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Wolf Hall discussion continuation thread

751 replies

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 11/02/2015 13:10

Continuing the thread from Telly Addicts, just in time for episode 4

OP posts:
Allalonenow · 15/02/2015 20:48

seagull You might enjoy a visit to Middle Temple, a little time capsule, it's not too far from NPG, and links to TC's legal background.

seagulldown · 15/02/2015 21:22

Thanks everyone for your suggestions of places to visit. I'm not sure how I missed the national trust link, I thought I'd been following the thread closely!

Also, an overall thanks for the contributors to the thread in general. I've learned a lot and followed up on some of the suggestions (watched the Tyndale program and downloaded some books to read after I finish BUTBs). Will continue to follow with interest.

seagulldown · 16/02/2015 13:13

There are some lovely links to WH/Tudor music up thread and it got me thinking about Mark Smeaton the musician (lute player?). He seems to be mentioned during the books and on screen but I have missed what his contribution to the plot is. Can anyone enlighten me please?

magimedi · 16/02/2015 15:31

seagull he will eventually be arrested, tortured & executed for having committed adultery with Anne Boleyn. Smeaton moved to Ann Boleyn's court from Cromwell's house, before Anne was queen. (Don't know why).

I don't know if you were on the first thread but there is even more knowledge on it. Especially the latter half of it

MamaMary · 16/02/2015 15:33

From Desert Island Discs: Mark Rylance didn't talk till he was six!!

choccyp1g · 16/02/2015 17:52

Maybe that's why is face is so expressive!

seagulldown · 16/02/2015 18:01

Oh dear. That's two questions I've asked that have already been covered in either thread! Blush Must improve my lurking and searching skills.

Thanks for the explanation magimedi. I'm off to reread the first thread.

Travelledtheworld · 16/02/2015 19:05

Just finished reading Wolf Hall and now starting Bring up the Bodies.
I am obsessed.
But also devastated to see in a recent photograph, that Mark Rylance is bald....

MamaMary · 16/02/2015 19:28

Yes Choccy he said he watched and listened for six years.

Seems a very decent bloke.

choccyp1g · 16/02/2015 20:49

But his eyebrows make up for the lack of hair. They could have given him a better wig.

Travelledtheworld · 16/02/2015 21:10

It's his big brown eyes that make me weak at the knees.

nachohousekeeper · 16/02/2015 21:22

My first confession is that I am complete history dunce.
My second is that I have to keep pausing it to look stuff up.

I would never have watched something like this but someone at work convinced me to give it a go and I am hooked!!

magimedi · 16/02/2015 22:24

seagull (love your name) Don't worry - it's almost impossible to keep with threads here & no one minds.

Travelledtheworld · 16/02/2015 23:12

Here's a link to a useful leaflet showing the Wolf Hall filming locations, for those of you who didn't see the previous thread.

Pantah630 · 17/02/2015 10:01

nacho I love being further educated through entertainment. That drive to research is great, though my pockets suffer as I end up buying many books when I should be making use of the local library instead Blush

AKnickerfulOfMenace · 17/02/2015 22:44

I'm watching it agAin, so much easier now I know who everyone is!

I think Smeaton used to work for Wolsey.

OP posts:
AKnickerfulOfMenace · 17/02/2015 22:49
OP posts:
Fiderer · 18/02/2015 06:23

I could have watched loads more of Anton Lesser and MR. Shame More is no more Grin

I don't know much about Henry as a king other than he spent a lot of money on war with France and that's why he needed the monasteries' wealth. Stuff I've read has been a bit sketchy.

Would be interested to know how MNers and historians judge him as a king.

squoosh · 18/02/2015 13:40

Poor Anne, I can hear that French executioner sharpening his blade right now.

magimedi · 18/02/2015 17:36

I have been exciteed all day.

Woke up this morning & first thing I said to DH was : "Hooray, it's Wednesday". He didn't get it, much as he is enjoying the series.

magimedi · 18/02/2015 17:36

excited - fat fingers.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 18/02/2015 17:42

I'm visiting my mum and dad and they have a huge tv - ours is teeny. Can't wait for later!

herecomesthsun · 18/02/2015 21:34

How come TC knows modern CPR practice. re the chest thumping, was that common knowledge back then?

Corygal · 18/02/2015 22:15

I thought that was weird too, it wasn't in the book either.

Am I going senile (or tired) but I thought I'd seen the council scene where Henry refuses a marriage for Mary before in another episode?

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 18/02/2015 22:15

Because he's a modern man in Tudor dress so of course he would know modern first aid techniques. Whereas bad old Thomas More would have got some saints' bones out of his pocket to pray on, presumably.

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