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Anyone starting egg donation July/August?

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Leala20 · 28/06/2020 08:48

We maybe starting our egg donation treatment (first time) July/August and I thought maybe there’s anyone here that would like to join me. Ive found this forum very useful and supportive and thought I would reach out as I cannot believe it is so soon and getting a bit nervous. We had a year of rollercoaster of trying for many years to being finally told my amh is too low and I wouldn’t qualify for IVF. We did our research and found DCN very useful and are really excited about it.

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Cleozeta · 29/06/2020 12:34

We are going for frozen egg donor treatment hopefully July/Aug. First time too. We have been trying for 3 years but only 2 MC and a stillbirth to show for it. At the age of 43 we have decided we can't take any more disappointment or distress over TTC naturally, plus my AMH is low and I'm pretty sure I've been in perimenopause for a while now, so it's our only route if we want this.
We have had our initial tests and chosen our donor, so just waiting for a treatment plan now. Eek!
It would be great to have someone to share this journey with. What stage are you at with yours? Are you going for fresh or frozen?

Leala20 · 29/06/2020 13:49

We have also been trying for a while and experienced chemical pregnancy and with low amh and very low chances of falling pregnant we have decided to focus on what we want a health baby and I find egg donation amazing opportunity. We have chosen a donor and are doing frozen eggs. I am waiting for my cycle to start to start the medication. I am really looking forward to it but also a bit nervous.

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Leala20 · 29/06/2020 13:51

Cleozeta, would be great to share experiences! I see a lot of this support on the Fertility one with ivf cycles and I think it would be very helpful

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Cleozeta · 29/06/2020 15:39

Great! Sounds like we might be on a similar timeline. How soon after paying did you get your treatment plan and meds? Just wondering if I might be able to make this next cycle (due in about a week!) Or weather I'll have to wait until next. No idea how these things work, although I'm guessing a week might be tight, just impatient Grin

Leala20 · 29/06/2020 19:23

I just got the meds waiting for my cycle to start. I think you can buy them in boots pharmacy. I got mine delivered in a day. They asked me to call them first day of my cycle and then they will organise a scan

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Leala20 · 29/06/2020 19:24

I am also due next week or so!

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Cleozeta · 29/06/2020 20:45

Eek! I hope I can get them soon, would love to start next cycle!!
Which clinic are you with?

Leala20 · 29/06/2020 21:20

I am with LWC and you?

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 29/06/2020 22:17

I'm with Manchester Fertility (although I actually live down south, there were many things that drew me to that clinic when searching)

Cleozeta · 01/07/2020 00:23

Just wondering, how long do you take the medication for before scan and transfer? I'm hoping to hear from my clinic soon with a plan, but just realised I have no idea how long the process is!

Leala20 · 03/07/2020 20:53

@Cleozeta I am sorry for a late reply. What a busy week. I called my clinic and they told me I need to call them day 1 and they will send me a plan then ( I have the meds waiting ). My AF kind of started yesterday as spotting so wouldn’t call it day 1 but nothing at all today so totally confused haven’t called them yet and not sure if it’s the nerves. How are you keeping?

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 04/07/2020 08:47

How exciting that you get to start your meds!
I am due AF today too, and still not heard from my clinic yet, so looks like I'll be a cycle behind you now.
I would be interested to hear your plan once you get it, if you are up for sharing?
I am doing ok thanks, just getting impatient to hear from clinic to get started.
Also slightly anxious as my last cycle was quite shaky. No ovulation until cd20 and then I had a really crap temp rise. I know my ovaries are winding down now (hence the need for donor eggs) but I really don't want a dodgy cycle next, as that could really drag out or cause problems for my treatment. Urgh. I just want to get on with it!
Good luck with AF, I hope it starts properly for you today so you can get started. Exciting! (And nerve wrecking I'm sure)
Feel free to offload any worries etc on here, I am a good listening ear!

Leala20 · 05/07/2020 22:40

Thank you! I am a bit worried as my AF is very weak this cycle. Very unlike the others. With my low Amh and a bit higher fsh I have been told I would have earlier menopause than average woman in the UK but would this start so early already? It’s so stressful when you want all to go smoothly but there’s hiccups along!

OP posts:
Leala20 · 05/07/2020 22:42

I hope all goes ok with you. I was told the scan would be fine when the cycle starts but still haven’t started any meds so hope I get more info tomorrow

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 06/07/2020 09:33

Sounds like you have the same issues and worries as me. I also have low AMH/high FSH so my cycles tend to vary from one month to the next. Although even if your menopause has started, it won't happen overnight, perimenopause can last for years. It just means your cycles may be not as predictable any more. Mine have been like that now for over 3 years.
Also once you start your meds that will solve any issues that may have arisen this cycle, as it's all hormone based and will guide your body to do what the clinic needs it to do, so actually based on that, what your cycle would naturally do will be irrelevant once the meds start.
Hope you manage to get some info and start your meds today. The waiting is so stressful!

Leala20 · 09/07/2020 22:01

@Cleozeta I had my scan and was told not to worry about weaker AF as it’s the lining they look at. I was asked to start meds and com back for another scan next week. How are you getting on?

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 09/07/2020 23:37

How are you finding the meds? Any side effects?
I'm getting mine delivered next week. AF just finishing now, so hoping for a nice quick cycle, so I can get on ASAP!

Leala20 · 11/07/2020 01:51

That’s great! I am all good no side effects so far! The nurses were very confident that this is all a straightforward procedure. I suppose it’s a daily thing for them. Are you using fresh or frozen ones?

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 11/07/2020 07:38

We are doing frozen, and have our first lining check about a week before transfer. We'll be travelling across the country (by train!) and will stay over between first scan and transfer, so hopefully lining will be good straight away, so we don't have to stay even longer.
Getting quite nervous now. How are you feeling?

Cafeambllet · 11/07/2020 10:49

Hello ladies. Mind if I join? I am 44 and I have just started my first ever fresh donor cycle at a clinic in Spain. I started estrogen pills on July 7th and the clinic will be calling on Monday to update on the donor’s progress and to tell me what day the egg collection and my lining scan will be. The transfer will be the week after next.
As for side effects, I’m feeling quite emotional but I’m not sure if that’s the pills or because it’s finally happening! Hope you’re both doing well.

Leala20 · 12/07/2020 13:13

@Cleozeta I am good but cannot believe the transfer may be soon. I am trying to keep as relaxed and positive as I can and enjoy wine with dinner:) I am also using frozen. My first scan was good they said it was nice and thin as it should be. Let’s see what it looks like next week after the first week of meds. I still don’t know the full timing. I should have asked last week but heard it’s normally 3 weeks after you start meds? That’s great you will stay over and relax. I will definitely take a day off.

@Cafeambllet great to hear from you and we can support each other through this! It’s my first one too. It sounds like we may be doing it more or less similar time as well. I am taking 3 pills per day and only noticed I have a see through discharge as if I was about to ovulate for the last few days. This is a bit odd timing for it so maybe this is the meds?

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 12/07/2020 13:49

Welcome @cafeambllet, how exciting yours will be happening soon too. Will you be travelling to Spain from UK?

@Leala20 great news that your first lining scan went well. I think the general timing is lining scan 2 weeks after starting meds, then transfer the following week if lining is good? Something like that I think!
Are you on estrogen patches? I think estrogen can cause that kind of discharge.

Cafeambllet · 13/07/2020 19:13

@Leala20 yes! It does sound like it might be at about the same time and it’ll be great if we can support each other. I am taking 2mg, 3 times per day. No discharge but I think I read that it can cause that. Glad to hear that your scan was
good - I haven’t had one yet. I suppose different clinics have different protocols..
@Cleozeta very exciting indeed and also a bit scary! I’m based in Spain which is why I’m having treatment here. When do you start your meds?

I had a call from the clinic this afternoon and it looks like the donor’s egg collection with be on Thursday. Yikes!

Leala20 · 13/07/2020 23:00

@Cleozeta two weeks would mean I have transfer next week. This is very soon. I’d better reach out and check this out with the clinic. My DH has blood tests as we realised we hadn’t done these and I have another scan this week. How are you getting on?
@Cafeambllet that’s great, are you getting sperm donated too or your partner has been asked to come the same day? I am also on 2g three times a day.

OP posts:
Cleozeta · 14/07/2020 00:25

@Cafeambllet how exciting, it's all happening! I am waiting for my next AF to start meds, hopefully it'll be in a few weeks. So looking at transfer sometime mid August.

@Leala20 it sounds like it may be a week after your next scan, but your clinic may do it differently. I'd check as it may be sooner than you think!
I am getting on fine thanks, hoping for a nice straightforward cycle this month with no delays so AF can hurry up and get here so I can start meds! Fed up of waiting now haha

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