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Donor conception

Instituto Bernabeu - experiences?

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Botanica · 26/10/2018 17:37

Just starting out on exploring this avenue after four failed attempts at IVF. It still feels like a large leap to make as I still had hope that I might be successful with my own eggs but starting to come to terms with this and now looking into alternate options.

My clinic works closely with IB in Spain, and I'd love to hear experiences from anyone who has been through a donor cycle with them. How did you find the whole process? What worked well and not so well? Any advice that you can share?

OP posts:

CJ72507 · 08/06/2020 13:42

That’s great news - I have everything crossed for you! Have you managed to book a flight?


JeNeBaguetteRien · 08/06/2020 14:43

Glad you have got a plan for the FET Caroosje, will keep everything crossed for you.

Going to order some face masks for the journey and for using while in Spain.

If all goes to plan I will be starting meds in July.


gfhun · 08/06/2020 14:45

Caroosje-will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Did IB contact you?
My treatment was stopped when Spain went into lockdown and have not heard from them yet.
Where did you arrange for your Covid antibody test?


JeNeBaguetteRien · 08/06/2020 15:19

Gfhun IB contacted me but not my usual patient coordinator so all emails were going to junk mail folder, may be worth checking.


Caroosje · 08/06/2020 17:17

Hi...IB contacted me around the end of april and told me what tests they needed. I would contact them if I were you. They are back to work allready.

I was able to do a antibodies test through a private blood testing company. Unfortunately it was negative. I will have to do a Pcr test for covid 19 shortly before transfer. Fortunately there is enough testing capacity in my country at the moment.
Good luck!


Caroosje · 08/06/2020 17:21

Hi...I have not booked a flight yet. I am doing a natural cycle fet so all depends on my lining to be thick enough and the follicles to be bigger than 18 mm. Then I will get a ovulation trigger and transfer will be a week later.
I think it is difficult to plan all this as I hope flights will be available then...


gfhun · 10/06/2020 15:20

I’ve sent an email to my patient co-ordinator but no response yet.
Did they contact you from a generic email address?
Looked in my junk folder but nothing received from IB.
Just wondering why I haven’t been contacted but others have Confused


JeNeBaguetteRien · 10/06/2020 15:56

Which IB clinic are you with @gfhun?
Mine is in Madrid and they have sent emails about "redistribution of tasks" so maybe they are struggling with some staff off or just that things are more complicated with the social distancing they have to adhere to.


Caroosje · 10/06/2020 15:59

My patiënt coördinator had been changed in april. If I were you I would send an email to the general email. Then I am sure they will contact you.

I am planning my cycle day 9 ultrasound
In two days. If all goes well and the lining is good I will have my frozen transfer on the19th! It may be a couple of days later but it is coming near! I will let you know how it all progresses . Good luck to you too!


CJ72507 · 10/06/2020 16:20

19th... Wow, how exciting! Seems almost impossible to fly to Alicante at the moment :( x


JeNeBaguetteRien · 10/06/2020 22:10

Hope things continue to progress well Caroosje.

CJ lots of flights showing as sold out when I checked Easyjet earlier.
I'm afraid I won't be able to get a last minute flight! Usually wait to see when I need to start meds and then book but might have to take an educated guess!


Caroosje · 15/06/2020 09:38

Hi...just a little update: my frozen embryo transfer is planned for friday the 19th!
I was able to book a flight and will leave for spain thursday. I am a little frightened of not being able to enter Spain as they are officially opening their country on the 21th. But I got a certificate from IB to enter the country and I got tested for covid 19 this morning so I hope I am lucky.

I will keep you posted! How about you all? When will you be starting again?


CJ72507 · 17/06/2020 19:05

Caroosje that’s great news 😊

Which clinic are you with? We’re trying desperately to book flights to Alicante with no luck x


Caroosje · 17/06/2020 20:59

My clinic is in allicante. I am nervous though...I am flying tomorrow and Spain is opening their borders in 3! Days. I wish the timing could have been a bit different so that I could have gonewith no stress. I am still not sure I will be allowed to cross the border. Just a leap of faith...
And I cannot postpone the fet with a couple of days as my window of implantation would be over then.

I will keep you posted !


CJ72507 · 17/06/2020 22:11

Oh bless you, good luck! I’ve got everything crossed for you x


Caroosje · 18/06/2020 15:05

Little update: I was able to fly to allicante and passed through the authorities with the certificate I got from IB! I am in an appartment in allicante now...I have to stay in self quarantaine there and can only go out to go to IB tomorrow. EmbryoTransfer will be at 1230 tomorrow! A double embryo transfer. I am really excited...
When this works out well we will have a story to tell later!... ( allicante airport felt like a ghost town...I flew with only 12! Other people in the plane and now I am here all nu myself...huisband is at home...We never would have expected all of this to turn out this way!)


Caroosje · 18/06/2020 15:31 you have any idea when you will be able to fly to allicante? Spain will be opening their borders as from next sunday...goodluck!!


CJ72507 · 18/06/2020 15:45

Ah is amazing news! I’ve been thinking about thinking wondering whether you made it. So glad you did and two embryos, how exciting 😊

No luck getting to Alicante still. I really need to get my husband there to give a sample for freezing but we can’t find direct flights anywhere. Did you have to go via another country? X


Caroosje · 18/06/2020 16:59

I live in Holland and there have been direct flights since a couple of weeks. But you can only board when you apply to certain rules. Fortunately the letter I got from IB helped a lot...
Perhaps you could try from another airport? Do you live in the UK?


CJ72507 · 18/06/2020 17:07

Oh that makes sense, I keep seeing flights landing at Alicante airport. It looks like it may be easier for us to get to Madrid so hopefully they will allow that instead. If not, I think it’s quite easy to get a train from Madrid to Alicante. Sending so much love and luck for tomorrow - Please do keep us posted on how you get on x


JeNeBaguetteRien · 18/06/2020 17:24

@Caroosje so glad you made it to Alicante, will be sending all the positive vibes tomorrow.
Hope you have food to keep you going.

@CJ72507 I will be going to Madrid, I'm with the clinic there. You could get a train or possibly a connecting flight to Alicante.


CJ72507 · 18/06/2020 17:39

@JeNeBaguetteRien Hopefully things will start to settle in the weeks to come. Is this your first try in Madrid? I’m getting very nervous now! X


JeNeBaguetteRien · 18/06/2020 19:19

@CJ72507 yes I do hope it settled down.
I'm on a pregnancy guarantee programme, so first will have a FET with own egg ICSI if I'm lucky enough to get any embryos, and if not the donor part of the package begins.
I've actually had egg collection twice so far in Madrid, I was about to go for my third collection in March when lockdown happened! The reason for so many egg collections is my low AMH so I don't get many eggs. They already have some frozen sperm from DH which I know makes us quite lucky.
I've been to Alicante a few times, both Alicante and Madrid are cities I really like but of course this time around it won't feel like a holiday at all! But hopefully it will be worth it!

Would it be worth asking if your husband could give his sample in Madrid and IB transport to their Alicante branch, if it is impossible/very difficult for him to get to Alicante. The reason I ask is that before the whole of Spain basically shut down, and Madrid was affected much worse than other areas, they had suggested I go to Alicante or Palma de Mallorca for egg collection and they would later transport the frozen eggs.


CJ72507 · 18/06/2020 19:53

@JeNeBaguetteRien Funnily enough, that’s exactly what I asked them today! Just waiting for them to get back to us but seems like it would be so much easier. Fingers crossed they say yes.

Low AMH buddies! Sucks doesn’t it. Hopefully you’ll get to start again soon though. Third time lucky ♥️ x


JeNeBaguetteRien · 18/06/2020 22:59

Oh that would be great if they could arrange it, hope you get a positive response.

Low AMH does suck indeed, this third egg collection is the time they will attempt to create embryos. It will be my sixth (and last) time doing the stimulation process so that is something to look forward to.
The interruption in treatment due to lockdown has been difficult, just want to get onto the next stage but patience is a virtue!

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