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Trying to conceive thread .........5

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BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
ermentrude · 18/03/2004 16:41

Congratulations Jellycat!!! Wow! Send some babydust my way!!

jellycat · 18/03/2004 18:54

Well, Azure, I was persuaded . But I'm a bit surprised as I didn't use Persona this month so didn't know when/if I had ovulated and we didn't exactly go for it big time, IYSWIM. (So now I have my hardly-used Persona with a new pack of sticks which I bought ready for next month) (I shall sell it if this pg goes to term).

futurity, glad your ds is better.

Good luck everyone! Here is some feline babydust:


bunny2 · 18/03/2004 19:14

Yes, I'm still here .
Smelly, I have gone off coffee - just as well as I have decided to cut caffeine out of my diet as it may contribute to miscarriage. Also, my earliest sign that I might be pg was after bleaching the kitchen sick. Whereever I went in the house, the smell of bleach followed me and it was so strong it made me feel sick. That was at about 5 or 6 dpo.

Good luck to everyone here. Hoping for some more 2004 babies.Bunnyxxxx

ChaCha · 18/03/2004 20:54

Congratulation Jelly Cat!!!!!

ermentrude · 19/03/2004 09:02

Against all my better judgement (long cycles and period probably not due for a few days) I just tested and got a negative

I wanted to vomit at the smell of baked beans this morning when making up DS's lunch - that was what persuaded me to test. Temperature still high and starting light spotting again.

M2T · 19/03/2004 09:13


Implantation bleeding?

Azure · 19/03/2004 09:17

Bad luck Ermentrude Don't give up hope yet, though. I didn't get a BFP when I was pregnant with DS until a week after AF was due. Spotting doesn't necessarily mean AF.

ChaCha · 19/03/2004 16:33

Good Luck Ermentrude and don't give up hope! Hope you get your BFP soon

As for me, CD 19. Bunny hope you are still hopping in and out of this thread! I had no spotting this cycle (so far) and BD'd every other day. Do you think the fact that i didnt have the spotting CD17 like last cycle is a good sign??
This is the 2nd cycle on medication.

futurity · 19/03/2004 17:05

Just found out another friend who last time we spoke "wasn't trying was just seeing what happens" pregnant. Came home and burst into tears. Just feeling low about another month of trying and the endless waiting for ovulation and then the s*ding AF pains which arrive far too quickly afterwards (this was last month anyway). Sorry..just feeling sorry for myself!

ChaCha · 19/03/2004 17:26

Cheer up Futurity!
Believe me, we all go through days like that. Have been lucky recently, most of my friends have all just given birth - it's not so hard. You have to be positive and keep trying no matter what! If it's meant, it will happen - i have been trying for what seems like forever! I am more determined than ever to keep on trying and not lose faith! (Pls remind me of this when i get a BFN next week!)

Cheer up, enjoy the weekend, let your hair down!!!

ChaCha De Souza x

hana · 19/03/2004 19:10

sorry furtuity - hope you have a lovely weekend and do some nice things.

bunny2 · 19/03/2004 19:39

Futurity, it is so unfair isnt it? As Hana says, do nice things this weekend and look forward to the next sesh of bding (never far away once af is here). Never give up hope that next month is the month. xxx

ChaCha, it sounds like you have a darn good chance this month if you have had loads of bding. Has the doc checked the medication is working? What cycle day are you on?? Good luck.

Ermentrude, I always get a few negative results b4 a positive one. In my last pg, I had 4 negs and finally got a + on day 34.

ermentrude · 19/03/2004 19:44

Thanks Bunny2 - I am trying to forget about it for a few days - but as you all know, that is nigh on impossible!
Will keep you up to date!

ChaCha · 19/03/2004 21:21

Hey Bunny, CD19 i go for CD21 test on Monday. Cheers x

hana · 20/03/2004 08:35

morning everyone - have just snuck on - AF here a couple of days early. Poo. Didn't think it was this month as DH at crucial point this month decided he didn't like being a sperm factory. Told him (him - how do you know it's here? - men!) and he said 'ah that's lots more practicing soon.
So more practice for us. This is the longest it has taken so far, though I know lots of others take longer, just hard when I have not a lot of control over it all...

Good luck to those testing soon,have a lovely weekend, back on monday!

ermentrude · 20/03/2004 12:19

hana - let me join you in the CD1 club

But look at it this way - if we get pregnant this cycle, our due date is 25th december!!!

Well, not mine as I have long cycles.....but for those who are 28 day girls......

How is everyone?

ermentrude · 20/03/2004 12:36

cd1 today also means one of two things - either I havent been taking my temps correctly earlier in cycle (they were really low but not so low today) and therefore ovulation estimate wasn't accurate, or i have a luteal phase of less than 10 days to both of these!

ermentrude · 20/03/2004 12:39

Another question sorry. AF is heavier than usual for a first day of AF and I was really sure I was pregnant. I had the smell aversions that Bunny2 talked about. Could it be that my luteal phase wasn't long enough to impant?

SOrry - didn't realise how much I wanted to be pregnant until today

Morgan · 20/03/2004 14:41

Thanks Azure for your message. Got test results all ok apart from on HCG test they cdn't see right tube so to make sure there is no prob i am havinglaproscopy in May so would welcome any useful info fro anyone whose had one. On day 18 today and feel quite normal so don't think this is the month for me.

ChaCha · 20/03/2004 14:46

Where is everyone? I need to talk...
Today is CD20 (last cycle was 28 days). Hopefully I ov'd on CD14 but cannot be sure. My bb's are really swollen and the area around the nipple is totally dry & really sore! - sorry for TMI, but i had similar last cycle, could it be the medication? Does this happen to anyone on Clomid or the like? Bunny, can u help on this?
Also for the first time this cycle have just noticed some white sticky looking d/c. Sorry again for TMI but have not experienced this before. Cd this be ovulation or PG symptom? My d/c has also had a slight yellow tinge for the past couple of days.
Have Bd'd everyother day, had hoped to stop as of yesterday but if its a sign of ov, i need to call DH to get home.

Thank you ladies x

ChaCha · 20/03/2004 14:48

OH, hi Morgan!
I had my laparoscopy back in June i think. It was the best decision i ever made. My dear ob/gyn spotted endo in the early stages and zapped it all away for me with his magic wand, bless him! No, really, he was able to look at my tubes too which were fine, but he had to move my womb slightly as it was tilted. Took a few days rest at home and was fine.

Let me know if you want more info x

ermentrude · 20/03/2004 20:02

In fertility friend, how do I view last month's chart now that I have started a new one. Sat for ages trying to work it out but can't!

bunny2 · 20/03/2004 20:22

Ermentrude, are you a VIP member of FF? (normally first month automatically is). If so, to the left of your chart is an option to review charts, click on this button and it will list your charts, click the ones you want to see and click on view charts. Re your heavy af and vague pg symptoms, it could be that you ahd a chemical pregnancy where the egg got fertilized but didnt implant as the luteal phase was too short. I suspected this for me last month as I had a big dip (implantation dip) 7 days past ov, but as I was already spotting quite badley any fertilized egg wouldnt have been able to implant. Tough luck I know onyl too well how it feels.

ChaCha, I have had lots of very creamy discharge since shortly after ov and I have done in my other pregnancies too. It is quite common to have increased discharge in early pregnancy so lets hope this is the case for you. Good luck, keep us up-to-date.

Hana, I had the same trouble with dh who just couldnt perform on demand. There were lots of tears from me and I accused him of not fancying me any more. Luckily we overcame that hiccup but I can appreciate how the man must feel. Reassure hi it is him you love not just his sperm and good luck next month. Love Bunnyxx

ermentrude · 20/03/2004 20:39

thanks bunny
my vip membership just ran out - but just remembered that I saved my cart as an image file the other day!

ermentrude · 20/03/2004 20:39

saved my CHART!!!

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