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Trying to conceive thread .........5

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BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
bluestar · 04/04/2004 11:40

Moomin, I'd say you never know til af arrives but I'm a bit like you, I just know that af will arrive. But I really hope that you don't know after all! I am 10DPO and my temps have gone flat for 4 days. This happened last month, then the next 2 days were slightly higher and then I started spotting. So will have to see what temp tomorrow brings. Usually at this time I am reading all the symptoms but strangely I almost feel like I don't care this month. Maybe it's my way of not allowing myself to get disappointed. Well in a few days I'll know for sure.

futurity · 04/04/2004 17:02

Sorry to hear that Moomin I also can tell when AF on the way..even though not due for another week! I know my body so well!

Moomin · 04/04/2004 22:57

Yes, AF has finally arrived (or the start of it anyway), exactly 2 days later than normal. Well at least I can get on with things now instead of having to wonder.
Am getting cramps now as well but don't want to take painkillers - I read the other day that certain painkillers taken in the 1st part of your cycle can affect successful ovulation. What next?! I don't know why I don't just wear a horsehair shirt and flail(sp?) myself alive! As if it's not punishment enough that bloody old bitchentrotter AF shows up!
Rant over
Good luck everyone else xxx

Azure · 05/04/2004 08:43

Moomin, sorry to hear it wasn't your month

bluestar · 05/04/2004 09:00

Moomin, sorry to hear that af arrived
Something strange has happened to me - 11DPO and I have started spotting. My temp also dropped this morning. This has not happened to me before. I also have loads of energy and feel like I am buzzing. If it is af arriving very early, it has crept up on me so fast as I do not feel like I usually do. Last night I had stabbing pains on my right side that almost felt like I do at ovulation. So I guess I will need to wait to see what happens today/tomorrow and see if af turns up or not.

smellymelly · 05/04/2004 09:43

Sorry Moomin

Keeping fingers crossed for you now Bluestar.... It's time we had some more good news!!!

bluestar · 05/04/2004 12:52

I'm beginning to wonder whether anyone from this board will be due in December!! We're getting a bit slack aren't we??

BeckiF · 05/04/2004 13:11

Hi all .... I want your honest and brutal opinion please Do I, as suggested by my gynae doc, have a go at an IVF treatment bearing in mind I am very overweight? As she said there are plenty girls bigger than me that have had problem free pregnancies and likewise very slim and fit girls that have had problematic pregnancies. My gorgeous and very darling fiance says he is worried about my health during a pregnancy (pre-eclampsia etc. etc) and the gynae doc even said to him why is he looking for trouble? Deal with it if it comes up she said!

So come on, be honest with me, what are all your thoughts?

malinki · 05/04/2004 13:13

I thought I was, until GP got my urine pg test this morning, Negative, I have various pg tests that I did at home, some with faint positive lines (confirmed by GP) and most with negative results. Now I don't know what to do or think. I have PCOS and Endometriosis, so ovulation and periods well, pick a number, double it and you might be somewhere in the region of an ovulation date. DH is confused as well as he came with me the 1st time to GP when she said in her opinion I was pregnant.

bluestar · 05/04/2004 13:21

BeckiF, go for it. It is always easy to find an excuse for anything in my opinion and if your gp feels that it would be ok, then I would take a chance.

malinki, did comment on your other thread, but see that you are going to the gp tonight so hope you get some answers.

BeckiF · 05/04/2004 13:26

Bluestar - thanks

Malinki - don't lose heart! I'm suffering with PCOS and all the lovely (not) things that go with it. DP and I are having to go the IVF route, so there is always hope. The road can be long with appt after appt with one consultant and then the next. Push all the way. I was denied IVF twice on the NHS and it's only when I put my case forward to the local health authority, house of commons and Tony Blair that they took me seriously and relented! They even changed the policy!!

Azure · 05/04/2004 13:31

BeckiF - I think you should go for it. As you say yourself, you do not have to be slim to have a successful pregnancy. Your gynae doctor has suggested it - she's the expert after all. Of course there's no guarantee of success, but that's the same for anyone. How exciting if you do it!

Malinki - this uncertainty must be awful. I hope you get some answers from your GP tonight.

Azure · 05/04/2004 13:32

Blimey BeckiF - even Tony Blair says go for it!

BeckiF · 05/04/2004 13:41

Azure - funny! :0 I was just so enraged that they said I couldn't have IVF because my dp had children from his first marriage that I took it all the way! I could of just laid down and given up but I'm not like that! I know that I have as much chance as everyone else, but I shall go into it (if I do it) with the mind set that it is going to work. PMA and all that!

BeckiF · 05/04/2004 13:41

... that's better than the :0 I put up below!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

Azure · 05/04/2004 14:40

There is a Due in December thread already! Come on, who will be joining it??? Update on my cycle (as very kindly requested by Bluestar) - I had positive OV on my Persona on Saturday and Sunday; therefore, ovulated about day 14. Same day as last month, which indicates that my cycle has finally regulated. On the downward stretch now, still temping but having no idea what the temps mean (MUST input onto Fertility Friend).

bluestar · 05/04/2004 14:59

Azure, welcome back!!! And get onto FF to do your temps!

bunny2 · 05/04/2004 19:38

BeckiF, conditions are seldom perfect. I'd go for it!!

bluestar · 05/04/2004 21:13

Well looks as if af is here, another disappointing cycle Can't believe that I can have a 29 day cycle and only 11DPO (I usually get to 14DPO). This is just unheard of in my regions!! Looks like Santa doesn't like me after all On the positive side, I have had no PMS, no spotting 2 days before, so maybe my cycle is becoming more regular. Roll on a couple of weeks to get bding again.

hana · 06/04/2004 00:16

sorry moomin and bluestar, so disappointing, isn't it.
Becki - I would go for it myself. You'll never know until you do, and the biggest luck in the world if this is what you decide to do.
I was due in Dec last year and seriously thought that by the next Dec (04) I would be expecting again.
Nice to have company here even if no one really wants to be here

bluestar · 06/04/2004 08:47

Well af hasn't quite turned up yet. Was more than spotting yesterday but today am spotting at the moment but I think she will turn eventually.

BeckiF · 06/04/2004 09:15

This thread seems to of gone quiet?! Has everyone had enough for a while!

Had a lengthy discussion with dp about the pro's and con's of trying a treatment now, spoke to my mum, and she says that the time is never right to have children, you'll always find another reason to put it off. SO, dp is calling the unit for me this morning to find out how long we'd have to wait before starting. Then I have to decide what I'm gonna tell work, seeing as I'll want to take 2 weeks of after/if I have embryos put back.

BigBird · 06/04/2004 10:20

moomin and maybe bluestar (but u never know ?)

BeckiF - I agree - go for it if Gynae says it's ok. You have fought for it anyhow !

OP posts:
Azure · 06/04/2004 10:34

Good for you (and your DP) BeckiF. Your mum is right, there never is a perfect time to have children. Bluestar, sorry to hear if it is AF

ChaCha · 06/04/2004 10:53

Hi everyone,

Well, i'm back (with a vengeance)! No pregnancy for me ladies, i'm CD37 and no AF, scan showed that the 'egg' did not release so am just waiting for it now so that i can get on with life.
He is going to do something called 'follicle tracking' and give me a shot (injection) when the follicle is a certain size. Think it may be called HCG shot. Then at least i have a better chance. Was really ready to give up yesterday, have woken up with positive vibes..I am going to get pregnant one day Anyone gone through this before>?

BeckiF - Best of luck! You owe it to yourself to at least give it one shot. Fingers crossed for you. (( Hugs ))

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