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I've got a lump...

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sb34 · 27/01/2004 15:36

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
suedonim · 26/02/2004 23:11

Sb, I thought national guidelines were that you were supposed to be seen within two weeks but maybe I've misunderstood. Try phoning the hospital every day to see if there are cancellations. From what others have told me, that works. Best wishes.

sb34 · 28/02/2004 11:46

Message withdrawn

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manna · 28/02/2004 12:24

could you get your doctor to hurry it up? he'll probably have more sucess with thehospital department. Go and see him, lay it on thick and refuse to leave until he phones thedepartment

Janstar · 28/02/2004 12:32

Hi sb34, I didn't notice this till today. What can I say? It seems all to be happening to you at once. May I add myself to the huge number of mums offering support?

sb34 · 04/03/2004 16:26

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
LIZS · 04/03/2004 16:34

So sorry, it must seem never ending for you .What a farce . Can you request a cancellation, assuming you could organise things at fairly short notice if necessary, and complain to your gp ?

SoupDragon · 04/03/2004 16:35


SoupDragon · 04/03/2004 16:36

Definitely speak to your GP again.

Janstar · 04/03/2004 16:36

Do you know anyone who is a nurse or doctor, who might take pity on you and give you the once-over now?

sb34 · 04/03/2004 17:00

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
GeorginaA · 04/03/2004 17:04

I was about to suggest seeing if you can go private for at least the initial consultation, sb34 Do you know how much it would be? I know my mum (about 5-6 years ago) ended up getting a private scan when she had suspected (ovarian? i forget) cancer. It cost her about £250 and was seen within a fortnight and was the best £250 she ever spent.

If you can't get the credit, can we do a mumsnet whipround or something?! May 10th is ludicrous.

SoupDragon · 04/03/2004 17:08

You can use my credit card!

Galaxy · 04/03/2004 17:41

message withdrawn

nutcracker · 04/03/2004 17:44

Oh my god that is stupid. I was seen 2 days after i found a lump. How can they make you wait that long. It's disgusting.

tamum · 04/03/2004 17:44

My mother had an inital private appointment for a lump a few years ago, and she paid about £150, I think. Two months is shocking. The turnaround here is 2 weeks, and that's for a one-stop-shop where you get all the tests done in one go, with operations 2 weeks later if necessary. Do go privately, I'd be very happy to contribute.

fairydust · 04/03/2004 18:02

SB - i just caught up on all of this - this is discusting all hugs are will you and i hope all gets sorted soon

aloha · 04/03/2004 18:18

Call the consultant you are supposed to be seeing, ask how quickly you would be seen if you went private and how much it would cost. Call him/her direct via the hospital.

Janh · 04/03/2004 18:45

In primitive Lancs, in 2000, I saw GP with lump Oct 11, went to breast clinic for diagnosis Oct 16, and had surgery Nov 9.

A 3½ months wait (from when you first saw GP) is disgraceful. Ring the hospital and tell them you'll be writing to your MP, the national press and YOU AND YOURS - that'll put the fear of god into them. (And we'll have a whipround too.)

Aren't there national standards for how long this kind of thing should take? I just googled but couldn't find anything in a quick look but will try again later - have to go now. The only consolation I can think of is that they can't be too worried about you or they'd be bumping you up the list - chin up, sweetheart!

Kayleigh · 04/03/2004 18:59

sb34, I am so sorry you are having to go through this on top of everything else.
I cannot understand how they can make you wait till May. If your GP thinks you need to be seen sooner could she not intervene and get the appointment bought forward.
I will gladly contribute to a whipround if you cannot get this sorted earlier.

Thinking of you.

squirmyworm · 04/03/2004 19:02

SB - big hugs - May 10 is ridiculous. If you want any help at all from me (looking after kids, phoning on your behalf if you are busy at work etc) you only have to ask, you know.

sb34 · 05/03/2004 00:50

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
suedonim · 05/03/2004 13:26

Sb, that appt date is appalling. Have you seen this in today's news? Waiting Times Perhaps a call to your local Health Board and/or Macmillan might be productive. Thinking of you.

Twinkie · 05/03/2004 13:32

You have to be seen within 21 days I think - thats what I remeber cause I thought - FFS I would want to see someone withint 21 hours!!

sb34 · 07/03/2004 12:51

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
kizzie · 08/03/2004 19:11

SB34 - Im really sorry youve got to go private. the time you're having to wait is appalling (I think its against the patients charter isnt it???)

Ive got a lump in breast at the moment (had a couple before and saw a dr at hospital today.) Having a scan in 3 weeks - Im absolutely certain its fine, as is the dr but it still makes me feel a bit jittery (mum had BC)so it must be horrible for you to wait that long.

I paid to go private for another health problem a few years ago when I was really worried and the waiting list was v long. For me it was definately worth it to get seen quickly - but its still terrible that youve got to do it.

You should definately complain once youve got the all clear - they shouldnt have put you through this extra stress.
Lots of luck

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