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Covid-19 Daily numbers, graphs, analysis thread

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Barracker · 15/03/2020 14:42

I thought some of us might find it useful to have a Mumsnet thread specifically dedicated to tracking, discussing and analysing the national and global Covid-19 data.

Direct sources of data include:
The UK govt daily update
worldometer global data

Today's UK figures have not yet been released. Yesterday was as follows:

March 14th 2020:
Cases: 1,140
Deaths: 21

This is similar to Italy's figures on the date February 28th/29th.
Their March 1st data= cases:1577 deaths:41

I'll add today's numbers when they are released.

OP posts:
gnomeisland · 21/03/2020 22:27

Thank you for this thread.
Our situation in Cornwall looks dire. We have 15 ICU beds in the entire county.
And now we have an added infection rate with the huge numbers of holiday/second home owners who are arriving.
This is looking like a total disaster.

Notlong20 · 21/03/2020 22:28

What are Italy’s figures for today?

UYScuti · 21/03/2020 22:38

This is looking like a total disaster
people are bound to flee though, no one wants to be locked down in what feels like an infection ridden metropolis
locals could set up roadblocks but then it all starts getting a bit '3rd world' no one wants to feel as if they are in a pandemic amidst vigilantism.

Notlong20 · 21/03/2020 22:44

Ignore - found it

Stabbitha · 21/03/2020 22:44

793 dead I think

BirdandSparrow · 21/03/2020 22:49

How do the Uk's figures fit in with Spain's? Italy is said to be 2 weeks ahead, Spain is a little less ahead but also badly affected, do the 3 follow the same curve?

crsacre · 21/03/2020 23:03

Comparison with Italy

Covid-19 Daily numbers, graphs, analysis thread
Covid-19 Daily numbers, graphs, analysis thread
GeraltOfRivia · 22/03/2020 06:29

I've been looking at WHO. Do we know why African nations are showing such low figures. Are they not testing / reporting as comprehensively as elsewhere or has it not hit as hard there?

GeraltOfRivia · 22/03/2020 06:29

Love the thread by the way. I am very grateful for all the data driven posts. I find it calming.

DuLANGDuLANGDuLANG · 22/03/2020 07:41

Africa is still quite early on but in many countries, consequences are predicted to be catastrophic.
There were news stories from South Africa on Sky yesterday, large parts of the population are unlikely to be able to access health care and poor communities will be unable to self isolate.

FindaPenny · 22/03/2020 09:02

I think it's not hit Africa quite as hard yet, maybe because there are less tourists/travellers there to have initially spread it.
I do know Egypt probably have a hell of a lot more cases than they are reporting as the government is insanely corrupt, so won't report the numbers accurately. Many of the other arab countries in the area were very concerned about Egypt because of this and immediately banned the majority of travellers from there.

ThinkAboutItTomorrow · 22/03/2020 11:32

Hi Birdandsparrow.

Looks like the uk is midway between Spain and Italy. Bit worse than Italy but Spain has an even sharper acceleration.

ThinkAboutItTomorrow · 22/03/2020 11:33

Sorry with image now

Covid-19 Daily numbers, graphs, analysis thread
nellodee · 22/03/2020 11:34

Have you all read this? It pulls together a lot of graphics I've seen elsewhere. It's an excellent article. (Can't recall who posted it first, sorry).

Ereshkigalangcleg · 22/03/2020 12:00

Love the thread by the way. I am very grateful for all the data driven posts. I find it calming.

Me too.

DuLANGDuLANGDuLANG · 22/03/2020 12:14

Tomas, who wrote the medium article was on Channel 4 news about a week ago. His wild gesticulating over the
Governments initial ‘herd immunity’ announcement was a thing of beauty. I made screenshots but they are on a different device. I will post them later.

BirdandSparrow · 22/03/2020 12:48

394 deaths in the last 24 hours in Spain. Lockdown extended by 2 weeks.

R0wantrees · 22/03/2020 14:23

Thank you for the thread & data.

TackyTriceratops · 22/03/2020 17:09

Up to 280 deaths I think?

TackyTriceratops · 22/03/2020 17:10

Yes +47 today. Sad

WaitingForSummerAgain · 22/03/2020 18:24

It's now saying 281 on the data site

GeraltOfRivia · 22/03/2020 19:02

Thanks for the Africa comments and the updated charts

Mummyoflittledragon · 22/03/2020 20:40

Just looking at these stats in horror!

Lifesavesocialdistance · 22/03/2020 20:41

Another person grateful for the data, I have a u in maths Im grateful for the number crunchers here

utterlybutterly8 · 22/03/2020 20:51

Deaths in the UK have increased by 47 since yesterday. When Italy was at the same stage, their deaths increased by 133 - almost 100 more.

In other words, we went from 233 to 281 deaths and they went from 233 to 366.

I know it’s only one day and that we have to see a trend to be certain, but it still gives me a glimmer of hope that we’re not going to suffer from this as severely as Italy has.

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