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Instituto Bernabeu - experiences?

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Botanica · 26/10/2018 17:37

Just starting out on exploring this avenue after four failed attempts at IVF. It still feels like a large leap to make as I still had hope that I might be successful with my own eggs but starting to come to terms with this and now looking into alternate options.

My clinic works closely with IB in Spain, and I'd love to hear experiences from anyone who has been through a donor cycle with them. How did you find the whole process? What worked well and not so well? Any advice that you can share?

OP posts:
DHURI · 07/05/2019 12:15

hi everyone.

Im 42 years of age and had four IVS so far, two successful but miscarriaged and two unsuccessful. Is the clinic good at IVF above 40s? If there are some successful stories would be nice to hear back and share. Thank you.

streatham1 · 09/05/2019 11:38

Hi guys

Has anyone had a good experience with this clinic? We have had 4 failed IVF attempts in UK (london) and now want to try Spain. Does anyone have any clinic recommendations in Spain?

Cb700 · 31/07/2019 18:01

I might be too late but I am currently 32 weeks pregnant from this clinic . The service was top quality from contract and treatment. The personal care assistant was super efficient and the doctor was very knowledgeable and said I am going to do my best to get you pregnant. I had 4 ivf in uk OE and this was my second at IB using DE. Any questions please ask xx

AEL79 · 31/07/2019 19:19

Hello Cb700, this is so timely as I'm off to IB in Alicante for my DE FET next week - really glad I saw this post!

I've also had 4 rounds in the UK (two OE, two DE) and we decided on Spain after hearing three first hand success stories of women my age or older (I'm 40).

Weirdly though, I don't feel like I've had that good an experience - everyone has been so pleasant and friendly, but compared to the UK I felt like the communication wasn't as clear or prompt (had to ask a lot of questions twice, do my own research, remind them what meds didn't work for me in previous rounds after the prescribed them) and it's been so expensive because things like scans and blood tests that are included in the price we've had to pay for out of pocket in the UK.

I feel like we've been doing it wrong or something, because everyone else has been SO positive. Tbh, it's results we're after, so I'm not too upset...just can't work out why our experience seems to be so different. Did you use Alicante?

Tia for any info :) Hope all going well with your pregnancy!

Iliada · 09/08/2019 18:27

I am also looking at using Instituto Bernabéu, just started the process of getting in touch with them so I don’t have any information to share yet, but hopefully next month I will at least have got to the appointment stage!

I’m looking at doing IUI there, so if anyone has any info on that, it would be much appreciated.Smile

Cb700 · 15/08/2019 15:24

Hi AEL79 how did your transfer go?
Yes mine was in Alicante our personal care assistant was great and was super efficient with communication replied within the hour often! I think they knew I suffered from anxiety. We also had a doctor here who worked with IB so I guess I had double advice he did all the scans prescriptions etc. I’m
Also 40. Mine didn’t work the first time there so was gutted but had 5 embryos in the freezer so used one of those we also did a type of pgs. I’m 34 weeks now so going well.

AEL79 · 15/08/2019 15:47

Hey, glad all going well for you. Transfer fine thank you - they said it went well, am actually sitting in the waiting room at my UK clinic now waiting to go and have my blood test 🤞

Cb700 · 15/08/2019 21:32

Good luck xxxx who is your doctor and personal care assistant

AEL79 · 16/08/2019 14:46

Thank you - after all that finger crossing we got a positive result. Can't quite believe it... Of course IB are closed from 1500 on a Friday Hmm so we're on our own til Monday, but still very pleased.

Cb700 · 16/08/2019 20:56

That’s amazing news! Bet you are in shock I know I was and so was my uk doctor. My personal care assistant did reply over the weekend on occasions. Keep me informed Smile

Usuallytootiredbuthappyanyway · 16/08/2019 21:10

I have a beautiful 3 month old nephew courtesy of IB in Alicante. My sister was very pleased throughout the process

AEL79 · 16/08/2019 21:23

@Cb700 totally! Thank you 😊

@Usuallytootiredbuthappyanyway ah that’s good to hear!

Tickety1 · 22/08/2019 20:21

We've had a really positive experience with IB. Seem very organised and responsive. Haven't had any problems at all - our personal assistant is super efficient and all our questions have been answered promptly and everything well organised for us. differences Spain vs Uk take a bit of getting used to ( we bought some medication whilst we were out in spain and it all got a bit confusing) but I don't think that's IB's fault - but now we know so will be clearer if er need to do it in future. Now pregnant after our first attempt with embryo donation. Fingers crossed.... would deffo recommend them.

Cutesbabasmummy · 24/08/2019 16:17

I have a 4 year old conceived with DE at IVI Alicante. Couldn't fault them x

Luckystar19 · 24/08/2019 21:29

Hey ladies, hope you don't mind my joining the thread.

Looking at embryo donation, but after failed IVF attempts and the costs, am thinking of signing up for one of those guarantee programmes.

@Tickety1, did you use the IB pregnancy guarantee?

Tickety1 · 24/08/2019 22:35

Hi @Luckystar19 yes we used guarantee- for embryo donation it’s 12000 Euro for 4 goes which is a lot but we spent more than that on disastrous egg/ sperm donation in uk already and wanted to ensure if no outcome that we can get money back as financially we can’t do this again. Fingers crossed it has worked first time as long as it stays good- which means we will have spent over the odds but if we get a baby we really don’t care .

Tickety1 · 24/08/2019 22:40

Just to add- you need to remember there are other add ons- obviously travel and accommodation in Spain but also the scans as these would be covered in the package of you were in Spain but obv you can’t for to Spain for every scan! We’ve been going to the London women’s clinic for these . Still worth it. We’ve been over to Alicante twice and we’re getting the hang of what to do and where to go now!

Luckystar19 · 25/08/2019 06:14

Thanks Tickety1. Yes, I think there is the possibility to spend over the odds, but like you said, worth it if you get a baby!

IB has provided details of their programme, but I have shopped round various clinics and wondering which to settle for. Happy to chat with someone who has gone with IB. Think I will set the ball rolling now:)

Tickety1 · 25/08/2019 07:57

Hi @Luckystar19- happy to chat further if you’d like to! Good luck x

JI2020 · 29/08/2019 15:59


Hello CB700 & Tickety1
Thanks for sharing your story. It´s super helpful to read about your positive experience. Would you be able to share who your Care Assistant is/was? We are current patients at IB and experiencing some challenges with communication and information with our current care assistant. It would be great to have a recommendation in the case that we request to change our care assistant. Thanks so much in advance.

Cb700 · 03/09/2019 18:20

Our assistant was called Ania she was super efficient replied within minutes.

JI2020 · 06/09/2019 13:36

Hi CB700
Thanks so much for responding. That's really helpful. Ania sounds fantastic!

Tickety1 · 07/09/2019 10:59

Ours is called Maria- she’s been excellent

JeNeBaguetteRien · 23/09/2019 23:12

Interesting to hear your experiences with Instituto Bernabeu, we are in contact with them to see if we're eligible for the guarantee programme.
Have also had a consultation at another Spanish clinic but the proposed IVF plan is coming up at €11K and then travel, accommodation and UK scans so considering IB Madrid instead.

Cb700 · 02/10/2019 11:40

Hi thought I would share my news I had a baby boy on 5/9 weighing 6.10.
Thanks to IB after 8 years of ttc xxx

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