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AIBU to think people are overreacting to Coronavirus?

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NotHereToMakeFriends · 24/02/2020 16:42

Okay, I'll admit that it's bad and a lot of people have died from it but if you read up on it you have a limited chance of actually getting sick. Most people who have gotten sick are elderly, underlying health issues or have worked themselves down such as the doctors/nurses who are working themselves sick to try and help others.

I think people are just being scared into thinking that it's worse than it should be.

OP posts:

FagAsh · 24/02/2020 17:52

I care about my parents and other old relatives so.... Yes i worry. Find the "alright jack" attitudes on here really depressing


ClubfootMaestro · 24/02/2020 17:52

I don’t know what I think of it. I’m scared about my daughter getting it and hope the suggestion children are more immune is true.

I agree there are far worse illnesses around and we don’t hear of them as they don’t affect the western world, but you can’t help but feel worried when it’s those you love who could be threatened.


HairyFloppins · 24/02/2020 17:52

I disagree and I am very scared by it.

It could wipe out a huge number of our elderly population. That's our parents, grandparents etc.

It's the complacent people that will spread it imo.


MashedPotatoBrainz · 24/02/2020 17:52

It's not any worse than the flu and no one is scared of that.

With an immuno-suppressed DD, I'm pretty scared of the flu. That's why we all got vaccinated. Along with millions of others who are also scared of the flu.


Aspoonfullofjam · 24/02/2020 17:54

@NotHereToMakeFriends Most people who have gotten sick are elderly, underlying health issue

Oh that’s alright then. It’ll only be my grandmother parents and brother who could die if they get it. Phew Hmm


Dongdingdong · 24/02/2020 17:55

Absolutely. There have been 2,628 deaths from the Corona virus to date. World population = 7,700,000,000.


SylvanianFrenemies · 24/02/2020 18:01

YABU. People with underlying health issues and elderly people aren't some separate section of society that don't matter/is resigned to their imminent death.

If you looked at me, you'd think I had no health issues. But I have type 1 diabetes, and I also take medication that suppresses my immune system for another reason. I'm a parent of young children and I'm a health professional. I am not hysterical about Coronavirus, but I'm definitely concerned/aware. I would be very vulnerable, as would my parents and my younger child. So I'll be washing my hands a bit more, and avoiding anyone whose travelled to Asia recently.

TBH your post is a bit insulting to the millions of people with chronic health issues, and other vulnerabilities, who have the temerity to want to stay alive!


RocketFire · 24/02/2020 18:12

health professionals and scientists dont know the scope this virus has

so its not like the flu at all

they are unsure on incubation period
they are unsure about transmission (diamond princess clients contracted it despite isolation etc)
they are unsure if it will mutate
they are unsure about transmission before symptoms appear

nothing like the standard flu really


FourTeaFallOut · 24/02/2020 18:15

nothing like the standard flu really

Yeah, but if you close your eyes really tight, block your ears and engage in some magical thinking - it's just like the flu, right?


Alwaysablue · 24/02/2020 18:20

I love the mentality of ‘its only the elderly and sick who die so it’s nothing to worry about’. Thanks. Some of us actually care about someone in one of the vulnerable categories so are understandably terrified of this virus.


DowntownAbby · 24/02/2020 18:22


The hysteria on MN is just incredible.


RocketFire · 24/02/2020 18:27


ok love....calm down.


FourTeaFallOut · 24/02/2020 18:29

Jesus, you don't have to love me because I know the difference between 1% and 0.1%.


whatshouldicallme · 24/02/2020 18:32

The death rate at the moment is around 2%. The death rate for the flu is 0.1%. If millions of people are infected as they are from the flu each year, many more people will die. Young and healthy people do die from the flu, and young people have died from coronavirus as well so it is not true that it is only the elderly or at risk, anyway. Obviously widespread panic is not helpful, but it needs to be taken seriously as there are many features of this virus that are concerning and we don't know much about it yet.


KaptenKrusty · 24/02/2020 18:38

I find the mass panic quite entertaining tbh - the twitter hashtag coronovirus is hilarious at time’s -people writing in panicked CAPS - people trying to cancel flights to places that don’t even have any cases 🙄! So over the top ! Meanwhile someone gets stabbed pretty much every evening in my neighbourhood - so that’s probably more likely to happen to me than to catch the virus!!


whatshouldicallme · 24/02/2020 18:39

"Absolutely. There have been 2,628 deaths the the Corona virus to date. World population = 7,700,000,000."

Hmm..but not many people have contracted the coronavirus yet? If half of the world's population were to become infected at some point and the death rate remains at around 2%, that's 154,000,000 deaths. Plus many more hospitalizations placing a huge burden on healthcare systems.


NotGenerationAlpha · 24/02/2020 18:40

DD just came back from school saying a friend’s grandparents went to Hong Kong to holiday. (White British btw). They expressed surprise how everyone wore masks and it was very quiet. My parents live in Hong Kong and we aren’t visiting this Easter. Everyone is scared there because of the proximity to China. I can’t believe people are so complacent about this.


MarshaBradyo · 24/02/2020 18:40

Reaction to it is more serious than the usual flu - Italy for example. So that does make me wonder if I should be more concerned.


0hT00dles · 24/02/2020 18:43

It needs to be taken seriously given how fast it's spreading.

You can get a flu injection.

My df has heart and kidney failure, and diabetes and numerous other conditions. This would be fatal for him. We were all called up last year when he got pneumonia and was kept in hospital for weeks.

We also have a student who has her bf visiting from infected area in Italy at the weekend. I've asked for her to be removed as I can't risk it. My dm also has breathing issues.

When we called for advice, it was that it would be a 14 day isolation period for us all as she will be in direct contact with someone from an area with an outbreak.

I'd rather not risk it


bellinisurge · 24/02/2020 18:48

Define "overreacting ".
And as for "underlying health issues ", define that as well.
I assume you don't mean that people who aren't you are expendable.


Hollyhead · 24/02/2020 18:49

YABU, there is no need to panic, but this is going to be wide reaching and serious. People are silent carriers and spreaders for weeks before symptoms come out - we are about 10 days behind Italy from some of the stats I've seen.

And I don't think our hospitals can cope - so it won't just be 'oh I've had it mildly i'm ok' have you thought about how hospitals can cope with extra ICU cases? What if you have a heart attack/stroke while all the HDU beds are taken up with Covid-19 sufferers. What if you need a diagnostic CT for cancer? But there are also 100s of people with pneumonia.

As soon as we understood the contagiousness and long incubation much more drastic action should have been taken.


lynsey91 · 24/02/2020 18:54

I think the media seems to want to make a big issue of it. As others have said, more people die from flu every year.

My only concern is that hospitals will not be able to cope.

I am not the slightest bit concerned for myself. Worrying is not going to change anything. What will be will be.


XDownwiththissortofthingX · 24/02/2020 18:54

I'm terrified, because I hardly have any friends/relatives left after the SARS epidemics and Bird Flu wiped out 80% of the planet...

Oh... hold on...


eenymeenyminybo · 24/02/2020 18:58

df-elderly heart failure
step-mum-elderly health problems
dh-over 50, asthmatic
dc1-severe asthmatic
stepsibling poor health

Yes, it's mainly people in at risk groups who are at risk of dying.but look at your immediate family and friends and work out how many of them are in those groups...


BarbedBloom · 24/02/2020 19:00

I am immuno suppressed, asthmatic and allergic to the flu jab, so I am rather concerned. In addition I know a number of people who would fit into the at risk group. I also have friends in China, Vietnam and Korea who are currently dealing with all of this. There is now a case in the area I used to live in Korea, where my friends still live. The biggest concern is whether the health service could cope should it reach similar levels in this country, plus all the risk of people panic buying etc.

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