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I've got a lump...

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sb34 · 27/01/2004 15:36

Message withdrawn

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DSW · 27/01/2004 15:38

Bless you - you poor thing. Well done for going to the Dr's though - it would be so easy to put off with everything else you have going on.

Fingers crossed that all is okay - will be thinking of you. Take Care. Xxx

marthamoo · 27/01/2004 15:38

sb34, hon, try not to panic too much. You have done exactly the right thing by going straight to your GP - it is most likely just a cyst or somesuch. The next two weeks will be hard while you wait to go to the clinic but we are all here for you. You are so strong - you can get through this one too (((hugs)))

zebra · 27/01/2004 15:39

How old are you, sb34?

noddy5 · 27/01/2004 15:40

It is really important for people to share things like this because just when you think it matters whether your bag matches your shoes real life kicks in.I was diagnosed with kidney failure and a heart condition when my son was 2 and it has made me appreciate everything.If you need support just contact me Ive been there and the waiting is horrible

zebra · 27/01/2004 15:40

OOOps, let me guess, 34, right?
The odds are still very good it's completely benign. What I remembered is a lump over 60 is almost always cancerous, a lump under 25 is virtually never malignant, so you'd still be very young for it to be anything bad.

sb34 · 27/01/2004 15:50

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
sb34 · 27/01/2004 15:52

Message withdrawn

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pie · 27/01/2004 15:55

I hope everything turns out ok sb34 pie xx

noddy5 · 27/01/2004 15:57

There are some fantastic support groups for young women with health issues.I never took them up when I was ill and I am still not over it fully now.Get good support from the start and find out all you can about local schemes.It is likely at your age to be benign but it is better to be safe

sb34 · 27/01/2004 16:03

Message withdrawn

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Lisa78 · 27/01/2004 16:03

Try not to panic SB - 90% of lumps are nothing to worry about
My mother had breast cancer which puts me in a higher risk group. So far, I have found 3 lumps - bloody terrifying when you first find that hard lump isn't it? The first one, my GP examined me and gave me a letter to take down to the local hospital there and then, the second she rang the hospital and sent me down, the third I was seen the following day. All turned out to be cysts. My friend who did have breast cancer saw her GP with a lump and was sent to the hospital that day also - I think if there is any suggestion of cancer, you would be at the hospital now.

sb34 · 27/01/2004 16:08

Message withdrawn

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noddy5 · 27/01/2004 16:09

I was diagnosed with various health problems shortly after my son was born he is 9 now.A variety of symptoms sent me to all kinds of departments for tests basically to eliminate things but every test I had showed some problem or other.I honestly never thought I would come to terms with it all but with a great partner I have tried to see the positives in things(not always possible!)and now accept that my life is different to others because of my health but no less happy.Talk talk talk about it I feel everything gets easier that way.I hope you get the results we all hope for

motherinferior · 27/01/2004 16:10

Oh honey, thinking of youxxxxx

sb34 · 27/01/2004 16:12

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Lisa78 · 27/01/2004 16:29

It almost certainly will be nothing SB. I might be wrong, but if its a cyst or similar, I would expect thickening anyway - you know when you have your babies vaccinated and they get that little hard lump at the injection site? Well I would think a cyst would generate the same response, hence the thickening. Any proper medics on site able to confirm??? Besides, we all get stuff like cysts, boils, cold sores etc when under stress - and no one can say you haven't been under a smidgeon of stress lately can they?

I know it sounds dreadful SB, but rather than these vague nameless worries, focus on the worst case scenario ie its a cancerous lump, then think thru what you will do if thats the case (which is won't be). Well for starters you are young and healthy, secondly you have obviously caught it early, thirdly you are not thick and can arm yourself with all the available information and fourthly, treatment for breast cancer is much more advanced now and is eminently curable. My mum had it 37 years ago - she weighed 5 stone when they operated and she's still here.

But, it is almost certainly nothing to be concerned about, okay? But leave it alone if you can

Email me if you want, I shall be sat here prodding at my lumpy boobs too

sb34 · 27/01/2004 16:43

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
kizzie · 27/01/2004 16:51

Hi SB34
My mum also had breast cancer and Ive had 2 lumps investigated. When I first went to drs i expected them to send me home for wasting their time but I had emergency appt at hosp within a few days. Ended up with biopsy and scan but everything ok both times.
Im sure you're fine(I know its really hard to not worry - impossible)!!
But even with the worst case scenario - 12 yrs on my mum is just packing to fly off to lanzarote. She doesnt even have to go for annual check up anymore.
Fingers crossed for your appt - I really really do think they'll find it's a cyst.

SpringChicken · 27/01/2004 16:59

Hi SB34 - it's not the same but my mum had 2 lumps in her breast.
She didn't realise there was anything wrong but was sent for a routine mammogram and she had turned 50 - the mammogram then showed up the 2 lumps and my mum was asked to go back for further tests.

She had several courses of tests done - can't remember technical names but involved putting a neddle into the lump and removing a chunk!

It wasn't nice, mum was in complete agony and was very very scared - however, we then got the results back which showed the lumps were benign - the condition is known as fibro adenoma

SpringChicken · 27/01/2004 17:00

Didn't mean to press post then...................

As i said, the condition was diagnosed as Fibro Adenoma (i will confirm spelling in a mo)!

Not trying to scare you but it is best that they are testing you quickly and there are many many things it can be - not necessarily the dreaded "C" word!

Chin up and fingers crossed x

tamum · 27/01/2004 17:09

sb34, I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel, went through exactly the same last year., expected the doctor to say oh it's nothing, whereas he said oh yes I can feel a swelling there. I felt sick too. Nothing is going to make you feel better right now, is it? I can say though that I do quite a lot of research on breast cancer, and your grandmother having breast cancer doesn't increase your odds (since she's a second degree relative with post-menopausal breast cancer). Inflammation that would make you feel tender is vanishingly rare with malignant tumors but very common with benign cysts. It can also be simple chest wall pain, which is what mine apparently was.

Thinking of you xx

SoupDragon · 27/01/2004 17:23

It's not the same, I know but I do have an idea how you're feeling. I went for my routine health check when I was on the pill - must have been 24 - and my gp informed me that I had lumpy breasts. She sent me off to the Royal Marsden (local cancer hospital) where a specialist (and his students) had a good feel and told me that, yes, I did indeed have lumpy breasts but it was nothing to worry about (good news). However, the mole on my neck should be removed immediately (bad news!). This also turned out to be benign. A year or so later, I was back at the Marsden with a lump behind my ear. Again, was told it was most likely benign (and it was) but it had to come out pretty much immediately. The fear of not knowing, the worring about "is it, isn't it..." is horrible.

You know where I am!

aloha · 27/01/2004 17:33

Oh, Sb - you poor, poor thing. You really don't deserve this. As everyone has said, breast cancer at your age in incredibly rare. And unless your grandmother had it under 40 it isn't thought to be genetic (the early onset breast cancer is the genetic one). I've written about this - albeit a while ago, and breast cancer in young women is very rare, while benign breast lumps are very common. Also, as someone else said, cancerous tumours don't hurt as a rule, while cysts etc do.

suedonim · 27/01/2004 17:47

Waiting for tests has to be the worst thing in the world. I'm thinking of you, SB, and hoping it will all be over asap.

JJ · 27/01/2004 17:55

Oh, sb, just read this. I hope you're a little reassured that it's almost certainly not cancer, but know the time spent waiting will be horrendous.

And sheesh! What timing. Thinking of you....

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