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REALLY scary films

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StrattersDD · 23/01/2016 20:02

Anyone got any recommendation of good scary films? I haven't seen one that's actually scared me for a long time.

OP posts:
bottleofbeer · 24/01/2016 10:52

Threads, beyond doubt.

Cheesymonster · 24/01/2016 10:59

The haunting (from 1961 I think) is the only film to have truly scared me.

timwonnacotsbowtie · 24/01/2016 11:19

I found Dead End really scary, for ages I thought I'd already seen it - realised I was confusing it with Wrong Turn which came out at the same time.

Dead End has Ray Wise from Twin Peaks and Lin Shaye from Insidious in it, so some good scary actors in!

I also enjoyed Rec, I thought the subtitles would annoy me but they didn't.

Also yy to Event Horizon, put me off being an astronaut! Wink

Nataleejah · 24/01/2016 11:24

Come and See, The War Game -- those are not horror films, the reality is way more shocking

bottleofbeer · 24/01/2016 11:38

Exactly. They're all the more frightening because it could actually happen.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree · 24/01/2016 11:39

The War Game - now there's a disturbing film. So subtle, but stayed with me for weeks that one. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

suzannecaravaggio · 24/01/2016 11:40

The Shining is a great film IMO but I didn't personally find it REALLY scary

Any film that looks like being really scary I inevitability chicken out of watchingBlush

UnderTheGreenwoodTree · 24/01/2016 11:42

Sorry, I was thinking of The War Book - which is subtle and very scary in the inevitability of the whole thing.

The War Game - not so subtle...

FlowersAndShit · 24/01/2016 11:54

Misery is a great film. It's both a thriller/horror film.

Spoiler alert

It's about a famous author who gets into a car accident in the middle of nowhere in a snow storm. A woman finds him, takes him back to her house.
Turns out this woman is an obsessed fan of his and is just batshit crazy. Holds him hostage in her home, he's bedbound due to his injuries.

All of the wrong turn films are really good too. I also found Insidious terrifying.

Nataleejah · 24/01/2016 12:08

13 Sins -- very bizarre

dustarr73 · 24/01/2016 12:11

13 sins was very weird.The premise was very good but the actors where crap in it.

Nataleejah · 24/01/2016 12:33

dustarr73 what, even Ron Perlman?

Another one i remembered
I Saw the Devil -- properly disturbing, even though quite far fetched

If you want something really horrible to the point of disgusting, try Hei Tai Yang 731 (Men behind the sun) -- if you dare. Recommending for general education, but too sick for entertainment.

ThatsHowYouGetAnts · 24/01/2016 12:39

I watched Eden Lake recently despite its regular appearances on previous threads like this one. It is extremely unsettling. Kind of wished I hadn't watched it, as I lay in bed afterwards trying to think of NICE THINGS to block it out!

I find things most scary if they end on a bleak note, with no hope, with the protagonists dying, or with the hint that the horror is not, for whatever reason, over.

Was also terrified beyond all reason by The Grudge. I will never watch that again, and even feel a bit scared if I see it on the planner as I channel-hop Shock. This was the American remake, too - I only watched it because I'm a Buffy fan and Sarah Michelle Gellar is in it. I dread to think how much worse the original is

I don't think I will ever watch Threads, due to its reputation and the fact that nuclear armageddon is kind of hot-button horror trigger for me.

dustarr73 · 24/01/2016 12:40

Nataleejah i was talking bout the main actor,who know the one who actually does the 13 sins.

SlinkyVagabond · 24/01/2016 13:32

Don't watch the remake of Wicker Man-scary for other reasons cage

lorelei9 · 24/01/2016 14:00

I was going to watch the modern Wicker Man, scary for other reasons?!

Event Horizon - never heard of it but looked it up and it looks good.

SlinkyVagabond · 24/01/2016 18:09

Nicholas Cage's beyond crap acting Lorelai. It's just one of those films you think "why?"

WhatamessIgotinto · 24/01/2016 18:48

I don't even know why I'm reading this thread because it's scaring me! The Ring scared the shit out of me.

StiickEmUp · 24/01/2016 18:58

The Shining

beeny · 24/01/2016 19:00

Rosemarys Baby

lorelei9 · 24/01/2016 19:09

Slinky - I don't like him, I'm not sure why.

maybe being annoyed by him will make it less scary? Grin

DraenorQueen · 24/01/2016 19:10

I saw a truly awful film once about a woman who (from what I remember) fostered children. She loved the boys and had a warped relationship with them where she gave them alcohol, etc. and encouraged them to sexually abuse the foster daughter who they kept imprisoned in the basement. It was truly dreadful and more disturbing/sickening than terrifying, but it's never left me. Sad

patheticshark · 24/01/2016 20:19

most horrors now seem to be based on 'torture porn', people being abused by other people. it's just a bit crap.

i do like and old ghost story that's creepy and lets your own imagination run riot. modern ghost horrors are silly and don't credit the viewer with any intelligence.

Saying that the most scary films i have seen this year were the inside No 9 series.

ThatsHowYouGetAnts · 24/01/2016 20:44

That sounds like the Sylvia Likens case, DraenorQueen. A real-life horror story. There were a couple of films made based on it IIRC.

Heyheyheygoodbye · 24/01/2016 20:54

The Orphanage is the scariest film I've ever seen. I won't spoil anyone but I am a horror NUT and this film made me cry with terrified despair.

The Conjuring was good...and Sinister. I liked Ringu and Dark Water. The Babadook annoyed more than frightened me...Misery is great. Mama.

Good horror-comedies are Housebound, Drag Me to Hell, Dead Snow and the original Evil Dead.

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