL) and suspend all actual knowledge.
I love Wolf Hall because it is simply fantastic. The Holbein scene made me gasp, how did they do that?
I read the Jane Boleyn book too. Agree with previous posts re who she was. I suspect she did what she felt she had to do at the time both with George and Katherine Howard. I also got the impression that her family took good care to protect her financial interests in (and out) of her marriage. Unlike Mary Boleyn and hers.

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 12/02/2015 18:54
OP posts:
AKnickerfulOfMenace · 12/02/2015 18:56

Hollow Crown! Whisper it or the BCAS will be here Wink

OP posts:
MuddhaOfSuburbia · 12/02/2015 18:59

I was a bit nyeeeah about the Holbein bit because although everything else was the same, TC looked so wrong

In the portrait he looks like he has the scroll (?) in his fist, and that he's just about to go and punch someone in the face

He still looks more like More. He does. He DOES

KatieScarlettreregged · 12/02/2015 19:07

(Hands Diazepam to Muddha)

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 12/02/2015 19:29

I agree with you Muddha. And so did Laqueen before she was arrested.

flippinada · 12/02/2015 19:51

I've just found this. History Club is my spiritual home - ever so slightly nerdy but in a brilliant way.

Absolutely loving this. I mentioned on the other thread that I wasn't sure about MR as TC but his performance is just so good I'm willing to suspend disbelief.

Sweary Norfolk with his off colour Tudor bantz is a real highlight.

Also reckon DL is coming into his own as H8. Fantastic opening. And putting TC in his place....chilling moment. For me, that's the real H8.

Love the subtlety of the costumes. TC looking sleeker and better dressed as his stature and wealth increase.

The female roles are a delight as well. Awful Jane Rochford. Sharper than she looks Jane Seymour...and that's just for starters. I did miss Mary this week, it's a shame they didn't do her dramatic exit.

KatieScarlettreregged · 12/02/2015 19:56

I think I like DL as H8 so much because it validates my belief that the man was cold and crazy sometimes he could be wise and charming but cross him at your peril.
Bluff King Hal? Notsomuch.

FrankelandFilly · 12/02/2015 19:59

I'm an original founding member of the BCAS - the definition of a CumberAddiction is seeing him in that dodgy wig and still thinking "I would" Grin

Travelledtheworld · 12/02/2015 20:02

For those of you who think you might drag your hapless offspring round National Trust Properties during half are some Wolf Hall locations to feed your obsession.

MagratsHair · 12/02/2015 20:08

Sorry to be a bit thick here but what's happened to Stephen Gardiner (actor from the league of gentlemen). He was a secretary and seems to have disappeared...?

I love this series! Smile

Travelledtheworld · 12/02/2015 20:16

He becomes the Bishop of Winchester....but I think at the moment he is overseas.

( I am watching the TV and reading the book in Parallel. Need to buy Bring Up the Bodies at the weekend. I am hooked' obsessed actually).

flippinada · 12/02/2015 20:32

Katie I agree. Much prefer this to the hail fellow well met/back-slapping Bluff King Hal stereotype he is often portrayed as.

I think that's the key to Wolf Hall. They are all believable as people..not just historical ciphers who are there to move the plot along.

I am starting to feel very sorry for Anne Boleyn. The scene where we know she's had a miscarraige was so well done; you could see the fear and sadness on her face.

Quenelle · 12/02/2015 20:52

I can't remember Mary Boleyn's exit. What happened to her?

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