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Wolf Hall discussion continuation thread

751 replies

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 11/02/2015 13:10

Continuing the thread from Telly Addicts, just in time for episode 4

OP posts:
AKnickerfulOfMenace · 11/02/2015 13:11

Proper link first thread

OP posts:
magimedi · 11/02/2015 13:16

Flowers knickerful.

I am so looking forward to 9pm!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 11/02/2015 13:22

Brew Brew Brew

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 11/02/2015 13:25
OP posts:
magimedi · 11/02/2015 13:28

But TC doesn't really look menacing - more the look of a man who knows he is in total control of things.

I love the cap doffing (& ale).

flancake · 11/02/2015 13:53


Place marking for later, although I won't get to watch it until tomorrow.

BOFster · 11/02/2015 16:51

I visited the Walker gallery today with my friend to get in the mood...

Wolf Hall discussion continuation thread
magimedi · 11/02/2015 17:31

I had to google the Walker gallery.

I am very Envy of you, BOF if it is local to you.

Looks wonderful & has a fantastic website, that I have bookmarked for further browsing.

Behooven · 11/02/2015 17:35

Marking my place...

AlmaMartyr · 11/02/2015 17:55

Marking my spot. Looking forward to tonight's episode.

BOFster · 11/02/2015 18:02

It is indeed local to me, magimedi- and it's free. I took lots of photos today for my collection of Ugly Renaissance Babies Grin

KatieScarlettreregged · 11/02/2015 18:36

It was closed!
Only for fantastic refurb and will reopen in 2016 though, so can't complain. Had a look at the plans on display while I was there and will definitely be there when it reopens.
BOF I'm well jel Envy

ohmymimi · 11/02/2015 19:22

There's an Henry-off on The One Show! Young H8 won the dance element. It's being broadcast from Hampton Court Palace.

Trills · 11/02/2015 19:49


Trills · 11/02/2015 19:53

I tend to think of them as "creepy baby Jesuses" BOF, but I think I know what you mean.

marshmallowpies · 11/02/2015 20:56

Marking my place here. GBBO nearly over, bring on Wolf Hall!

Travelledtheworld · 11/02/2015 21:28

Beautiful furs tonight TC !

UptoapointLordCopper · 11/02/2015 21:55


May have to read the book.

KatieScarlettreregged · 11/02/2015 22:05

Oh my, that was a dark one.
Poor Lady Alice.
Beginning to see the other side of H8 during his ordering of Moores demise. Dark.

marshmallowpies · 11/02/2015 22:25

Bernard Hill on top form again. Awesome. First half was a bit Basil Exposition, but it picked up in the second.

I was glad they cut away from showing More's actual execution - just the build up to it was bad enough.

magimedi · 11/02/2015 22:30

Can someone enlighten me about the last 10 mins or so of tonight's episode?

I did not understand the bit when a young girl (or boy) went up the spiral staircase & delivered a joint of cooked meat to someone who looked like a young More.

And the same girl (or boy) waved to Thomas More as he went to the scaffold & the flute/lute player, who closed the window &did not watch, in the same scene.

MuddhaOfSuburbia · 11/02/2015 22:33

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Squigglypig · 11/02/2015 22:35

It was a younger Thomas Cromwell if I remember correctly from book.

Trills · 11/02/2015 22:42

I very much liked the analogy with the tame lion, although it did make me think of men on Tinder who think it's clever to have their picture taken with a sedated tiger.

Westendgal · 11/02/2015 22:47

I think it was a flash back reference TC made to being the bread boy and delivering bread to TM when both were young.

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