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Trying to conceive thread .........5

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BigBird · 16/03/2004 11:45

Seeing as the other thread has gotten soooo long (not that I have another ulterior motive ) I thought it's time we moved on here.

* May this thread bring luck to all who post on her *

Let me start by saying that I hope the first definite big fat positive dark blue line here is Bunny !

OP posts:
bunny2 · 01/04/2004 11:07

Bad luck ChaCha, you must be so frustrated.

bluestar · 01/04/2004 11:13

smellymelly, I don't really obsess about temps, but I usually do get quite a dip in temps (which can be implantation signs) a day or so before the general implantation 'rule' of 7-10 days. I just wonder if this is why I am not getting pg. It happens most months so obviously something causes my temp to drop at this time. Last cycle it was day 7 so was more hopeful but I am still here on this board. A week to go before I can test. I am trying hard not to read signs this month and just letting my body do what it has to.

Azure · 01/04/2004 11:55

Hi Footstep & welcome to the thread. The twice I have been pregnant (one was m/c unfortunately) I didn't have any symptoms before testing positive. Of course it doesn't stop me imagining everything from sickness to a metallic taste in my mouth when I'm not pregnant. Are you going to test tomorrow? Best of luck.

Bluestar your temp charts sound a lot more consistent than mine. I didn't even have the opportunity to take mine this morning as DS woke up early and I leapt out of bed without thinking of it. I hope it won't be necessary, but if you do have to see your GP about ttc it will be really useful having the data.

Padme · 01/04/2004 12:06

Is implantation bleeding very common? I have no bleeding at the moment but quite strong AF pains(due Sat\Sun I think) and sudden sharp pains in ovarian regions when I stand up or turn ?? I honestly can't remember how I felt with Ds because I was on monster pain killers and far too worried about something being wrong to remember how I actually felt.
Do many women bleed at implantation time?? Are regular AF pains signs of pregnancy? - really? or me just being hopefull. Boobs are sore but they always are pre AF. Blue veins present but DH reckons they look no different to normal. No metallic taste - can't remember if I had with Ds - again, do the majority of women get this symptom? I am reading my pg books but not really getting the info I want!!

I also think I may have had v early m\c 2 months ago. Felt odd and when I bled, it was likenothing I have ever experienced before. I ended up wearing ST's plus Ds's real nappy cotton booster pads inside DH's boxers. I couldn't go out or move far - it was horrible. Could it be that it was V early m/c like at 2 weeks or something?? I bled for about 2 days very heavily then just normal heavy for about a week after taking Mefanamic Acid prescribed by Gynae to stem the flow. Anyone elso experienced anything similar??

smellymelly · 01/04/2004 13:59

Bluestar, please don't think I was saying you were obsessing - It is me, I am already obsessed and I look for plenty of signs already, so wasn't entirely sure if I wanted to temp as well, as it would add another to my list.

As you have the temping info about yourself is it something the doctor can help you with??

bluestar · 01/04/2004 16:24

smellymelly, oh no, I didn't think you were saying I was obsessing, I think we all do Temps do give a good indication of what is happening although I don't always like doing it and actually stop a few days after af starts to a few days before I would start using an OPK as I have cycles around 32/34 days (if I am lucky!). I have sore boobs again but I always get these and with ds, I never had symptoms of pg (apart from being a bit tired) probably until I felt the first flutters (yep, no sickness for me!) so I really shouldn't look for signs this early so am trying not to this month. Was very upset last month and don't want to feel so disappointed again.

Welcome to footstep.

smellymelly · 01/04/2004 16:33

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well Bluestar....

futurity · 01/04/2004 17:06

I am on day 20 and today the sticks showed positive so I woke my DH early However since yesterday I have been having pains like AF pains. I suppose this is ovulation pains? Do others get this? (bit of background: On cycle 4 of trying..cycles between 28 and 36 days..seem to ovulate around day 19/20)

bluestar · 01/04/2004 20:22

futurity, yes I get ov pains too, sometimes a bit like constipation. Typical, the time you should be bding is the time you most want to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle! My cycle is a bit like yours 31-34 and usually ov around day 19/20 but this time surge lines from OPK were on day 17/18 but I had quite a bit of stomach pain on the morning of day 19. * Good luck *

ChaCha · 01/04/2004 22:42

Just wanted to thank you all for your support. It has been great. Need to relax this weekend and really forget about it all. Consultant thinks i may have an ovarian cyst (have had these before, with the endo) so time will tell.
Monday is my scan day.
See you then. Thanks again.

Quackers · 02/04/2004 08:40

Cha Cha, hope this is sorted out for you soon, really do xx
Bluestar - Hiya, just wanted to reassure you about drop in temp at imp. If you have a quick look at FAQ's on FF, they say imp can occur day 6-12, but if you look at some example charts there are loads with successful imp at day 5 too beleive it or not! The chances of successful imp appear less when you go over the 12 days after ov apparantly. You can get dips for all sorts of reasons though as ypu know. Don't know why you get a dip 5-6 days into cycle, is this conmfirmed by shift the next day?? Might just be worth having your bloods done to double check all hormones doing the right thing!

BigBird · 02/04/2004 09:28

futurity, bluestar - yes I get ov pains also. It's a handy way to tell !!

OP posts:
BeckiF · 02/04/2004 09:40

Well I'm now at day 173 of my cycle Took myself off to the docs last night as I am so stressed about trying to lose weight, and it's just not happening. Feel terrible on the Metformin (3g a day) and there are plenty of outside forces making me very stressed out. Work is fab though which is a bonus! Knowing that I have little time left to conceive and that I have to shift this weight v. quickly just adds to all the stress. Anyway, I poured my heart to the doc, told her that food was almost like an addiction to me, how the outside forces are causing me untold stress etc. etc. And do you know what she told me?....go away and lose weight then come back and see me!! I mean, I'm sitting there telling her how hard I am finding it and can she help me and what am I to do and she basically gives me the cold shoulder. My dp was absolutely enraged and just about held his tongue.

So ladies, I am in the deepest pit of despair today and it looks like I will have to come to terms with the fact that I am unlikely to have a much wanted baby afterall

smellymelly · 02/04/2004 10:16

Sorry BeckiF...

Sounds like your really going through it, pity your GP is not at all sensitive, could you see another one at the same practice, or maybe take DH with you for some moral support.

Lets hope the metformin does the trick...

Azure · 02/04/2004 11:02

BeckiF I was only just thinking we hadn't heard from you for a while. So sorry to hear you're feeling down. Your GP was completely unsupportive - I agree with smellymelly, can you see anybody else? You mention that you have little time left to conceive - I seem to remember that you are only in your early thirties, is that right? If so, you have quite a few years yet. Have you established what the success rate is if you proceeded with IVF at your current weight? Wasn't your consultant encouraging? Why not just go for it? Or, what about investigating an alternative route - see my recent thread about Chinese medicine. I have the contact details of the doctor in Harley Street who has had some great successes with seemingly impossible cases. The cost is £120 for an initial consultation plus £80 for the fortnightly check-ups, possibly plus the cost of the herbs. Not much use if you can't get to London, but there may be something similar near where you live. Acupuncture or reflexology might help you to lose weight at the very least. Sorry if I am repeating what you already know or may have tried. You have a wonderfully supportive DP and enjoy your job - don't lose faith that you will have a baby too one day.

hana · 02/04/2004 13:10

Becki, sorry to hear this. You are usually one who always sees something positive in this whole ttc business....big hugs to you. I hope you can get some better support elsewhere Azure had some good advice, hope you do find somone who is going to listen to you.....
Padme and footsteps - welcome! good luck ttc! So many good tips and stuff here...
Haven't bought my opk stick things yet, about day 14 for me and I'm pretty sure that I ov later in my cycle. Maybe still hope for this month. It was this time last year that I was pregnant, maybe it's a good month for me. I can always hope.
Have a nice weekend all,

bluestar · 02/04/2004 14:08

BeckiF, sorry you are feeling down I cannot believe that your gp could be so unsupportive and insensitive. I really would look for another gp, maybe ask your friends for recomendations. It is so sad that you are having to pour your heart to be turned away so abruptly. Makes me very cross. Please see your consultant again and get away from your gp. Sending you a big hug.

Quackers, yes I've looked at those charts!! And I do get a shift back up again following the dip. It actually looks a big dip this cycle. I also had quite a few pains last night, now 8DPO, hanging in there. Glad to see that all is well with you, I have looked in the pregnancy threads for you.

ChaCha, good luck with the scan.

Azure · 02/04/2004 16:44

A quick note to wish everyone a pleasant weekend. Good luck to those nearing the end of your cycles - ChaCha, Moomin, Morgan, Footstep, Bluestar, AussieSim & any I may have missed (what a lot of you!) and happy BD'ing for those planning to get active.

Quackers · 02/04/2004 17:17

BeckiF , sorry to hear this, I hope you can find better support somewhere else perhaps.
Bluestar, that's good then if you;re getting your dip and raise next day. It's amazing how much we get from temping!! Good luck this cycle!

hana · 02/04/2004 18:39

have bought the sticks and I was very excited to see a darker surge line than the other line. So that's it. I'm waiting in anticipation until dd is in bed and dh is home (more importantly!!)

ohhh too much information there maybe

Moomin · 02/04/2004 23:09

Good luck hana.
Going to bed now. haven't come on yet but I feel it's imminent. Feel doubly knacked off to see that another poster has slagged me off for asking to have the sweary thread title removed this morning. Along the lines of "why don't I just keep away from mumsnet if I find something offensive"... well, sorry and all that but I find the word ct a bit shocking, esp on mumsnet and esp when I'm not expecting it. Realise the thread itself was a misunderstanding but this other poster has really p*d me off!
Don't mess with hormonal women who are ttc (unsuccessfully)!!
Goodnight everyone. Will post with confirmation of AF tomorrow

bluestar · 03/04/2004 14:08

Hana, hope you had a productive night last night!!!!
Moomin, any news of af? Sorry to hear you feel p'd off, I don't like that word either (in jest or not), so am with you on that.
Anybody any news?

Moomin · 03/04/2004 17:18

No news as yet - which is a trifle unusual for me as I'm normally like clockwork. But I just can't allow myself to be hopeful... I just keep thinking this will be yet another twist to the boring story of my menstrual cycle - my body deciding that I could now do with some irregular, unpredictable periods just to keep me on my toes. However, have decided to test tomorrow morning if still no sign as dh is getting a bit excited and I don't want him to be overly disappointed if this drags out too much longer.
God just read this back and I sound like a cross between Eeyore and Victor Meldrew - a right barrel of laughs. Sorry! Actually don't feel THAT bad!

bunny2 · 03/04/2004 19:45

Moomin, tons lof luck tomorrow.

Moomin · 03/04/2004 22:51

Hate to say I told you so....

But I told you so. Boobs started aching tonight so could stand it no longer. I sneaked upstairs and did a test - BFN: very clear, no ambiguity in it at all. As I expected, but still feel disappointed, esp as my body does seem to be completely taking the piss! Still no sign at all of AF. I expect that'll come tomorrow - oh joy!Thanks anyway bunny xx

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