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you know sometimes you hear a song and it doesn't matter how many times you hear it is still fantastic

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2shoes · 02/04/2008 16:46

I heard "everybody hurts" by REM and "wake me up when september ends" by greenday. they have to be 2 of the best songs ever
(please note I am not mentioning any Metal songs so as to not be a bore)

OP posts:
jura · 02/04/2008 16:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad · 02/04/2008 17:00

Aztec Camera "Somewhere In My Heart" - 20 years old, always sounds as vibrant as if it was recorded yesterday.

2shoes · 02/04/2008 17:06

what a wonderful world is so lovely. of to see if I can find yours UD on you tube.

OP posts:
mosschops30 · 02/04/2008 17:10

paul weller 'you do something to me'
aztec camera 'good morning britain'
pink floyd 'coming back to life'
dolly parton '9 to 5' (classic and to be played at my funeral)

Egg · 02/04/2008 17:17

I heard Cutting Crew "I just died in your arms tonight" on the radio this morning and cranked it up loud on the way to Tesco. Maybe it's a bit naff but it was just GREAT.

Favourite song though is Snow Patrol's "Run".

mosschops30 · 02/04/2008 17:18

can i also add to that coldplay 'fix you' and 'the scientist'

Clayhead · 02/04/2008 17:20

"Aztec Camera "Somewhere In My Heart" - 20 years old, always sounds as vibrant as if it was recorded yesterday."

I feel the same, love this song! My friend had the 12" and I was !!

But I did have Cutting Crew "I just died in your arms tonight" on 7" though

donnie · 02/04/2008 17:20

Mr Brightside by the Killers. Sublime.

donnie · 02/04/2008 17:21

also Party Fears Two by the Associates. I never get tired of it.

Egg · 02/04/2008 17:22

Mr Brightside always puts me in a good mood Donnie .

donnie · 02/04/2008 17:24

that CD is the one I always listen to when I am at the gym ( rare occaasions!)

Glammama · 02/04/2008 17:25

Do You Realize? by Flaming Lips. Could listen to that over and over again and indeed I do .

Swedes · 02/04/2008 17:36

Another vote for Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera) - Walk out to Winter.

Swedes · 02/04/2008 17:38

ANd The Kinks - Days. God, I love that song.

wordgirl · 02/04/2008 17:41

The two I never want to skip on my iPod are Something Changed by Pulp and Red Light by Billy Ocean.

annemarie29 · 02/04/2008 17:48

i still love iris by googoo dolls!

TheHonEnid · 02/04/2008 17:49

New Order - true faith

Tutter · 02/04/2008 17:50

oh yes enid

in fact the whole of the substance album

TheHonEnid · 02/04/2008 17:51

also Stepping Out joe jackson

Tutter · 02/04/2008 17:51

and for cheese value i heard mary's prayer by danny wilson on the radio the other day and loved it

Egg · 02/04/2008 18:02

Oh seeing the Kinks reminds me, Waterloo Sunset always makes me smile and turn up the volume too.

Bluebutterfly · 02/04/2008 18:10

Agree with OP but am a major fan of most REM songs - "nightswimming" and "losing my religion" still give me goosebumps...

InTheseShoes · 02/04/2008 18:17

Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

Mr Brightside - Killers - one of the saddest "fast" songs ever

In These Shoes? - Kirsty McColl

PerkinWarbeck · 02/04/2008 18:20

definitely agree with waterloo sunset and party fears two

also move on up by curtis mayfield
and the kids are alright by the who

LBA · 02/04/2008 18:21

Oh I LOVE that one by massive attack.

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