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Getting waaaaay ahead of myself here I know! BUT...........

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ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 12:22

Just wondered if anyone else is like me and DH and have been thinking about baby names?? We can't agree on girls, but boys we find easy... we could have a bunch of boys and agree on every name!!

I know I shouldn't be thinking of names when I am not even pg, but I can't help myself!!Anyone got any cool name ideas?? Promise I won't steal any of them I'd love to hear what other people are thinking... or am I the only one mental enough to think this far ahead??

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LadyTophamHatt · 12/11/2006 12:26

Have you gots children already??

I think it perfectly normal to talk about names when your pre-kids. It's such a big thing that it's impossible not to think about it.
I know I thought about it alot.

We didn't talk about names without being PG again after DS1 was born though IYSWIM.

BIGlilBUBU · 12/11/2006 12:28

Ds is called George, id like another boy and a girl. Bobby for the boy and Lila for the girl. Love thoughs names...

BIGlilBUBU · 12/11/2006 12:29

oooo sorry ment to say those names not thoughs...

ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 12:52

No, we are ttc our first child... so as you say we are thinking about it a lot!!

George is such a strong name!! I like it. But it wouldn't work with our surname.

I love Scarlett, but DH doesn't like it!! Don't think he'll budge either!

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katyjo · 12/11/2006 13:19

best to start talking about it now, we started talking about it at the beginning of pregnancy and we were still having trouble 9 months later. Although we did have a short list before the birth, none of them suited him, so had to come up with something else!! It is such fun trying to choose a name, my fav for a girl is Mia but didn't go with our surname and we had a boy called him Hamish (we are scottish).

ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 13:29

I love Hamish!!! We are not Scottish so it would be silly for us! But it a lovely name!!

I told DH that some names might not suit the baby when born. He doesn't believe in that so I will be showing him your post as proof that it does happen!!! Thanks

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GILL74 · 12/11/2006 13:48

Just wanted to let you know my ds is called Innes (scottish variation of angus) goes great with surname.

cece · 12/11/2006 14:07

My top tip is imagine standing shouting it in the park/street....

GILL74 · 12/11/2006 14:22

We each made our own list of names we liked from baby names book. Swapped papers and scored out the ones we didn't like from list and ended up with a mixture of names we both could agree with, Innes was included in the final list, thankfully.

helenhismadwife · 12/11/2006 14:59

dh and I talked about names we liked before I was pregnant, we loved Madeline for a girl all the way through toward the end we also liked Beatrice but as soon as she was born we knew it had to be Madeline. For a boy we had Hugo William, and that was the same with 2nd pregnancy we couldnt agree a girls name at all then just a few days before she was born we decided we both liked Isabelle. So now we have Madeline Daisy and Isabelle Rose. Still love Hugo though and for another girl Ameile

katyjo · 12/11/2006 15:10

Helen what lovely names! I loved the idea of calling a little girl Maddy and I think Hugo is a fantastic name.

burstingbug · 12/11/2006 15:45

Ds1 is George Monty John and Ds2 is Joseph Benjamin Samuel.

largeginandtonic · 12/11/2006 16:16

My poor children were very neglected, the dts were lucky and had a neme as soon as they were born, dd had a name soon after but the last 2 ds's were about 6 weeks with no name. I say its never to early to start talking about the names!
Im due #6 in may and am thinking already, need a girl really as i have 5 boys and only 1 girl. Girl names are easy but im running out of boys!

I have a Samuel Joseph, Jacob Henry, Seraphim Tabitha, Jonah James and Hugo Rafferty Peter. Seraphim just gets called Phin and Hugo is always Hugs. I quite like Theodore for a boy but i know he would be called Teddy, then id have a Hugs and Teddy to yell in for tea

foundintranslation · 12/11/2006 16:18

We already have the names (boy and girl) for our not-yet-conceived (well, in fact conceived-twice-and-miscarried-twice ) second child more or less picked out... keeping them to ourselves though, sorry

largeginandtonic · 12/11/2006 16:18

I meant 4 boys and 1 girl, good lord was that my subconcious trying to tell me something about this next baby! Eeeeek, my daughter will not be happy.

ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 16:41

largeginandtonic - Seraphim!! How unusual, yet pretty. I think it means Angel, but I might be wrong! Some very biblical names there! Do you think you will go with something biblical with #6??

foundintranslation - so sorry to hear of your miscarriages... fingers crossed you will get to use your (secret) names soon

keep them coming peeps, I am loving reading them all!!!!!

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ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 17:17


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largeginandtonic · 12/11/2006 17:27

It is after the highest order of the angels, the ones who just kind of screech at god, quite apt really if youve heard her

I always liked Gabriel too but cant really have it as he would get teased in this house (Gabriel is the lowest of the angels!)

No more biblical names though, think ive done enough. Any suggestions gratefuly recieved though, read one on here the other day, Atticus. Like that alot, Dh like Brutus....

ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 17:35

LOL at the screeching!! I am looking forward to that part !!

I read a thread with Atticus the other day. It's a very strong sounding name. I wouldn't choose it myself mind.

Brutus?? Very different. Conjures an image of a bit of a hardnut (iyswim??)

I'm not meaning to be rude, sorry if you think I am. I don't want to diss anyone's choice of names. I hate it when people do that!!!

OP posts:
ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 17:36

Meant to say I really like Gabriel. Shame it's a lower angel!

OP posts:
tortoiseshell · 12/11/2006 17:39

largeginandtonic - we've an angel too in Michael - he's the highest of the archangels, and then there's Raphael as well as Gabriel.

largeginandtonic · 12/11/2006 17:46

Ooooh Raphael love that alot, the dts would be thrilled to as there is Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle called it to. Will add that to my list.

Not offeded at all ready4motherhood, i dont like Brutus think it sounds like a dog name, he likes Caesar too (see a pattern here!) But Dh pointed out i like Felix and that is a cat name and Oscar, so had to let it in, not convinced though.

ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 17:49

My favourite girls names at the moment are Scarlett, Amber and Sienna but DH dislikes all of them. He likes Chloe, but it's in the top 5 every year isn't it?? I don't want something that is overly popular.
Boys names, like I said, we agree on all of them, which is great!! But if we ever get pg, you just know we will have a girl (which we would be thrilled with by the way) and she will remain nameless for weeks, the poor love. Throw some girls names at me please... we need some more to put on the table

Like I said... I know I am getting waaay ahead of myself, but there's no harm in that? right??

OP posts:
ready4motherhood · 12/11/2006 17:50

I love Oscar!! Very smart sounding! Dare I say "posh"

OP posts:
Natty1806 · 12/11/2006 18:15

Mine are:


Sophie or Sophia

OH not keen on many of them but need to get preggers before i really choose. x

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