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Trying to conceive thread .........5

326 replies

BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
bunny2 · 20/03/2004 20:51

clever girl

ChaCha · 21/03/2004 10:25

Thank you Bunny! Always there to the rescue
AF is due a week today. Thankfully work will keep me busy this week and i will try not to think about it. Have a good day

ChaCha · 21/03/2004 13:58

More creamy CM this afternoon in abundance. Have no appetite at all! Just want to drink lots.
I had very similar symptoms last cycle so my hopes are not up, but the CM is pushing me to believe i am in with a chance. Am also very energetic - usually very tired at weekend. Same scenario month after month...what will i do if i ever get the BFP? 'Que Sera, Sera Whatever Will Be, Will Be'

bunny2 · 21/03/2004 15:24

ChaCha, you will get a BPF one day, maybr very soon, I hope so.

ChaCha · 21/03/2004 15:27

Hi Bunny,
Thanks for the encouragement. How are you feeling?

Azure · 22/03/2004 08:43

AF arrived Feeling sad and angry about m/c last year - I would have been around 34 weeks pregnant now. Just feel it's all too late now. In fact, I don't think I'm going to bother this month. We are off in a few weeks to visit my sister in the States and have upgraded ourselves (with miles) to business class, and so I think I'm just going to sit back and enjoy my champagne cocktails. Well, as much as you can with a toddler in tow.

smellymelly · 22/03/2004 09:15

hugs Azure..... So sorry for you.

If you stop trying this month and have a rest, but keep bd'ing, then you never know what may happen!!!!

I'm on day 20, 1 week after Ov, and I'm having loads of symptoms - huge amount of D/C, exceptionally strong sense of smell, everything tastes weird, my arthritis in my hand flared on Sat for 1st time in ages and is better today, been very emotional, I think I can feel my fibroid already which only grows when I'm pregnant.

No sore boobs yet though, which I got last time.

Feel a bit silly, as we are very close to DP's parents and told them yesterday that I could be...

bluestar · 22/03/2004 12:16

Azure, sorry you're feeling a bit down. I always feel like this when af arrives but after the first week, I put the negative feelings behind me and start focusing on the bding time ahead. I actually do feel a bit more chilled out this week (bding time soon) and hope that maybe this month I will get pg. Am also planning on going for a reflexology treatment just to see if this helps at all.
smellymelly, good luck for testing time!

ChaCha · 22/03/2004 18:31

Azure..sorry mate...here's some cyber hugs (((HUG)))U can return them in 6 days time!

Bunny, i went to see ob/gyn today for CD21 test (am CD22 though) and i fainted!!! I am really squeamish and i turned into a four year old in front of DH and Doc's very eyes!!
Doc now says 'forget blood tests' and has told me to use provera, CD12,13,14 next cycle if no BFP this month. What is provera? He says only 2 cycles left on medication and then i will need to look at alternative method Told him about the lots of d/c, he said it was a good sign but did not mean pregnancy! Men!!!! They never say the right thing.

Morgan · 22/03/2004 19:27

Hi ChaCha. Thanks for the info re laproscopy. Sorry to hear you fainted. Hopefully i'll feel ok after as if no bfp before then it should be about bd'ing time and also it is my and dh's tenth anniversary and we are planning a nice weekend with ds going to the in-laws to be babysat. I don't feel pg this month just have all the normal symptoms ohhhhh well.

However i have been taking St John's Wort recently as i was really depressed at the end of last year and anti-depressants were suggested but i just didn't want to go there and i really feel like it has worked as i feel so much better than i did and i think it must be that. I'm thinking of having reflexology too.

ermentrude · 22/03/2004 19:30

Hi there - Azure - sorry you had such a bad experience. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter soon.

As for me - very odd. I amsupposed to be on cd3 now but it may well be cd37.....AF has never really got going. Also my temperature was way higher than ever this morning but I also don't feel very well today. My back aches and so do my legs

bunny2 · 22/03/2004 19:38


ChaCha, I am having my blood taken every 2 days and I hate it. I am black and blue with stab wounds where the nurse has tried to find a vein. I only had 2 clomid cycles left b4 looking at alternatives, alot can happen on 2 cycles, try not to worry too much about what might happen months down the line.

Smelly, you could try a test in a few days, I think results can be quite good 10 or 11 dpo. Good luck.

ChaCha · 22/03/2004 19:50

Have just been looking at the whole persona thing. The monitor itself is around 60 quid. Anyone know where i can get one cheaper? TTC is expensive business..GOSH!

ermentrude · 22/03/2004 19:52

Bunny - but could I still get a neg test if it is implantation bleeding? Should I wait until the end of the week? Wednesday will be 14dpo.....

Kay1 · 22/03/2004 22:12

Hi all, my pc crashed over 2 weeks ago - so no mumsnet or fertility friend to keep me going. Have now finally managed to get pc working and couldn't wait to see all the news - i can't believe 3 pg's - loads of congratulations to you all - this has certainly been a busy month!!

I have been logging all my temps and chart is looking interesting - i had an awful stomach bug around time of ov (but managed to bd anyway - how's that for dedication!)and am now on day 25 with no temp drop yet, huge boobs and no sign of AF! Cycle is usually 27 days so will see what happens...............good luck to us all!

smellymelly · 23/03/2004 07:21

I'm on dpo 8 or 9, and I've had cramping since 3am, is this a good or bad sign??????????????

ChaCha · 23/03/2004 08:42

Good morning to everyone!
Just checking in before work
Good luck to everyone waiting to test! I am CD23. No cramping at all this cycle, just a few pains in my right side. Even if there is no BFP it is certainly better than last cycle.
Any news on Persona ladies?

Azure · 23/03/2004 08:48

Hi there - Ermentrude, that sounds promising. A First Response kit could show a positive (if appropriate) by now. How are you feeling today?

bluestar · 23/03/2004 08:48

ChaCha, have a look on Ebay, sometimes you can pick persona up on there a bit cheaper.

bunny2 · 23/03/2004 14:56

ChaCha, wait till you start buying the pregnancy tests! I have done 8 so far and they average about £7 each!

Ermentrude, I had 4 negs b4 a pos lat time. Dont give up hoping! TEST TODAY

Kay, that sounds hopeful too, maybe this will be the most fertile ttc thread ever!

Smelly, I had cramping around ov and a few days after, I thought af was coming early especially with the bleeding but, hey, I'm pregnant! I think pains are a very common symptom of pregnancy but they arent necessarily. Fingers crossed.

BeckiF · 23/03/2004 17:02

Well I'm on day 163 of my current cycle. The Metformin may be doing its job as I have had twingey boobs and dull period pains for the last week.

How I wish I had a normal cycle and therfore 12 chances a year to try

ChaCha · 23/03/2004 17:10

BeckiF - thinking of you, sending you (( hugs ))
How is everything going?

BeckiF · 23/03/2004 18:37

Hi ChaCha - things are OK. Only lost 1lb last week, because I was out quite a bit. Also went to visit with my parents this weekend so ate well there too.

Just can't shed this self pity at the mo

ermentrude · 23/03/2004 21:13

Seems as though I am getting a proper period now

Oh well, Christmas baby here we come!

smellymelly · 24/03/2004 09:08

Neg test this morning, a bit eager I know, 9 dpo.

I just hate this waiting......

I will test again tomorrow, only have clear blue digital tests left, will they show positive results from dpo 10 ???

Dp says when he kisses me it is like licking his watch!!! No I don't kiss that bad, its that weird metallic taste in my mouth.

Fingers crossed.

Good luck to all the others trying this month.

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