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I've got a lump...

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sb34 · 27/01/2004 15:36

Message withdrawn

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StressyHead · 27/01/2004 17:59

message withdrawn

Twink · 27/01/2004 18:05

Flipping heck, you really are being put through the wringer at the moment, how unfair can life be !!

No wise words, the others have beaten me to it, just want you to know I'm thinking of you. xxx

sb34 · 27/01/2004 18:11

Message withdrawn

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spacemonkey · 27/01/2004 18:11

{{HUGS{}}} sb

JanH · 27/01/2004 18:18

sb, darling, I'm praying it's nothing too - this is so NOT FAIR - but, if it is something, well I had something too 3 years ago, and it's no fun, but I'm here now and I'm fine. If you want to talk please email me. Hugs.

GeorginaA · 27/01/2004 18:21

Nothing to add to the already excellent advice here. Just wanted to say that I was thinking of you sb34 - and to echo that it seems so unfair after all you've been through already.

I'm sure it's just a cyst and considering the stress you've been through lately it's not really surprising that your health might not be 100%. Lots of cuddles coming your way.

AussieSim · 27/01/2004 18:28

I found a lump when I was 31 and panicked because my nanna lost a boob to breast cancer in her 60's putting me in the high risk category. My GP sent me straight for ultrasound and mammogram and I was told it was nothing to worry about. It hung around for quite a while after that (a couple of years), but after a year of breastfeeding I think it is gone. One of the reasons I have continued with the BF is as insurance.

All the best, but if it were me I wouldn't be waiting three weeks, I just don't think that is fair at all, even if your GP doesn't think the lump is going to turn out to be anything. From finding it to getting the good news was 3 days and that was enough for me.

sb34 · 27/01/2004 19:40

Message withdrawn

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StressyHead · 27/01/2004 19:42

message withdrawn

sb34 · 27/01/2004 19:50

Message withdrawn

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StressyHead · 27/01/2004 19:59

message withdrawn

nutcracker · 27/01/2004 19:59

SB - I discovered a lump when I was pregnant with dd1 (i was only 19). I ignored it until she was born and then when it didn't go away I went to the doc's. I was given an apointment for the next week, where i had a needle biopsy. They said that they thought it was a cyst and it would dissapear on it's own, which it did.
Hope that helps a little. Will be thinking of you.

JanH · 27/01/2004 20:16

sb, the contact hasn't come through yet and probably won't till tomorrow now so my email is holden_jan at hotmail - I'm sure you can work out the rest! (Hope I can stop you fretting a bit - it really might be nothing, you know.)

sb34 · 27/01/2004 20:32

Message withdrawn

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suzywong · 27/01/2004 21:26

hugs to you,

JanH · 27/01/2004 21:44

hi, sb - have replied (at some length!)

Chinchilla · 27/01/2004 21:56

SB - you say that it is tender. But I have heard that the painless ones are usually the ones to wirry about, not the painful ones. It is most likely a cyst, but I know that you will still worry. Even in the very worst case scenario, it is likely that you will have caught it in time. I know it is easy for me to say, but try not to worry. Timing hey?!

sb34 · 27/01/2004 22:08

Message withdrawn

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mammya · 27/01/2004 22:26

Oh sb just saw this, don't know what to say, have no experience of this. Just lots of (((((hugs))))) hope it turns out ok

sb34 · 27/01/2004 22:29

Message withdrawn

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Tinker · 27/01/2004 22:33

So sorry to hear this sb. Really, really hope it turns out to be nothing x

JanHR · 27/01/2004 22:36

SB, yuo are having a bad time of it atm. Hope evetything turns out ok

sykes · 27/01/2004 22:42

SB, not sure if I told you but my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year. It was malignant (she's MUCH older than you), she's had surgery - it was diagnosed very early - which if you have it, which I'm sure and hope you don't - the prognosis is brilliant. She's back to normal now post surgery. She came to our mother's funeral - ie, could fly from America, The last thing you need to worry about - but I'm sure you'll be fine. Any questions, please ask and I'll direct them to her.

marthamoo · 27/01/2004 22:46

sb, I think us mumsnetters do positive thinking very well - I like to think all of us sending good thoughts to twinkie helped a bit So, as of now, I'm thinking of you and sending you all the strength and wellbeing I can. It will be OK. Believe it.

jodee · 27/01/2004 22:57

Can't believe this, SB....hope the others MNers have put your mind at rest a little, I won't say "don't worry" because it's impossible not to, but praying you will be OK for the next 2 weeks and it turns out to be a cyst.

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