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Wolf Hall discussion continuation thread

751 replies

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 11/02/2015 13:10

Continuing the thread from Telly Addicts, just in time for episode 4

OP posts:
UptoapointLordCopper · 18/03/2015 07:18

Yes - in the book at least some of the women did seem to go and seek out lovers, so it must have been a bit fun for them. Grin I just wonder how this message about the correct sexual position was conveyed to the people, or was it only conveyed to the King, in Latin???

From the books Henry is appearing like a faux naive person who will pick and choose what he is going to be pious about to suit himself. Hmm Not unusual in a person but bloody terrifying when you are a mega Jeremy Clarkson. Grin

Back to the old days - now I've got to the bit where Jane is on the ascend. It's so much less stressful reading about Jane because we know she isn't for the chop ... Hmm

YonicScrewdriver · 18/03/2015 08:33

Love the idea of Henry as JC!

CalmItKermit · 18/03/2015 19:35

The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman as Anne, Mark Rylance plays Thomas Boleyn.

BitOfFun · 18/03/2015 21:33

Well I watched Anne Of The Thousand Days. Let's just say it was of its time...Grin

JeanneTheRabidFeminist · 19/03/2015 10:38

Just popping a shout-out for this thread I've started in fiction, in case anyone is interested in more Tudor talk. I know at least a couple of people on here are reading Five Wounds, so if you are, head on over.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 19/03/2015 11:22

BoF, have you seen the old tv series (not the film) of The Six Wives of Henry VIII? I thought it was rather good in a cardboard sets, stagey acting kind of way.
It has Patrick Troughton as the best Norfolk ever. Creepy and unctuous in a way that for me made him a lot more plausible as a courtier in a way the rough shouty ones aren't.

CalmItKermit · 20/03/2015 08:35

Another couple of questions if you don't mind...

Is there any evidence that Mary Boleyn was as flirty with Cromwell irl?

Would Lady Rochford really have spoken so freely/harshly to Anne bearing in mind if Anne fell the Boleyns would go down with her?

YonicScrewdriver · 20/03/2015 08:48

Calmit, I don't think there's evidence for flirting. MB wrote to Cromwell once after her second marriage to ask him to intercede with AB and H8.

Lady Rochford was well protected to speak to the queen fairly freely, I'd think, whether she did or not (I doubt it, personally). I think it's documented that she gave statements in the adultery trial..

CalmItKermit · 20/03/2015 15:38

Thanks Yonic.

YonicScrewdriver · 21/03/2015 10:45

You're welcome!

YonicScrewdriver · 21/03/2015 10:51
UptoapointLordCopper · 21/03/2015 14:49

Did anyone read the blog post about fictional characters she fancied and there was Thomas Cromwell?

JeanneDeMontbaston · 21/03/2015 15:06

I am more amused by her fancying Will Parry. I don't, but I can relate to the 'I fancied this character when I was 12 and, dammit, it's inappropriate now they are still 12 and I am 30' thing. Grin

YonicScrewdriver · 21/03/2015 19:51

Since she didn't include Lord Peter Wimsey, I couldn't fathom her blog


UptoapointLordCopper · 21/03/2015 20:43

I've almost forgotten about Will Parry. Not fanciable.

A person who gets things done, though, is definitely fanciable.

More pragmatic than romantic, me. Grin

marshmallowpies · 22/03/2015 23:10

That blog is a great find - Will Parry doesn't really do it for me either - never found him as convincing as Lyra. But I did once have a funny conversation trying to convince 2 friends (who hadn't read the books for years) that Lyra and Will really do shag at the end spoiler.

They were all 'noooo but aren't they aged about 12?' And I was all 'yes they are but they really do shag. If you don't realise that you've missed the whole point of the book - it's all been leading up to that moment!' They were horrified!

UptoapointLordCopper · 23/03/2015 09:01

I think they were quite young. But it was the point. Do you think Lyra would have got pregnant? Shock Watch for sequel.

marshmallowpies · 23/03/2015 09:25

Oh I hope not - the whole point was that they were supposed to both go off and live full & happy lives without each other and I wanted Lyra to go to university and everything! But yes, it would help for the sequel.

Ps sorry for derailing thread!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 23/03/2015 09:49

I think some of you lot might be interested in this blog by Lauren Johnson, about Katherine of Aragon's Moorish servant Catalina Catalina

YonicScrewdriver · 06/04/2015 21:18

Celebrations of 500 year anniversary of Hampton Court Palace!

FrankelandFilly · 07/04/2015 19:57

Jumping in, and hoping others will see this in time:

The programme I kept wittering on about while Wolf Hall was on, The Last Days of Anne Boleyn starts in 5 minutes on the Yesterday channel Grin

It's worth a watch if you can.

marshmallowpies · 25/05/2015 22:38

Popped back into this thread for nostalgia reasons - out today in Kent we drove past Penshurst Place & I thought 'where do I know that from?' Answer = Wolf Hall filming location. Now I have to go & visit.

I am watching Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and whilst it may be filling the costume drama void in my life, it's no Wolf Hall!

YonicScrewdriver · 26/05/2015 07:42

It was strange seeing Mark Rylance as Anne's father in The Other Boleyn Girl.

YonicScrewdriver · 19/09/2015 22:13

Bumping this because A Place of Greater Safety, Mantel's book about the French Revolution, is on radio 4. I hope it's on catch up as I've missed two episodes!

JeanneDeMontbaston · 19/10/2015 17:43

Ooh! Thank you.

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