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Trying to conceive thread .........5

326 replies

BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
malinki · 06/04/2004 11:29

Hello Ladies, saw a GP last night, and sure glad I saw the one I did, it was like seeing my grandad, old guy, beard, really nice. I broke down, told him I was fed up with the was I wasn't I saga and he basically said "I know you are not pregnant, your test result has shown not pregnant and this result undertaken by the hospital measures the hcg in your urine as early as a couple of days after conceiveing. Your periods are worrying me and therefore I have no alternative but to prescribe Clomid on your next cycle, which judging by the way you are (crying and angry) and complaining of aches and bloatedness, should be very shortly. If AF has not arrived in 3 weeks time, then we will tackle this again in a different way." I was in with this GP for 40 minutes, and all he did was talk and ask me what I wanted, he asked me if I was scared of the PCOS or of the Sub-fertility. I told him sub-fertility and that is when he smiled at me and nodded his head, then he just replied "Clomid it is then". I feel like something is happening as I am also currently waiting to see my local hospital to see Kath Fishwick who helped me to concieve my daughter 4 years ago. Sorry this is so long winded, but is anyone else on the list on Clomid and what should I expect to happen.

bluestar · 06/04/2004 12:00

malinki, not on clomid, but really pleased that you saw such a positive and pro-active gp. I really hope that you are able to move forward now. Good luck, let's hope af turns up soon.

ChaCha · 06/04/2004 17:09

Bunny, Quacks, Kay1, smellymelly - Where are you all? I need some reassurance here!

hana · 06/04/2004 18:48

chacha - haven't heard of follicle tracking but sounds like it could work, hope it does the trick foryou. I like your positive energy there too, I'm feeling some of it too!!!!!!! I am only 3 or 4 dpo if the pissy sticks were right (and only managed one session at that time, was hoping for more) so don't think we've cracked it this time.
Let us know how the tracking stuff goes too

malinki - that all sounds good too, hope that puts you back on track , lots of people here take or have taken clomid so I@m sure you'll get lots of advice/reassurance about taking it.

ChaCha · 06/04/2004 18:59

Hi Hana, well you never know...once is enough! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Thanks for the support. Cant do anything until AF arrives though. What vitamins should i be taking for pre-conception care. I am taking folic acid already. Also, DH said it would be a good idea to cut down on the old caffeine. Currently drink between 3-6 cups a day. What do you think?

((((positive energy)))) Summer is a great time TTC dont you think?!? Getting in shape! Yeah!

hana · 06/04/2004 19:13

chacha - I'm not a coffee drinker or a big tea drinker, so caffiene isn't a problem. I take a prenatal supplement that has folic acid in it
(bought them in Canada when I was there in Feb - bought a year's supply at the time!) but would be similiar to Sanatogen and the others. DH recently started taking zinc tablets to improve sperm production (?) I forget what exactly it does, but came highly recommended on MN! For the men that is. Other than that, just trying to eat healthily and exercise when I can and try (oh how I try.....) not to get to stressed out by the whole business. (Which I don't do such a great job of, must work on that.....)
It will be our turn one of these days, and being positive feels so much better than the flip side. But it's hard, I'll be the first to say that.

bunny2 · 06/04/2004 20:17

ChaCha, I take Pregnacare, it is good for pre and post conception. Caffeine can, apparently, hinder fertility so it's a good idea to cut down on it (and alcohol). What about your dh/dp? It is good if they cut out/down on caffeine/alcolhol and cigarettes too to help healthy sperm formation. I have a couple of books on fertility and I'll happiliy lend them to you (hopefully I wont be needing them for a while). Regarding the hcg shot, I hate to recommend looking at another site but I think these shots are common in US so maybe looking at a site like Fertility Friend would give you some information on it. Best of luck with it. xx

Malinki, I had clomid last summer and conceived on month 2, unfortunatley miscarried, then took clomid again this year and conceived again in month 2. I think it is very good if, for some reason, you are not ovulating. It certainly kickstarted my system. The side effects vary, my main one was putting on weight and getting bloated, I also had PMT-type mood swings which I wasnt used to. A small price to pay IMO. I have read that taking vitamin C on the same days as taking the clomid (5 days each cycle) can increase its effectiveness. Clomid can dry up cervical mucus so taking Evening Primrose Oil or drinking Green tea from day 1 of your cycle through to ovulation can help this. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

Quackers · 06/04/2004 20:44

Hi! Have to agree with Bunny ChaCha, it;s something I've not really gone into so couldn't honestly say anyhting about it. FF should be able to assist or do a google for HCG shots/egg tracking and let us know what you find! Good luck chuck.
Sorry bluestar and anyone else with a disappointing month. Roll on the next couple of weeks for you xx

bluestar · 06/04/2004 20:56

Looks like Santa doesn't want to do any extra work in December!!! AF still not arrived properly but will have by morning I'm sure. Although she's dragging her heels a bit I'm glad that my luteal phase is going to be longer than 11 days. Am going to try one more cycle and then if that doesn't work, am going to see the doctor again. Not sure what they can do as I appear to be ovulating, bding at the right time etc. maybe I'm just unlucky.

misdee · 06/04/2004 21:02

ok, need your advice. i think i have a cervical prolaspe. i have a gp's appoitment tomorrow to get it checked, but does anyone know if we should be ttc, or even if its possible. head is messed up atm.

smellymelly · 06/04/2004 21:14

Hi chacha - sorry this wasn't your month, but it's great that you will have some proper help, I am learning all the time from these threads about ways to help getting pregnant, much more than from my pretty useless gynae !!!

Another one I read a while back was that seratonin (spelling??) is good for mens fertility, so you could add that to the zinc for your DH!!

Come on everyone else - where are all the positives????

smellymelly · 06/04/2004 21:17

Forgot to say that I'm on cd9 and I today I have that fertile mucus stuff(!) sounds a little early, but we are still not sure what to waiting for wedding in July etc) It is really hard knowing when I ovulate, thanks to Persona, and not doing anything about it !!!!

bluestar · 06/04/2004 21:46

smellymelly, you would only be 4 months pg, so you wouldn't be showing that much would you? With ds, I didn't get any sort of bump til after 6 months and even when I had just a few days to go, someone thought I only looked about 6 months gone then. Go on, give it a go, you might not get pregnant anyway so might as well try! It might also put an extra big smile on your face!!

Kay1 · 07/04/2004 09:49

Hi all, just thought i'd check in and see how everyone is doing! I'm still on campaign to 'not try so hard' - so
didn't temp or use OPK's this month, but as i have temped for last 3 months i have a pretty good idea what is happening anyway, so bd'd around ov time and am now waiting to see what happens...........dh still wants to stop soon but i haven't totally given up yet. We are concentrating instead on our relationship as a couple, trying to relax, have fun and enjoy our ds, which feels much more positive. I was becoming a bit desperate tbh.

We have also been to GP and had all basic tests - i am definately ov'ing but have been referred for scan as i get quite a bit of pain on one side throughout month. Still waiting for sperm test results and GP has now referred us to fertility clinic but i don't know how long we will have to wait and whether we will actually go.

Cha cha - So sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. I was convinced you were pg!! But it sounds good to have doctor who is supportive and has suggestions about way forward. I think cutting down on caffeine is a good idea - i take supplements too - EPO, fish oils and magnesium, B vits, zinc etc - a friend of mine is training to be a nutritionist and gave me loads of advice about diet etc - there was a thread about it too a while back if you want more ideas. Keep positive!!

Misdee - thinking of you and hope appt goes well today - i don't know anything about prolapse and ttc, but hope all works out ok for you - ((( big hugs )))

Azure · 07/04/2004 13:53

I'm also checking in on everyone - glad you haven't abandoned us yet Kay1. Malinki what a confusing time - best of luck with Clomid. Misdee, sorry I don't know much about a prolapse, but good luck with your appointment. ChaCha, good luck with your follicle tracking - it's nice that something positive is happening for ttc. I have been wondering about the newbies Padme and Footstep - any news? Bluestar, did AF arrive for sure? We haven't heard from Morgan or AussieSim in a while - hope everything's going well.

misdee · 07/04/2004 16:39

well, def have a prolaspe, top wall is coming down. might make concieving harder but it isnt impossible. got exercises to do whihc will hopefully correct it. surgery isnt an option till have completed my family.

ermentrude · 07/04/2004 20:43

Oh misdee - hope that you are ok.

Hi again - not been on here for a while. I am on cd19 with rocky mountain temperatures and lo and behold, I have lost my thermometer!
How could this happen!!

Azure · 08/04/2004 08:25

Sorry to hear about our prolapse Misdee - I hope it doesn't delay ttc too much.

Hi there Ermentrude. Those wretched thermometers - I'm seriously considering losing mine!

bluestar · 08/04/2004 08:47

Well body thought it would trick me for a while, no spotting yesterday but today, af arrived for sure, so back to CD1 for me again. No PMS this month and feel much more positive than of late, so not actually too upset this time. Have also decided to try and relax, enjoy the things already in my life and not focus on something that hasn't happened YET. Got a holiday to look forward to soon as well so am trying to lose a few pounds which has already given me some more energy. Good luck to those that can still get on the December Board!!

Azure · 08/04/2004 09:39

Bluestar the ttc body really does like to play tricks, doesn't it. I've just entered my info onto Fertility Friend - fascinating stuff, even if I haven't been recording my cervical mucus, or indeed feeling my cervix (bleurghhh - my admiration for those who do). 10 days until AF due - 10 days of twiddling thumbs and trying to read signs in any little twinge of my body or temperature taken. Come to think of it I'm travelling to the States a week tomorrow - what happens with taking temperatures when there is a 7 hour time difference? Still first thing in the morning I assume.

bluestar · 08/04/2004 10:35

Azure, look on FF for what to do with time differences. I'm sure there will be some advice on there. Have a lovely time and hope you get some good news while you're there. I only record temps, OPK and bding! I can't say I always notice much change in mucus - anyone any suggestions on increasing this so it the change is more noticeable? Now looking to January for next potential due date but also have a ds in this month, so undecided about whether to give it a good shot or not this month. I have definitely become more questionning this month about whether the 'need' to get pg is taking over the actual desire to get a baby at the end IYKWIM. I want another baby but is the age gap really as important as I think it is and is is just putting more pressure and upset on me when it doesn't work out each month. Rambling now, sorry!

ChaCha · 08/04/2004 12:56

Azure, have a great trip to the States, business or pleasure?
Still no AF, am almost CD40!!!! (This never happened before, i am most upset with the way my body is treating me )

I'm off at the weekend, 2 weeks away in the sun. Need to concentrate on being a couple and having a good time. Forget what it's all about sometimes.
Good luck to everyone who still has a chance for the December thread.

(((positive energy))) everyone!!!

Azure · 08/04/2004 13:44

ChaCha have a great time on holiday. We're off to visit my sister and her family. After spending time with her 3 kids, I'm sure the desire to have more than one will wear off. I am dreading the flight and the time difference (the previous two return flights we've made with DS have been nightmares, and they were only within Europe). The good news is that I'll still be able to log on to Mumsnet, using my sister's PC.

hana · 08/04/2004 14:52

everyone is going on holiday!!!! Am jealous!! HAve a great time Azure and Chacha, might take your mind of ttc, you never know. And sorry about AF bluestar.....ermentrude, did you find your thermometer?

Moomin · 08/04/2004 15:19

I'm still here, hana. Shall we start a new ttc thread off and hope the next one has more luck than recently? We're all on a bit of a downer on this one!

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