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Instituto Bernabeu - experiences?

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Botanica · 26/10/2018 17:37

Just starting out on exploring this avenue after four failed attempts at IVF. It still feels like a large leap to make as I still had hope that I might be successful with my own eggs but starting to come to terms with this and now looking into alternate options.

My clinic works closely with IB in Spain, and I'd love to hear experiences from anyone who has been through a donor cycle with them. How did you find the whole process? What worked well and not so well? Any advice that you can share?

OP posts:

Starryeyes1984 · 04/10/2019 19:46

I used IB recently and overall good experience. I didn't get on their DE IVF pregnancy guarantee scheme which was really disheartening but I was fortunate enough to get pregnant on the first attempt. I think IB are very thorough, transparent, professional and caring - our co-ordinator was great (but she's only human so I can't say it was all perfect) and the doctors definitely know their stuff. We looked at IVI but it felt too corporate although I have no doubt that they're also really good!


streatham1 · 05/10/2019 16:22

Hi guys we have just done a round at IB with my own eggs. The doctors are brilliant , our doctor is de Llacer he’s great .
We had issues with our first care assistant but the new one seems better. So there were some teething problems let’s say! It’s quite tricky as they have so many other patients to attend to do replies can take a while .
Definitely works out more expensive once you factor in UK scans and flights etc. One thing I found frustrating was the prescriptions!! No uk pharmacist accepts them! I had to get my private uk doctor to issue prescriptions for the medication . IB said it’s never happened to patients before but when I checked with uk doctors they said it was illegal to issue medication on foreign prescriptions. Wondered if anyone else has had this issue ?
Generally very happy with the clinic. We have to come back for our frozen transfer later in the month as my progesterone levels were too high for a fresh transfer . Currently have a grade B blastocyst in the freezer !
Hopefully this works !
I’m 40 and have had 4 failed attempts in uk. Wasn’t ready to give up and move to donor yet. But it’s definitely a great option.


Starryeyes1984 · 05/10/2019 21:31

I had the same issue with prescriptions! I kept asking them to post them but my requests got ignored - I think some online pharmacies will accept them though. I had my U.K. consultant write the prescriptions for me.


Phase3 · 10/10/2019 23:21

We are at IB now! Had confirmation of fertilisation of 7 embroys. Now on the 5 day wait. So far, so good with IB. We are in Alicante. It is a nice facility although not seen more than the waiting room, mens donation area and the coffee shop!


Smiffy88 · 22/10/2019 14:16

Hi i'm 42 (43 in November) and my partner and I are just embarking on IVF after nearly two years of no success. had tests here in UK and looks like we need IVF... we are interested in the Insituto Bernubeu Alicante please can anyone tell me what it was like there?? how much is costs and where they stayed and how long they needed there? etc... its a very anxious time. Thanks so much for any tips are appreciated! :)


Cazerie · 23/10/2019 09:42

We must have been there at the same time!!
Hope you had a good experience!


gfhun · 11/11/2019 22:05

Hope things are gong well.
Just wondering if you know how many fertilised embroes will be transferred. One or more?
Take care


Caroosje · 12/11/2019 16:05

Hi starryeyes1984,
We are currently trying to get into the IB guarantee programme with donated eggs. May I ask why you could not get into their guarantee programme? Thank you for replying!


Starryeyes1984 · 12/11/2019 20:49

I had a couple of intramural fibroids, one of which was about 4cm. They didn't like it even though my NHS consultant was completely non fussed by it since they weren't impacting my endometrium but IB dropped my chances of success by half and I didn't get on the pregnancy guarantee scheme. I was really disheartened by it at the time but in all other respects service and effort they made was still very good and I was incredibly fortunate to get pregnant on the first attempt anyway. I think they are perfectionists.


mumsynet04 · 12/11/2019 22:11

Hi Ladies thank you all for sharing your stories with IB. We are also planning to go for DE IVF by early next year. Just wanted to know how many days do we have to stay there during the whole process. Any advise/suggestions please?


Starryeyes1984 · 13/11/2019 16:57

I think if your partner has already been and left a sperm deposit with them then you don't need to be there for egg collection and can probably limit your trip to 2 days if you really wanted to - you can fly home same evening as the transfer. If he hasn't you have to be on standby to make sure he's there on egg collection day and then you'd have the transfer 5 or 6 days later.


Caroosje · 13/11/2019 19:47

Thanks for letting me know. I will update you on our experience with them. We will have our Skype call with the doctor next tuesday. And hope we can get started soon!
We allready had a DE cycle in czech which unfortunately ended in two chemical pregnancys. One from a fresh transfer of a 5aa blast and the other one of a fet with a double transfer of a 3aa and 2aa blast. So we hope to be more lucky in Spain.
How wonderfull you got pregnant on the first try! Congratulations!


mumsynet04 · 14/11/2019 21:16

@Starryeyes1984 thanks so much for your information. We will plan our treatment accordingly. We are still waiting to book for a skype call to discuss further.


gfhun · 16/11/2019 18:58

Hi Everyone
We had our Skype consultation on Friday. Consultant was helpful. We are awaiting if we will be accepted for the guaranteed program. However I have one major fear. They asked for a mammogram, which was done at Lister. They called me back to have an ultrasound test done on one right breast. After the ultrasound I was told I should have a biopsy. Apparently they found a 7mm fibre something?! does anyone know what this could be? Biopsy is around £1500?! Lister hasn't informed IB yet about it. Does anyone know if it could result in non exceptence to ~IB's program?


An0ther · 12/01/2020 11:05

Anyone else tried to contact this clinic recently, we tried to contact them before Christmas but little or no response? We want to go for embryo adoption and this morning I’m just getting error 404 messages when I try the contact form


Caroosje · 12/01/2020 11:38

I should try again if I were you. They tend to be late in their reply s. I had contact with them last friday.


Sofari · 12/01/2020 20:07

New to the IB experience thread , from Canada considering IVF guarantee with egg donation . I’m nervous about such a travel across the pond, but reading so many positive stories encourages me ...
So for those already experience IB Alicante
Any drs in particular you recommend?
Anyone from North America with this clinics experience ie medications presc etc ?
How many trips for ivf in total ?
What hotel recommended /closest to IB Alicante ?

@JeNeBaguetteRien , @Luckystar19

Ladies , did you ever start at IB, ? What treatment or was it Guarantee programme ? which one
Thank you for sharing ladies !


Luckystar19 · 12/01/2020 21:18

Hi Sofari,

Started treatment at IB and already had my first transfer which unfortunately was a BFN:( Using the guarantee programme, so can try again.

I only had to travel to Spain for the transfer. Stayed at Daniya Alicante which is like 12 minutes walk from IB.

Best of luck to you:)


Carajillo · 13/01/2020 15:17

Sorry to barge this thread, but wanted to just let you know that Portugal now has ID release donors which could be an option for a future child to have more information. I think Portugal may be cheaper than Spain and the logistics are probably pretty similar.

I speak as the mum of 13 year old twins conceived using donor embryo in Spain. Like many Spanish clinics, my children only have age and blood group of their donors and this is an issue for them. Of course telling early and often has helped them enormously but just wanted to put this out there for information! Best C xx


sequinednostrils · 17/01/2020 19:27

Hello there, I'm in the process of using IB for donor embryo, had my Skype consultation and am aiming for next month. I'll be going over alone just one night for the transfer and am a bit nervous but excited!
Any tips/ advice from those of you that have done it gratefully received. 😊


An0ther · 17/01/2020 21:02

Do I need to stay over or can it be done in one day?


sequinednostrils · 17/01/2020 22:37

I was advised one overnight, depends on frequency of flights I suppose


Caroosje · 20/01/2020 14:53 you know when you will have your next transfer? Will it be frozen ? (Do you have embies in the freezer from the first cycle).
What is the general time frame between transfers when you are in the guarantee program?


An0ther · 07/02/2020 21:10

I’m required to have a mammogram. Can I get this done on Nhs cos I’m over 40?


gfhun · 08/02/2020 05:21

I couldn’t get it on NHS as I’m only 43. Had to do it privately.

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