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AIBU to think people are overreacting to Coronavirus?

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NotHereToMakeFriends · 24/02/2020 16:42

Okay, I'll admit that it's bad and a lot of people have died from it but if you read up on it you have a limited chance of actually getting sick. Most people who have gotten sick are elderly, underlying health issues or have worked themselves down such as the doctors/nurses who are working themselves sick to try and help others.

I think people are just being scared into thinking that it's worse than it should be.

OP posts:

GreenTulips · 26/02/2020 12:33

Do clinical staff looking after these patients have to remain isolated too or just change,wash hands and go home?

The Italian doctors went on holiday to Tenerife. Now the hotel is isolated.

You can’t make it up


TheHagOnTheHill · 26/02/2020 13:26


ClubfootMaestro · 26/02/2020 13:31

Why shouldn’t we use hand sanitizers? I understand soap may be better but out and about with no access to a sink there is a place for them surely?


HasaDigaEebowai · 26/02/2020 13:59

You should use hand sanitizers when out and about. Particularly when touching handles, doors, surfaces etc You need the ones with 60% + alcohol in order to kill viruses.


DinaCaliente · 26/02/2020 14:00

I'm worried but not hysterical worried.
There's nothing wrong with being prepared and keeping an eye on the facts and figures and the news reports.

It'd be silly to be blase about it.


RevIMJolly · 26/02/2020 14:07

I'm not really worried about the virus , but I am worried about the knock on effects of schools being shut, panic buying etc. etc


snowdropsatmywindow · 26/02/2020 14:28

I am very blasé about it.

That is not silly it is sensible.


RocketFire · 26/02/2020 14:33

It’s selfish

You might be ‘blasé’ but if you catch it with your oh so cool ‘blase’ attitude, someone else could catch it from you and die


snowdropsatmywindow · 26/02/2020 14:39

I am a research scientist. You are not.


Cremebrule · 26/02/2020 14:41

It seems like the biggest thing for the Nhs managing is to contain spread until after winter pressures die down. Inevitably there will be pockets where it spreads but if that happens in May as opposed to January, the system has a chance of meeting demand. If it had spread in January, hospitals would have been at total breaking point. The big numbers of deaths are worst case scenarios. The government has to plan for extremes. There will be plans in place that are apocalyptic to the average reader but that planning has to happen. Obviously the hope is those plans are never used.


Fucck · 26/02/2020 14:42

I'm not hysterical or currently prepping for the 'apocalypse' but ... I don't want it and if it comes any closer I'm going to be that person who stays inside whether you tell me I'm being ridiculous or not because in reality it's not just me is it? My parents and grandparents are elderly, as are my in laws. My OH has bad asthma. I actually quite like them and I'm not going to be blasé about spreading an illness willy nilly that could very realistically cause their deaths.


HasaDigaEebowai · 26/02/2020 14:43

I am a research scientist. You are not.

Grin Forgive me for not quite believing this.

If the leading experts in the world are worried then I'm more inclined to listen to them.


TheHagOnTheHill · 26/02/2020 14:55

Science is a high subject,research in it is very specific so research scientist doesn't mean you know anything about this subject but are obviously very good a being over confident in your abilities(except perhaps people skills)


Misandei · 26/02/2020 15:11

I am a research scientist. You are not.


Iknibblekittens · 26/02/2020 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Iknibblekittens · 26/02/2020 15:14

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

eldeeno · 26/02/2020 15:19

I'm worried, but my daughter is immune suppressed, and so more likely to get sick from it, and her school has just been closed due to a possible case.
She's enjoying her long weekend. I'm bricking it but putting on a brave face.


WeBuiltCisCityOnSexistRoles · 26/02/2020 15:38

"I am a research scientist. You are not."

Oh my. Well that gave me some lighthearted relief for a moment Grin It was worth reading the thread just for that. Pompous much?


WhentheRabbitsWentWild · 26/02/2020 15:41

So do you want a Gold Star for being a research scientist , you clever girl . [Hmm]


NCforsafety · 26/02/2020 15:44

Read And the Band played on by Randy Shilts - documents the beginning of the Aids crisis in the late 70's, early 80's and how it could have been handled with so many fewer deaths if CDC had managed to get anyone anywhere to listen and act about these linked deaths and infections.
Let's hope Covid 19 does not have anywhere near the same mass societal impact because people/governments/health agencies are acting more this stage I don't think we know and I personally prefer that countries are reacting quickly.


ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs · 26/02/2020 15:55

where do people get the idea from that COVID 19 is "just like the flu"? Where???

Quite apart from the high transmission and potential death rate, the effect of hundreds of thousands of people being ill for at least a few weeks each will have huge impact on everyone. Apart from the costs and strain on the NHS (and I personally think they will really struggle if this comes to fruition) is the impact on businesses and the economy. I have a small business. I cannot afford to pay staff full sick pay for potentially a couple of months while generating no income. Not going to happen. It would be the end of my business, and the end of employment and training for around 15 people. Other businesses will be similarly affected, or affected by being unable to get supplies from affected countries (already happening)

So no, not just the elderly and the infirm who should be concerned. Even if you want to take the selfish "well, I'll probably be ok" attitude, it will ultimately affect you.


picklemewalnuts · 26/02/2020 16:07

Apparently this written by a nurse, published in The Lancet. It's an eye opener.

On Jan 24, 2020, we came to Wuhan, China, to support the local nurses in their fight against the COVID-19 infection. We entered the Wuhan isolation ward as the first batch of medical aid workers from Guangdong Province, China. The daily work we are doing is mainly focused on provision of oxygen, electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring, tube care, airway management, ventilator debugging, central venous intubation, haemodialysis care, and basic nursing care such as disposal and disinfection.

The conditions and environment here in Wuhan are more difficult and extreme than we could ever have imagined. There is a severe shortage of protective equipment, such as N95 respirators, face shields, goggles, gowns, and gloves. The goggles are made of plastic that must be repeatedly cleaned and sterilised in the ward, making them difficult to see through. Due to the need for frequent hand washing, several of our colleagues' hands are covered in painful rashes. As a result of wearing an N95 respirator for extended periods of time and layers of protective equipment, some nurses now have pressure ulcers on their ears and forehead. When wearing a mask to speak with patients, our voices are muted, so we have to speak very loudly. Wearing four layers of gloves is abnormally clumsy and does not work—we can't even open the packaging bags for medical devices, so giving patients injections is a huge challenge. In order to save energy and the time it takes to put on and take off protective clothing, we avoid eating and drinking for 2 hours before entering the isolation ward. Often, nurses' mouths are covered in blisters. Some nurses have fainted due to hypoglycaemia and hypoxia.

In addition to the physical exhaustion, we are also suffering psychologically. While we are professional nurses, we are also human. Like everyone else, we feel helplessness, anxiety, and fear. Experienced nurses occasionally find the time to comfort colleagues and try to relieve our anxiety. But even experienced nurses may also cry, possibly because we do not know how long we need to stay here and we are the highest-risk group for COVID-19 infection. So far 1716 Chinese staff have been infected with COVID-19 and nine of them have unfortunately passed away. Due to an extreme shortage of health-care professionals in Wuhan, 14 000 nurses from across China have voluntarily come to Wuhan to support local medical health-care professionals. But we need much more help. We are asking nurses and medical staff from countries around the world to come to China now, to help us in this battle.

We hope the COVID-19 epidemic will end soon, and that people worldwide will remain in good health.


HasaDigaEebowai · 26/02/2020 16:07

Daily mail and the Sun have both been consistently referring to it as "a flu". One of the politicians in the HoC this afternoon did the same.

I think its because they are describing it as having "flu like symptoms" which in itself is a bit silly IMO given that some people have just had a sore throat or an upset stomach and gone on to test positive. In describing it in this way we risk people dismissing their symptoms unless they're really poorly and in bed.


Quartz2208 · 26/02/2020 16:11

the problem is as well this "just flu" has had a pretty brutal season as well. The CDC estimate between 16000 to 41000 deaths so far. So the system is already stretched with that. Add in this and the whole system could be under pressure

We see it as just flu because billions are spent making sure it is seen as that vaccinations etc are carefully crafted as much information gathered to ensure we can fight it (because we have lost the battle before).

That is what sets this apart we just dont know everything is coming through in real time


Misandei · 26/02/2020 17:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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