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REALLY scary films

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StrattersDD · 23/01/2016 20:02

Anyone got any recommendation of good scary films? I haven't seen one that's actually scared me for a long time.

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ayria · 08/04/2016 23:34

Oh and I'd say Insidious and Insidious 2. And The Woman in Black... I think I prefer films that have weird parts in though because... Daniel Radcliffe... Horror? Confused but I found it more intriguing than anything.

LassWiTheDelicateAir · 10/04/2016 14:31

There's an Australian film I saw as a teenager called Long Weekend about a young couple go away to a deserted beach to try to rescue their relationship. Weird stuff starts to happen. Perhaps I saw it at a suggestible age (it only gets 6.7 on IMDB) but it really, really freaked me out

Me too. I've never seen it in the cinema but it terrified me in the cinema.

You might like Wake in Fright. It's a long lost gem of Australian film from the 70s. I saw it with my husband and had to leave the cinema. It's not a supernatural film but the threat of impending evil about to break is terrifying.

Wake in Fright review – 'Lost weekend in the dark heart of white Australia'

LassWiTheDelicateAir · 10/04/2016 14:49

The Innocents

Based on The Turn of the Screw

zoomtothespoon · 10/04/2016 15:20

Sinister really effected me. I couldn't sleep for days.

I was also terrified of annabel but that's because I'm petrified of dolls Blush

ayria · 11/04/2016 13:37

^ I think Annabel plays on your emotions as a mum, that's what got me.

dustarr73 · 13/04/2016 11:53

I thought Oculus was crap.Not scary at all.

What i hate about horror films is the premise is good and they could do something different but then halfway through it just follows the obvious path.It gets boring.

JAPABimtheonewhoknocks · 13/04/2016 20:11

The Fourth Kind

Have watched It Follows and The Conjuring (both on Amazon Prime) following the recommendations here, and they do indeed have some very creepy moments, especially the latter.

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