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Trying to conceive thread .........5

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BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
BeckiF · 17/03/2004 12:56

Well Collision?!! IS there a reason for the smily face??!!!!

collision · 17/03/2004 12:57

Pregnant!!!!! Am so happy and freaked out at the same time!! Due on November 23 according to my book.

Good Luck to everyone else ttc and I will keep checking in to see how you are all getting on.

BeckiF · 17/03/2004 12:58

OHHHH YEEEEESSS!!!! Well done!!! Happy-happy-happy!!!! It WILL be a happy christmas!

Hugs-a-million and kisses to you and yours!

collision · 17/03/2004 12:59

Thanks Becki.....feel SO sick though I will not complain as I promised DH if we had another baby it would be trouble free!!

BeckiF · 17/03/2004 13:02

It's worth it though!!! I'm on about day 150 of my cycle, did a PG last night which was neg (they always are!), so I'm envious but share in your joy. Even my dp says 'It'll be our day one day darling' ... bless him! How did yours take the news?

collision · 17/03/2004 13:03

He was delighted. I know you will have tried everything but have you put your DH on zinc??

BeckiF · 17/03/2004 13:10

Oh he's a personal trainer and we've moved WAY above zinc! He had a vasectomy reversal and test showed his count to be low and imotile. Doc said there was nothing he could take to improve it. BUT he knows his stuff, self medicated, and we now have 28 straws of wrigglers and are awaiting IVF! I just hope we can conceive naturally before then! Thanks though, cos I've heard Zinc is fab, as is Agnus Castus for ladies and also Tribulus for the guys too!

collision · 17/03/2004 13:15

Oh goodness! You are an expert then!! I just knew he should go on zinc and he did!! Have you any other children?

PandaBear · 17/03/2004 13:22

Congrats Collision - see you on the November thread

bunny2 · 17/03/2004 13:24

Collision, FANTASTIC!!!I am well chuffed for you. We can keep each other company, I'm due 27th Nov.

article in Independent

Quackers · 17/03/2004 13:24


bunny2 · 17/03/2004 13:25

meant to add, this article is interesting. It is about the success reflexology has had with treating infertility.

jellycat · 17/03/2004 13:57

Whoo-hoo! Congratulations to you, collision

twiglett · 17/03/2004 14:08

message withdrawn

Azure · 17/03/2004 14:16

Yipeeeeeeeeee! Many congratulations Collision It's been a very good start to this new thread.

Morgan · 17/03/2004 14:32

Hi everyone. Posted occasionally before but starting again. Still ttc no 2 after 20 months. Recently had blood tests and ovary scan and fallopian tube x-ray - seeing cons for results on Friday so fingers crossed. Dh tested OK. On day 15 so been bd'ing this week so trying not to get hopes too high as usual. Good luck to all ov'ing at the mo. and huge congrats to those recently pg.

Azure · 17/03/2004 15:13

Hi Morgan & welcome back. Best wishes for Friday - please let us know what the results are.

Azure · 17/03/2004 15:19

Jellycat, Ermentrude and Slink - how's it going? Good luck if you are planning to test soon.

smellymelly · 17/03/2004 15:26

well done Collision, a trouble free pregnancy , wouldn't that be novel!!!!

BeckiF · 17/03/2004 15:44

Collision - dp has 3 with his evil ex, but sadly I have had none .... yet! Ever hopeful though! Anyway, I hope your pregnancy is glorious!

ermentrude · 17/03/2004 19:22

Hi folks! Congratulations Collision! Wow - there is a lot of babydust floating about at the moment!!

I am now on cd31 and am 7dpo (or 9dpo or somewhere in between.....)
And today I have a temperature dip. I know what it could mean of course.....but how likely is it just to be a fluctuation? Saying that, it has gone up up up up since ovulation....this has gone down to the temperature it was 2 DPO.
What do you think?

twiglett · 17/03/2004 19:24

message withdrawn

ermentrude · 17/03/2004 19:36

Thanks Twiglett - it is still above my baseline.
I shouldn't get so over excited.

bunny2 · 17/03/2004 19:48

Ermentrude, I had a dip just below the coverline on day 7, I assume it was an implantation dip. It still can be implantation even if it doesnt fall below the coveline.

ermentrude · 17/03/2004 19:54

Oh god - now I am an emotional wreck!!! LOL!!

How soon do I test? My periods are normally around every 5 weeks - not regular at all. How soon after ovulation should you leave it? I am 7 (or 9) DPO

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