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The film DS watched at his mates last night....

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MrsPiddlewink · 16/10/2014 13:00

...isn't out on DVD yet. Any other way they could have watched it without it being pirated?! DS is 8 so is probably none the wiser, but I'm a bit Hmm. Or is this standard? Would it be over the top to mention it?

OP posts:
OldLadyKnowsSomething · 16/10/2014 13:02

Do films come out on Netflix before DVD? (I have no idea...)

19lottie82 · 16/10/2014 13:03

I'm guessing it was downloaded.
Loads of people do it. Not saying that makes it OK or not.
TBH if you mentioned it I would think you were a bit prissy.

Branleuse · 16/10/2014 13:04

yes it would be completely OTT to mention it

flipflopsandcottonsocks · 16/10/2014 13:04

Could someone in the childs family work for a film company, and have got it early?

I think it would be over the top to mention it personally.

dexter73 · 16/10/2014 13:04

I wouldn't mention it. I'm sure they are aware that is is pirated so are obviously happy to watch it themselves.

wigglesrock · 16/10/2014 13:05

I'd assume it was downloaded too. I know the app that my husband sometimes uses has films - it already has Dolphin Tale 2 up.

inadarkplace · 16/10/2014 13:07

people download them so they get them early you can't usually get them on netflix before they come out on dvd so im guessing that is what happened personally i don't do it but its not up to me to police the worlds morals so i would leave it he will be unharmed unless they got a bad download and it wasnt what it was supposed to be!

InfinitySeven · 16/10/2014 13:07

It isn't necessarily downloaded - There is stuff on Sky Box Office that isn't out on DVD yet, and I'd imagine the same for Virgin. They could have paid to watch it like that.

MrsPiddlewink · 16/10/2014 13:09

Oh really Blush

Makes me feel uneasy

OP posts:
19lottie82 · 16/10/2014 13:09

InfinitySeven - Yes that's possible, but I'd say it's a lot more likely it's been illegally downloaded. Loads of people do it, and there are numerous apps for phones / tablets that let us view new films that aren't released yet.

Daddypigsgusset · 16/10/2014 13:10

You can buy little box things that you plug into your telly and hook up to your broadband and stream movies. Like any film. Old or new or not yet released. They Are fab. Is that illegal as it's not downloading?

SophiaPetrillo · 16/10/2014 13:10

Unless it was violent or age inappropriate I wouldn't bother commenting. They would perceive it as a treat probably, getting to see it earlier than most. Not condoning piracy but for your DS's sake, I would keep schtum!

19lottie82 · 16/10/2014 13:11

Mrs Piddlewink...... do non of your friends use apps like the now defunct Cartoon HD or popular "Afdah"? If you're not sure, ask them. I think you'll be shocked at how common they are.

MrsPiddlewink · 16/10/2014 13:11

It's How to Train a Dragon 2... I thought it was still showing at the cinema, so no chance of a legal download? We only have DVD's so I wouldn't know

OP posts:
19lottie82 · 16/10/2014 13:12

"You can buy little box things that you plug into your telly and hook up to your broadband and stream movies. Like any film. Old or new or not yet released. They Are fab. Is that illegal as it's not downloading?"

It depends. The new "Android" boxes where you can watch TV channels, movies and sports games are illegal yes. Well the boxes aren't but the streaming is.

Boxes like the Now TV boxes and ROKU's that stream Netflix and Now TV, are not.

LemonadeRayGun · 16/10/2014 13:12

I've no idea but I would be very uncomfortable to think that my child had watched a film illegally downloaded too. I wouldn't say anything but it would annoy me. I'm a bit of a stickler for doing things legally, my friends take the piss out of me a lot for it...

Branleuse · 16/10/2014 13:12

its ok, you wont go to hell or to prison.

SophiaPetrillo · 16/10/2014 13:12

We've got Virgin and they often have movies that are still in the cinema available to buy On Demand. There's still a chance it wasn't pirated at all. Let it lie.

MrsPiddlewink · 16/10/2014 13:13

Really?! it really that commonplace? Beginninv to feel a bit of a mug waiting and paying for a DVD...

OP posts:
MrsPiddlewink · 16/10/2014 13:14

Does anyone know if HTTD2 is out for legal download? Might help me sleep a bjt easier Grin

OP posts:
KirjavaTheCat · 16/10/2014 13:15

According to amazon it'll be released tomorrow. Quite possible they've got it a day early somehow.

Most likely though they've downloaded it. It would be way ott to mention it.

KirjavaTheCat · 16/10/2014 13:16

Police won't come and raid your house tonight if that's what you're worried about.

SophiaPetrillo · 16/10/2014 13:16

We never buy DVDs, just get them On Demand from Virgin, pretty soon they go to Netflix and you get to watch unlimited stuff for £5 a month.

19lottie82 · 16/10/2014 13:16

It's released next month and not on virgin or sky as far as I can see.

Branleuse · 16/10/2014 13:17

I pretty much buy it all legally, but more because im worried about downloading computer viruses than anything. Certainly dont let it affect your sleep, and watching something possibly pirated at a friends house - just try not to think about it if youre of an anxious disposition.

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