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I've got a lump...

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sb34 · 27/01/2004 15:36

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Twink · 15/03/2004 21:50

Ditto etc !

So pleased for you, Kxx

Chinchilla · 15/03/2004 22:46

Thank Goodness...

WideWebWitch · 15/03/2004 22:47

Oh that's brilliant sb. I wanted to type good luck earlier but had baby on my lap and couldn't even manage to post one handed as she was squirming while feeding but anyway, you didn't need it, fab news

suedonim · 15/03/2004 22:53

Oh, thank goodness, Sb! I'd been checking this thread all afternoon for news. I'm delighted for you!

mammya · 15/03/2004 23:39

That's brilliant SB! I'm so pleased for you.

jodee · 15/03/2004 23:55

Oh fantastic! What a relief!

LIZS · 16/03/2004 07:47

I am so pleased for you - what a huge relief.

Here begins the rest of your life... you go girl !!

bossykate · 16/03/2004 08:29


Janstar · 16/03/2004 08:55

I'm so glad! This day is certainly getting off to a good start!

Well, that was worth every penny, wasn't it?

Twinkie · 16/03/2004 09:06

Oh Honey - what fantastic news - I am so pleased for you and the kids - I can't stop grinning either - they all think I am mad here now!!

Issymum · 16/03/2004 09:16

Fantastic news. So relieved for you.

zippy539 · 16/03/2004 09:37

Brilliant brilliant news !

Marina · 16/03/2004 10:52

sb, what great news

kizzie · 16/03/2004 11:47

SB - thats fantastic!!
I know its really bad that you had to pay to get the appointment but at least its bought you the peace of mind.
I guess after everything recently this really is day 1 of the rest of your life!

sobernow · 16/03/2004 12:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thomcat · 16/03/2004 12:41

Blimey, i've just seen this for the first time. Blimey, what an ordeal, but what an outcome. I'm SO pleased everything is okay

iota · 16/03/2004 14:16

SB what great news

It's going to be a good year for you.....

Cam · 16/03/2004 14:39

Thank God for that news sb34, what an enormous relief!!!!!!!!! Love Cam xxxxxxxxxxxxx

WSM · 17/03/2004 18:36

Oh fabulous news sb

Janstar · 14/04/2004 12:15

essbee, I've been chatting to a friend who has the same dilemma you had, waiting for an appointment. I told her about your going private and she asked me how much it cost.

Would you mind telling me if it's not too personal a question? I'm sorry, I wanted to email you but we have a virus on the computer and I don't want to take the risk of spreading it around.

aloha · 14/04/2004 12:37

SB - Hellooo! Where are you?

Janstar · 14/04/2004 16:39


essbee · 14/04/2004 22:48

Message withdrawn

Janstar · 15/04/2004 10:18

Thanks for that.

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