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Trying to conceive thread .........5

326 replies

BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
bunny2 · 17/03/2004 20:03

I did a link on the previous ttc thread. It was a link to a page of statistics about testing. I think 9 dpo you can get a positive, obviously that early you might well get a false negative. I got a negative at 8 dop and a pos at 11 dpo. Good luck. Things happen in threes so there is Colission, me and ?????

bunny2 · 17/03/2004 20:04

here it is

jellycat · 17/03/2004 20:08

Hi Azure, thanks for asking! No sign of AF yet but today is only day 28 and my cycles are sometimes up to 32 days. This month I'd expect it to arrive in the next couple of days though (based on when I ovulated) - I'm tempted to test but I only have 1 pissy stick so I'm going to try and hold out until Friday if AF doesn't arrive by then. We are going away for a few days so I won't be able to post straight away though, unless AF arrives by tomorrow morning. Where are you in your cycle now?

ermentrude, I think you should wait till at least 10 dpo. However, bunny posted a link a while back (look at the beginning of the last thread) to some research done by the fertilty friend people which showed that it was better to leave it until about 13-14 dpo. If you test early I'd suggest trying a First Response test, as these are supposed to be more sensitive (this isn't a personal recommendation - I've never tried them, that's just what they say).

jellycat · 17/03/2004 20:09

Sorry, slow typing there!

ermentrude · 17/03/2004 20:09

Thanks for that link Bunny2 - interesting info!But I honestly don't know when my period is due as it varies. Am on CD30 now. Actually - I am on 31 - just checked!

I won't test until Sunday at the earliest - that will be around 5 weeks since the start of the last AF. What do you think? Can I hold out that long?

ermentrude · 17/03/2004 20:14

Oh and thanks to jellycat too!!

Quackers · 17/03/2004 21:11

ERmentrude, Hi, if you had a poss imp dip today then you could test in around 3-4 days, but if you want to be really sure hang on for another 5-6 days. As soon as the fertilsed implants it starts producing HCG and it needs to reach a certain level to be identified by the pgcy test, but as everyone is different, some get an early result, some don't - GOOD LUCK!!

ChaCha · 17/03/2004 22:22


Man! I leave the thread for a couple of days and come back to all this good news!! Super Congrats to you all. Bunny, you must be thrilled!!!!
Ohhhh....i hope i get there soon. I have BD'd everyother day this cycle! Hope its worth it - am exhausted...(((hugs)))

jellycat · 18/03/2004 07:22

OK girls, I have no willpower, it's official. Woke up this morning with achey boobs and have been a bit suspicious about a few other symptoms over the last few days so ... did the test and......2 blue lines!!!

bunny2 · 18/03/2004 07:24

Jellycat, that is fantastic news!!! Wow, what a lucky week we are having. Well done I have seen your message on the pg after mc board so I'll talk to you there.

twiglett · 18/03/2004 08:05

message withdrawn

Quackers · 18/03/2004 08:25

If it doesn't rain it pours!!!!! I'm delighted!!

M2T · 18/03/2004 08:36

My goodness!!!

Congrats to Collision and Jellycat.... now it's your turn Ermentrude.

bluestar · 18/03/2004 09:13

CONGRATULATIONS JELLYCAT & COLLISION. So good to hear positive news on this thread. Wish you both the best of luck.

hana · 18/03/2004 09:27

Collision and Jellycat, let me add my congratulations to you as well! Best wishes for a healthy stressfree pregnancy, lucky girls!

jellycat · 18/03/2004 10:05

Thank you girls! I can't quite believe it. I shall be offline for a few days now but will check in next week.

BigBird · 18/03/2004 11:44

my word - what a great thread !
Cograts Collision and Jellycat. Isn't it gas how things come in 3's

OP posts:
Azure · 18/03/2004 12:33

I've been looking around a school this morning and so have just logged on. Fantastic news Jellycat You sly thing, "not trying" this month!! I can't keep up with all these graduates - three in three days. I'm on day 24 and I ovulated on day 14, and so may have some news at the beginning of next week.

bluestar · 18/03/2004 13:14

Good luck Azure. Hope you get your positive this month.

smellymelly · 18/03/2004 13:22

well, my coffee tastes like s**t, and when DP sprayed his deo in the bathroom, I could smell it in the bedroom 20mins later like he'd just sprayed it next to me ...

Wishful thinking ?? I hope not..

Will be testing next Thurs, I hate waitng.

It is so great to share it here with people in the same boat, though.

futurity · 18/03/2004 13:25

Fab news everyone! Well done! Are these all November due dates? Don't think I will ever start a thread as if I got preg this month the due date would be Dec 18th!

DS is over chicken pox now so things back to normal. Looking forward to TTC but not for another week or so for me.

BeckiF · 18/03/2004 14:00

Well done! Come on lucky ladies, rub some of your baby magic dust on me! I'm determined to get pregant naturally rather than going the IVF route! And it's not lack of trying, beleive me

eyelash · 18/03/2004 14:31

Congratulations to Collusion and Jellycat - well done.

bluestar · 18/03/2004 15:02

futurity, glad ds is better. Like you, I'm waiting for the bding time again, end of next week for me, have my OPK ready! If I have a cycle of 34 days again, due date would be 15 Dec - will we be the lucky graduaters for Christmas babies I wonder. Lets hope so.
smellymelly, good luck for next week.

smellymelly · 18/03/2004 16:26

Thanks Bluestar..... Ditto to you !!!!

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