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Trying to conceive thread .........5

326 replies

BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
bunny2 · 29/03/2004 09:57

Good luck Moomin, overwhelming tiredness was my first sign of pg, folloed by hunger. I shall be looking out for some news from you. Good luck.

Smelly, at 7 days past ov, I bled a bit (till the just spotting but this was a bit more than that). I was convinced af was here early and rang my consultants secretary crying. Anyway, it turned out to be implantation and I was pg. As Moomin says, dont get your hopes up, it is probably af but there is a chance it isnt.

bunny2 · 29/03/2004 09:59

posts crossed. So sorry Smelly, all you can do is start looking towards the next session of bding. Better luck next month. I know how disappoited you must feel .

bluestar · 29/03/2004 10:10

sorry smellymelly. It's gutting isn't it.
moomin, I'm on cd 22 so close behind you, although it looks as athough my cycle will be 32 days, so I have a while to go yet. Also feeling knackered and have been irritable, usually happens a couple of days before af/during af, so not usual for me to feel grumpy so soon! We need someone to start the December thread! Good luck moomin for the weekend.

futurity · 29/03/2004 14:43

Well this week I am meant to be BD'ing lots...but I have an ear infection so feeling sh*te! Been having a really good week..cheered up after hearing my friend was pregnant and decided to take my mind off stuff by concentrating on doing up the garden and felt really postive and then 2am this morning extreme pain in my ear. GRRRR! Not due to OV until Wednesday so antibiotics should be working by then! DS is also being off colour so think he may have ear problems too...what a family!

bluestar · 29/03/2004 15:02

futurity, hope you manage to struggle through. Frustrating though isn't it that you get ill the very same time that bding is so important. Always happens on the 2 most important days!

BigBird · 29/03/2004 15:51


Well, temps dropped this am, spotting started. Looks like I am on cd1 again too. Totally fed up of this now as this was last chance to have a second baby before dd is 3 ! I have to laugh at how we discussed whether it should be an 18mth or 2 year gap ! I wish......

I think I need to buy some nice things and focus on my Summer holiday !

OP posts:
Azure · 29/03/2004 16:20

Bigbird I know exactly what you mean about futile conversations you've had in the past. I remember this time last year saying, ooh I really don't want to conceive now and have a December baby - April would be much better. December will do fine for me now, thank-you very much.

bluestar · 29/03/2004 16:29

My ds has already turned 3 and will now be nearly 4 and that's if I am pg this cycle. Yes I too remember those conversations and to be honest, it's not actually about having a baby right now, it's just getting pg. One step at a time eh. I have tried bding nearly every day for 2 weeks and just bding on the OPK positive days and nothing has worked so far. I just can't believe what a nightmare this is, it wasn't like this with ds. Surprisingly, I feel quite chilled this month (even though I am in the waiting part) and hope that the bAbYdUsT sPrInKlEs will fall my way soon (and to others that want them).

BigBird · 29/03/2004 17:08

Thanks guys ! I remember vividly last year being out for dinner one Saturday night CONVINCED I was pg and couldn't wait to get in to work on Monday to start the 'anyone due in Jan 2004' thread !!!
Well I hope it might be the 2005 one !

Good luck to us all
positive thoughts !

OP posts:
Moomin · 29/03/2004 18:52

Still feel knackered, altho yesterday after nearly falling asleep on the sofa much of the day, had an early night but then felt very energetic and got back up for an hour on mumsnet and William and Mary on video! So it's no wonder I'm knackered again today. Ate like a pig and a horse cloned together at lunchtime. Am sitting here and feel like you do about an hour after some exercise.. don't know how to describe it really, kind of 'oxygenated', if that makes any sense! Roll on Saturday and then I'll know...

ChaCha · 29/03/2004 21:34

Hi everyone!
Glad to hear some postive 'holiday' thoughts. I will be treating myself to an early summer wardrobe if AF arrives!
CD30 tomorrow and no sign of AF, I really have no pregnancy symptoms or feeling that AF is coming, i don't know which is worse?!? Feel extra hungry but this is quite usual after work. Fingers crossed eh girls x

ChaCha · 30/03/2004 08:50

Hey everyone! Where are you all?
CD30, no signs of AF. Am phoning ob/gyn this morning to ask if this is normal on medication, he told me i should be having 28 day cycles! Am scared! Had major backache last night and threw up, thought AF was definitely here, but woke up this morning with the weeniest of spotting. Hardly noticeable and dark brown. What do you think girls? Am i just looking into this too much? Must get to work.

hana · 30/03/2004 08:58

sorry smelly - there seems to be lots of us still here who have just started the next cycle...I'm on about day 8 or 9 I think. I'm going to splurge and buy some opk's ( any advice on which ones?) after saying I would never be that obsessed! My temping has gone out the window for this cycle as well. I'm trying to take some pressure off myself by needing to be pregnant. Like a lot of you, I wanteed a smaller gap (dd is 2.6) and will be at least 3 and a bit before we have another, more likely to be 3.6 or 4. But that won't be a bad thing!! REally!! No double buggy, knickers not diapers, one in preschool so more time with baby, and all that special time with the first dd/ds before another. Have to be positive, even though I know - we all know - it's bloody hard to be sometimes.

thinking of you bunny, really hoping everything is ok


hana · 30/03/2004 09:00

chacha - my cycles usually start out that way for a couple of days (and I get my hopes us.....) and then AF starts 'properly'. HOpe that's not the case for you of course!

Azure · 30/03/2004 09:01

ChaCha - I think you need to do a test pronto. Do you think you can do one today? It does sounds promosing - I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Azure · 30/03/2004 09:08

Hi Hana - using OPKs is very useful. I use Persona, but it's frighteningly expensive initially (in the long term it's cheaper, but we're all hoping there won't be a long term). Persona requires the first test to be on day 6, so no use this cycle anyway. Do you have a regular cycle or know approximately when you may o/v? I like the idea of good things about a 3-4 year gap between children. My problem is that I'm fast approaching old age.

BigBird · 30/03/2004 09:31

cha cha - have you tested ?

Good luck Moomin.

I have decided to stop temping. Went to a fertility Doc last month and my charts are 'textbook' and he reckons everything is fine so I'm giving it up - takes some of the pressure off. Just to wait till July now for Lap&Dye.

DH's SA was 'only ok' and morphology a bit low so does anyone know what we can do (he's already on zinc for the past year)? The only thing I can think of is legs on the wall a bit more rigorously than usual, just to help things along !

OP posts:
misdee · 30/03/2004 09:44

well Af is due tomorrow, have started spotting today, pink. guess that this month isnt for me. feel a bit sad, i know its only the 2nd month and i could be going thro this every month for a long time, but it hurts.

bluestar · 30/03/2004 09:45

Hana, I have used Clearblue OPKs for the last couple of months and use first thing in the morning. I have seen definite surge lines. I also temp and everything points to the fact that I am ov'ing so I guess I just have to be patient for a wriggler to meet my egg! I'm not sure where I go from here if I don't get pg using these methods.

ChaCha, good luck. Will you test today?

BigBird, I often feel tempted to give up OPKs and temping, but after each af, I feel them calling me and at least I know I am bding at the right time if nothing else which makes me feel more positive every cycle that this could be it.

bluestar · 30/03/2004 09:46

misdee, try and keep your chin up. There are many people that do graduate from this thread so there is hope for us all.

Azure · 30/03/2004 10:03

I get very down and tearful everytime AF arrives. This time last week I was saying that I wasn't going to bother trying this month. Yet somehow I've opened a new packet of Persona sticks and carried on temping. It's such a roller-coaster of emotions. Sorry to hear AF may be on the way Misdee

Azure · 30/03/2004 10:19

Haven't heard from Kay1 or Morgan in a while. How's it going?

futurity · 30/03/2004 10:36

Fingers crossed we have more good news soon from here.

I'm on day 18 and no surge yet..last month was day 19 so by now I had seen change in the sticks but nothing today. Only got 2 more left..hope I don't have to buy another pack!

smellymelly · 30/03/2004 13:00

Misdee - I know just how you feel, I'm only just starting really, but it doesn't hurt any less.

ChaCha - what did your consultant say ?????????

I'm on CD2 now, and trying to decide what to do this month...I use persona, so that helps. I find it much easier than temping etc. and I like the fact it keeps tally of my cdays, and tells me when to expect AF etc.

We are getting married in July, I thought if I got pregnant last month I would be 16 weeks, but I mis-counted, so I would have been 20 weeks (DUH!!) which means I would never have squeezed into my adorable wedding dress!!!!

I think, therefore, these things have ways of working out for the best, maybe.

I saw a gynae last week, and he said my fertility has been 'significantly reduced' after losing a tube last nov whan my ectopic ruptured with a vengeance.

I waited 4 months just for him to tell me that!!
So thought we should start trying earlier than case of delay.

I have a 3 year gap between DS and DD ( with Exdp), and it was just perfect; ds was just old enough to understand, and I included him in all scans, baby equip buying etc, so he got excited too. I'm not sure I really want to deal with double buggies, etc. So a couple of months delay is ok, I guess ( DD is 18 mths ).

Kay1 · 30/03/2004 14:26

Hi all - Azure - thanks for thinking about me. Are you still doing the spreadsheet?

AF started last week, just after i had convinced myself yet again i was definately pg this time! As a result, I have been doing some serious thinking about giving up - it just feels too hard to keep going, dh was never that keen tbh and as each month goes by, he becomes more and more against it altogether. He has agreed to not totally give up yet as we are still waiting for results of blood tests etc (due this week) and i keep thinking if we try for just one more month it might still happen! But he doesn't want to keep trying for much longer and ideally wants to agree a definate timescale now. In the meantime, i am trying to focus on how a future without another baby would look, so that if we do finally stop, i can still look forward in a positive way. an attempt to be less obsessive about the whole thing, i haven't been temping again this month and have been avoiding looking on here (couldn't resist just taking a peek today!!)

Sorry to sound so negative, and i don't want to put anyone off temping etc as i think it can be brilliant and really give a good idea about your body, but.....after 14 months of ttc, with no clear reason as to why it's not working, rapidly approaching my 39th birthday and a partner who's not 'with' me about it anyway, i think i need to start being realistic.

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