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Jeremy Clarkson article about Meghan

308 replies

Rockybooboo · 18/12/2022 00:28

I know this isn't The Royal Family board. I'm not analysing Meghan as I don't know her and she will have no affect on my life. I have become interested in the press and public reaction to her as it feels misogynistic which obviously does affect me.

This is from Jeremy Clarkson today. I feel like is the dark she's and we're hunting witches again.

Meghan, though, is a different story. I hate her. Not like I hate Nicola Sturgeon or Rose West. I hate her on a cellular level. At night, I’m unable to sleep as I lie there, grinding my teeth and dreaming of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her. Everyone who’s my age thinks the same way.”

OP posts:

nocoolnamesleft · 18/12/2022 10:54

Rampantly misogynistic and probably racist. Is the vile bastard actually trying to prove Meghan right?


vera99 · 18/12/2022 10:56

M+H are very much the underdogs with the might of the poisonous royalist establishment bearing down upon them for their rebellion. I know whose side I'm on burgundy or no burgundy.


paintitallover · 18/12/2022 10:56

There's a certain kind of celebrity man foaming about all this, I think. The worst kind, too. Very masculinity conscious types.


Rowthe · 18/12/2022 10:57

54isanopendoor · 18/12/2022 10:53

Just filling out the ipso form.
Which publication was it in please?

The Sun


GreenLunchBox · 18/12/2022 10:57

PrinceHaz · 18/12/2022 10:19

I’m mid way through the IPSO form and as abhorrent as the article is, I can’t find a way that the editor’s code has been broken. Can someone more knowledgeable than me explain, if it has, how it has been broken so I can note it in my complaint.

I wrote 'harassment'. I think it is sexual and misogynistic harassment


Rowthe · 18/12/2022 10:58

I also ticked harassment


GreenLunchBox · 18/12/2022 11:01

Octo5 · 18/12/2022 10:50

What a vile thing to say!

I absolutely hate this cancel culture but to say something so disgusting he should absolutely be removed from the paper.

I will not watch anything he is on now.
Absolutely disgusting man.

What cancel culture? The fact this man exists proves there is no cancel culture. He punched somebody from his TV crew because he didn't like the food, FFS. He's said all sorts of racist things in the past.


35965a · 18/12/2022 11:02

Completely bizarre. If it was meant to wind people up I think he missed the mark entirely and went way too far. More likely he is just a massive misogynistic prick.


Octo5 · 18/12/2022 11:03

It’s very telling that he’s attacking a women and also named two other women whilst doing it, when there are plenty of males he could have mentioned.

It has misogyny written all over it.

Women should be seen and not heard.

To imply she’s worse than Rose West is beyond vile and so disrespectful to her victims and their families.


C1N1C · 18/12/2022 11:04

EmmaAgain22 · 18/12/2022 10:29

How did you form your "impression" of Meghan?

An involuntary media osmosis of sorts!


FolornLawn · 18/12/2022 11:04

singstheblues · 18/12/2022 01:54

I have no interest in MM one way or the other but this vile, deranged, perverted attack on a woman is unacceptable. Suggesting she should be paraded naked while people throw s* at her? I don't care if it's "just his writing style" It's disgusting and inciting hate.
Please complain here;

The IPSO requires a box to be ticked stating which clauses of the Editors Code have been breached. I don't know which one this comes under, any ideas?


FolornLawn · 18/12/2022 11:05

Sorry! Just seen someone addressed this up thread.


54isanopendoor · 18/12/2022 11:09

thank you.
can anyone link to the article so I can include it in the complaint please?
(sorry, trying to do this, cook & look after ASD child - who ironically worships Top Gear & I can only imagine what JC would say about ASD kids ... :(


Ohtheweatheroutsideistoocold · 18/12/2022 11:11

C1N1C · 18/12/2022 11:04

An involuntary media osmosis of sorts!

And from that you formed the impression that behind a man who changed his mind stands a woman who deserves to be humiliated and punished?

I'm reminded of the article below and how little we have moved on since Yoko Ono was blamed for the break up of the beatles. If you read the articles the parallels between the was she and Meghan have been treated are quite clear


GreenLunchBox · 18/12/2022 11:12

Rowthe · 18/12/2022 10:20

Also I think the article validates violence against women, I'm sure there people who feel more embolden to perform acts of violence against women following that article.

Camilla is patron of women's domestic violence charities yet she had lunch with him and Piers Morgan this week... another man who has voiced extremely hateful opinions about Meghan, even when she was pregnant.

An article saying Camilla was having this lunch with Piers and Clarkson was printed the day before Clarkson's rapey article came out (the pathetic headline was "Camilla proves Meghan is not the only royal with pulling power as she hosts star-studded Mayfair lunch".) Very interesting, as Harry and Meghan did say that this invisible contract between the media and Royal Family exists. Fed to the wolves indeed!

If I were these charities I would disassociate myself from her.


mintbiscuit · 18/12/2022 11:15

AnyFucker · 18/12/2022 09:59

I see a man whose career is waning.

I fucking hope so. Never understood his appeal.


OliverBabish · 18/12/2022 11:16

It’s revolting and indefensible.


LondonJax · 18/12/2022 11:17

'Everyone who's my age thinks the same'. Well, I'm his age and I don't.

I couldn't care less about Meghan or Harry (or William or Kate) to be honest. I don't know them. I'm bored hearing about them, haven't seen the Netflix series as I have better things to do and I can find out all about it very succinctly by reading the odd twitter feed from fans rather than wasting a precious hour.

Now they've said their piece, I hope they just get on with their lives away from the media (which is what they wanted) and that the media leave them alone to fade into the background as they asked originally.

Those who like them will never believe a bad word, those who don't won't ever believe a good word and me (in the middle I think as I find them irrelevant to be honest) tend to roll my eyes when they pop up...again.

But I wouldn't wish hurt on either of them. So no Mr C, you don't speak for 'everyone your age'.


Hungrycaterpillarsmummy · 18/12/2022 11:17

I don't understand what the fuck he was thinking. It's absolutely disgusting and I just unfollowed him on twitter


Beefcurtains79 · 18/12/2022 11:18

The lunch was thrown by Fortnum and Mason, not Camilla. It was held on Wednesday, - the Clarkson article hadn’t even come out.
The irony of trying to blame a woman yet again!


Rowthe · 18/12/2022 11:18

Hungrycaterpillarsmummy · 18/12/2022 11:17

I don't understand what the fuck he was thinking. It's absolutely disgusting and I just unfollowed him on twitter

I dont either.

He really didnt need to, his career is doing ok, he has his farm etc.

This is gonna have long term repercussions for him.


54isanopendoor · 18/12/2022 11:19

Thank you
I have just submitted a Complaint under 'Harrassment'.
Regardless of MM personality / history etc this is a witch hunt & affects us all.


Soothsayer1 · 18/12/2022 11:21

54isanopendoor · 18/12/2022 10:49

It's hideous. But he is voicing what (some other) men would like to say but don't.
That's why he is popular sadly. Bigoted, racist, misogynist bully. It SELLS.

I agree
very sadly this is true, the reason he is popular, the reason men look up to him's because they wish that they could do and say what he does, it's the same with trump, musk, they admire a man who behaves in this disgusting manner, who abuses and degrades women with impunity and wish that they could do the same
Men admire follow and copy other men, we need decent role models for our sons not this disgusting creatures


CorporateBull · 18/12/2022 11:24

Viviennemary · 18/12/2022 10:41

But they can attack the royal family and the country but nobody is allowed to say anything negative about them. Gloves are off I'd say. Its all getting a bit ridiculous.

This is just ‘something negative’ though, is it? It’s disgusting misogynistic violent imagery.

I’m a mildly interested bystander at best with no real brief for either side of all this, but this article is sickening, whichever woman it’s written about. That’s the point.

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