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REALLY scary films

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StrattersDD · 23/01/2016 20:02

Anyone got any recommendation of good scary films? I haven't seen one that's actually scared me for a long time.

OP posts:
FrizzyNoodles · 23/01/2016 21:49

The Babadook. Horrible film. I'm a wuss though.

Janeymoo50 · 23/01/2016 21:50

Orphan. It scared me awfully. It was quite horrid.

IAmNotAMindReader · 23/01/2016 21:53

The fourth kind.

Can watch most horrors and not twitch but this one left an unsettled feeling. It wasn't packed with effects nor did it rely on the jump scares that so many horrors do now. Not many died but those at the center of the action were left with horrific injuries and devastated lives. So I guess it was the attempt of some degree of realism that made it disturbing.

Tate15 · 23/01/2016 22:04

Some films make you jump, some are gory and sickening but for me I don't find horror films scary. Disturbing sometimes but not actually scary. I suppose the closest would be Nosferatu made in 1922. Full length movie is free to watch on YouTube.

Honeybeam · 23/01/2016 22:06

As Above So Below frightened me because it was so claustrophobic and disorientating. Grave Encounters also scared me, especially the lift part.

dustarr73 · 23/01/2016 22:09

Event Horizon is crap.I didnt find it scary at all.

madmother1 · 23/01/2016 22:10


It lies beneath

The woman in black

Tate15 · 23/01/2016 22:10

He might like Wicker Man.

SqueegyBeckinheim · 23/01/2016 22:14

Boarderlands, low budget British horror, but well made and properly scary.

WonderingAspie · 23/01/2016 22:22

The Woman in Black terrified me. But I don't like scary films, I just like Daniel Radcliffe. I 'watched' it from behind a cushion Grin. I did get nightmares too Blush.

dustarr73 · 23/01/2016 22:30

Yes Borderlands was really good and eerie.Panic Button is also really good.

Tate15 · 23/01/2016 22:37

The original Texas chainsaw massacre 1974 is good.

redannie118 · 23/01/2016 22:42

Depends what pushes your buttons. The first insidious and the conjuring are very scary. I slept with the lights on for 2 nights after watching the first paranormal activity,but its very marmite, it will either scare the pants off you or you will think its rubbish. The spanish do amazing horror films, try silent house(terrifying)the Rec films and The Devils Backbone or The Orphange

ValiantMouse · 23/01/2016 22:58

There's only a few films I'll never watch again because they scared me so much. They are:

Silent Hill
Event Horizon
The Descent

lorelei9 · 23/01/2016 23:01

Exorcism of Emily Rose
moth man prophecies, less scary depending on what bothers you

I found Insidious scary
I haven't seen the Conjuring but I'm curious about it.

WanderingTrolley1 · 23/01/2016 23:03

Insidious REALLY frightened me.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree · 23/01/2016 23:06

Event Horizon is proper scary - really horrific.

The Mothman Prophecies scared me stupid, I couldn't get it out of my head afterwards.

All pre-2008 though.

gemdrop84 · 23/01/2016 23:07

The Conjuring, Alien Abduction, Insidious 2, Atrocious, The Last Exorcism, The Atticus Institute, Dyatlov Pass Incident. Grave Encounters,

ASmallHenInItsLateForties · 23/01/2016 23:27

Omg that Mothman one scared me too.

And Candyman.

The Woman in Black didn't scare me. I was too annoyed watching it that the original story had been messed with.

UnderTheGreenwoodTree · 23/01/2016 23:31

Omg, I must be a real wuss, because I just watched the trailer for the Fourth Kind on YT, and now I'm too scared to go in the kitchen on my own. There's bound to be an owl at the window And I've left my cup of tea in there. Confused

banff82 · 23/01/2016 23:38

Threads, that'll make you lose sleep alright.

NewYearNewToads · 23/01/2016 23:43

Is it just feature films you're looking for? I've recently started watching various short horror films on youtube and some of them have really creeped me out.

Then again that could be because I always choose to watch them right before bedtime...

ChampaleSocialist · 23/01/2016 23:44

Splinter has some really nasty moments in it.
The Shining is not shit IMO.

28 Days and Weeks later.
30 Days of Night.

NaNaNaBatman · 23/01/2016 23:44

Silent Hill; I will never watch that again. It really freaked me out!

lorelei9 · 23/01/2016 23:52

So glad Mothman freaked someone else
I can't watch gore but I am fascinated by the supernatural stuff

White Noise scared one of my colleagues to the point she couldn't sleep much for a couple, then woke up screaming from nightmares a few nights in a row. Her husband complained that her screams had scared him much more than the film, understandably

I still haven't watched it because of what happened to her.

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